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  1. The number 1 priority is signing a pacy Adomar like winger! Why sign Ben Gibson he has hardly played any football since he was at Boro so will need to get his fitness back that'll take about 2 months the season and his loan be pretty much done then
  2. I loath the club for selling key players even if it makes sense because I simply have no faith in our recruitment to replace them with anyone that's any good! Like with Ayala he's 29 next year when his contract ends be 30 so we should maybe move him on and get a 22 year old centre back in who has their prime ahead of them. But these signings are literal gambles for the club to make shown by Bola, Dijksteel and Browne. I just have no faith in our scouting set up at all when was the last time the club signed a genuine gem of a player
  3. Strange when he just pledged his allegiance to the Mali national team
  4. Glad we've stopped the rot and to see Britt discovering how to score again. Hull and Barnsley home games are great opportunities for us to get out the drop zone. Onwards and upwards
  5. Yippee well played Woody we stand a chance of winning just please please score Boro
  6. DurhamRed

    Steve Gibson

    I know saw that "people talk alot about stuff they know nothing about"
  7. Well Woodgate did a 3 minute press conference where all he said was that Friend, Randolph, Fletcher, Liddle, Browne out injured while Pears is 50/50 and then Saville suspended. So whoever is fit plays at the moment
  8. DurhamRed

    Steve Gibson

    There is more chance of us following Sunderlands lead in league one and lose to Premier League u21 sides than to follow Southampton's or Wolves rise
  9. Britt Johnson Wing. Tav Clayton. McNair Coulson Fry. Ayala. Dijksteel Pears Will Britt score again? His confidence is shot needs a rest to go on a striker rehabilitation camp but we have no one else so he's lumbered up front Will Gestede play again? If he gets back fit he'll be used as honestly hes a option Tough game though as QPR ground is tight but I'll actually be over the moon if we manage to score
  10. DurhamRed

    Steve Gibson

    The reason why we are in this situation is the club haven't addressed the problem we have had on the wings for about 3 years as we never replaced Adomar. But who can we honestly attract now. Then we had the opportunity for Lowe but we turned our noses up at him so unless we pull wonderkids out of the hat in January were doomed! All I know it would of been cheaper to of given Adomar his pay rise. But the Boro forever will continue to cut their nose to spite their face!
  11. DurhamRed

    Steve Gibson

    Noooo I found this as a glimmer of light in the tunnel. But honestly I don't know what clubs doing at the minute we are a club with our head in the sand and the silence is deafening 😖.
  12. DurhamRed

    Steve Gibson

    The trouble is Gibson hasn't learnt from his mistakes. As personally I feel we have done a very similar pathway to 2009 when we we're relagated apart from give Strachan a chest of cash to blow we give it too Monk. Then this mess was handed to Pulis who job was to challenge for promotion by offloading all our attacking talent in Bamford, Traore and Braithwaite.had abit more gamble with Pulis. Then the next step is to hire a local hero Mowbray then now Woodgate inorder to lower fan's expectations for a year or two but the trouble is this plan has failed now and if Gibson doesn't find a magic bullet like he did with Karanka we are screwed no other way too put it. The way Gibson has mismanaged the clubs finances is beyond belief! We are either boom or bust no inbetween
  13. Woodgate interviews are always we need to score a goal we need to try harder
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