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  1. I think we do need a foreign manager in as they just seem to have better connections as we would never of signed Kike Stuani, Ramirez if Karanka wasn't Spanish didn't speak the language. That's the trouble hard with English manager they don't speak the language or get the culture that puts us at disadvantage in recruitment when most flair players are foreign
  2. We don't have the physicality of Cardiff to play the hoof ball and I don't want Warnock to go out to buy plodders like Pulis did.
  3. But nigel Pearson won 3-1 back to back wins for him
  4. Well was as I expected Cardiff big buggers who win everything in air we played hoofball struggled concede on long thrown in. Then we make subs start playing in floor score a goal isn't rocket science.
  5. Nope they had zero corners thank god or they'd have scored again. Meanwhile us 11
  6. We need Kebano Bolasie Tav with Fletcher up front with watmore from bench. We'll do alright then but they never fit to start this
  7. Why was kebano on the bench honestly they is a reason he played in prem this year
  8. Are we actually going to end season higher in table and points than last season
  9. Johnson doesn't pass to Britt who is through on goal shows the arrogance Marvin has that I don't like
  10. Honestly Warnock should resign if this score doesn't change so the new man has some games to learn what he needs in the summer to ensure we are in top 2 next season. As unacceptable this even behind Barnsley in table. Not good enough for our budget and squad
  11. If we could score we'd be able to achieve something. But we have no physicality in attack.
  12. How can he do anything when isolated and we just cross in air with him against 6ft planks
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