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  1. All the teams have collapsed end of season
  2. Well today was one of the few matches I didn't watch boro as wanted to see the owls and the rams. So how shocking were we actually as 3 nil lose to Wycombe is abit crazy
  3. We better be pushing for the league title next year like Warnock did at QPR
  4. Seems we are just letting Wycombe score 12. How we playing like
  5. So Spence to link up with Jose at Roma 😂
  6. Coburn is looking good just the service into him is abit poor. Also what numbers kavanagh
  7. Nope have no idea just know Coburn 😂
  8. Shame no live chat on this YouTube lol
  9. We'd of been better keeping Kike than signing Rhodes lol
  10. Ye finally games streamed on YouTube long time coming as these games seem alot more enjoyable than the first teams 😂🤣 This is why we need a director of football though so there is the pathway as it is rather bonkers how we train our youth to play a certain way then reach first team they are asked to do the complete opposite to what they've been taught
  11. Moses would be a unreal signing he's just got man match for Moscow tonight
  12. A Barnsley v Norwich H Blackburn v Birmingham H Bournemouth v Stoke A Bristol City v Brentford D Cardiff v Rotherham A Coventry v Millwall A Derby v Sheffield Wed H Middlesbrough v Wycombe H Nottingham v Preston A QPR v Luton H Reading v Huddersfield H Watford v Swansea
  13. I'm happy for you to do next year's as your doing a terrific job
  14. The under 23 just conceded in the 94th minute to bottle it 3-2 against Palace a draw would of been enough to guarantee a playoff space now they face Palace at home on the final match day knowing another loss will knock them out the playoffs. Connor Malley with both goals .
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