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  1. I’d have Bird in a flash. He played well against us the last couple of matches.
  2. Great window so far. Or as Prince Léa might say, great fenêtre! what happened to the bedwetters?
  3. Anglican Coppers Fellowship of Nigeria? Thought he was from Cameroon.
  4. Reckon they must have burned their hands given the way neither likes to use them 🤣
  5. 🎶 This is Neil Warnock to Maja Josh, You’ve really made the grade, and the papers want to know whose shirt you’ll wear now it’s time to join the Boro if you dare...
  6. There was a flight out of Rennes to Amsterdam this morning and he might have taken the connection to Teeside airport that just about to land. can someone get there in time to snap him getting off the plane? careful not to blind him with a flash as he might miss a step and do an Ameobi
  7. 🤔 We’ve got Jones on the left with Olusanya but only Jed on the right. Does Hernandez play on the right? I personally think we could do with another right whinger.
  8. Just watched a video of Lea Siliki, some of his play reminds me of Emerson. hope this is true!
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