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  1. He is 27 or 28 in November Roberts still young for a keeper though
  2. We have signed a permant keeper in Liam Roberts League 2 golden gloves but as its a jump in level we don't want to throw him in the deepend straight away.
  3. Yeah I'm confident selling royal will push spurs to paying that little bit extra we are asking for
  4. Didn't that talksport bloke say the deal for Spence was agreed when it clearly wasn't or is this someone different
  5. I think it's a good signing he will still have the hunger for success will want to push him self for a world Cup spot
  6. It's very quiet today like no news at all
  7. The start of a transfer domino hopefully atlético buy Royal spurs buy Spence and we can then buy Gyökeres
  8. We have to sell Spence to fund marquee signings otherwise we end up like Derby
  9. Hope we sell Spence soon so we can sign 2 marquee forward aka Gyökeres or someone like this
  10. So does anyone know if Spence has returned for training today?
  11. Gyökeres for 8 million is a bargain if that's the price Coventry want though it would be above 10 million
  12. Payero dog is on his girlfriends Instagram account alot so if there was a break up seems she has taken his doggy
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