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  1. Payero isn't as well suited to being an attacking runner and finding the space as was evident against Egypt. He is better receiving the ball and making the inventive passes to the forward runners of watmore, Tav, Ameobi, ikapezu. Like he did against Argentina
  2. DurhamRed


    R.I.P your contribution to this forum will never be forgotten
  3. Apparently they reckon Maja is coming
  4. Need to sue Fulham take them to court over this matter is blatent cheating
  5. Soon to be joining Middlesbrough 😁 the commentator said
  6. Payero watch begin hope Egypt win kinda so we see payero at boro next week 😁
  7. I think the Argentinian media who broke we had agreed a deal would of been on this story before some Italian newspaper. I think its honestly old news from when Cagliari were looking at him months ago.
  8. Think we turned to this guy because Cardiff bid was reportedly rejected
  9. Sounds like Kean Bryan feels he's been badly treated at the blades.
  10. We need a new CB who can cover at LB, a new winger and a CF back up. With Payero also going through. Warnock did say we are working on 3 more deals after payero so hopefully these are the 3 positions he's working on
  11. Payero be focused on Egypt tomorrow I don't think we have anything to worry about. I hope Neil is right and it's announced this week though!
  12. Yeah but both deals are loans with view to permant so am sure we are matching his Flamengo wage. We may have the draw of we have less strikers so more likely to get game time than in Fulham
  13. Go Warnock get another south American in
  14. Are we close to a undercover signing they don't want the press to leak out to the public? As very strange no transfer quotes tonight
  15. We really have so many CM I think a loan to L1 is perfect for him
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