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  1. It's alright I reckon this season will most likely be voided so we can scrap this season from time 😅
  2. The new season of Sunderland Till I die has just been released is anyone wants a laugh
  3. He could genuinely win boro a cup. I am glad he has been able to make a name for himself though
  4. Yeah the telegraph are reporting every non essential shop forced to close. Only Supermarkets, Pharmacy etc remain open
  5. So today been digging out the garden planting potatoes and veg getting ready for rationing and self sufficiency 😄
  6. The issue I have is the measures the government have implemented aren't working. As all it has led to is the parks to be full, beaches and I live in the country never seen so many walker's, bikers and horse rider's today! Then there are people in their carvan off on a jolly holiday. Then regarding pub closes it has just led to people going around each other houses. So I do think we will end up like France fines for not following this as it does need to be enforced otherwise what's the point.
  7. So what happens with player's contract's that will end in June will they legally change to end of season
  8. Boris seems clueless making it up as he goes along. Trump sweating this costs him election
  9. So now all pub's, restaurants, cinemas basically all entertainment closes the staff are layed off. How do these people survive many will be paying rent doubt they have the savings to survive without government support. So I honestly believe a national wage for all workers sacked needs to be given otherwise people are literally going to be homeless penniless.
  10. I do hope football comes back very soon as can't stand these football less weekends. Litteraly been dragged to IKEA and then assembling wardrobes 😄
  11. You know they say there is a plan it's just making it up as they go along as this is unprecedented they don't know what to do
  12. This is practically what Boris has said he wants people to get it and build up herd immunity. However he wants population to get gradually
  13. The Euro's will be prosponed to next year and this season's fixtures most likely completed in the summer months.
  14. Why does it take player's, managers and owners to get the virus before action is taken I feel it's too late then.
  15. The government is allowing life to carry on as it is until thousands of people get the disease before measures are taken.
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