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  1. (Ring ring) Gibson answers the phone Gibson: Hello, Middlesbrough Football Club, Club Impresario speaking. Person on phone: Hello, Yessssh. OK, we acshept de offer. Gibson: Steve, is that you? Steve McClaren? We don’t want you Steve, now f&$k off to where you came from. Person on phone: No, no Mishter Gibshun. Thish ish Mark-Jan Fledermaus. We gif up! Jusht take de maan Larsen. Heesh yoursh voor 8 millionen Eurosh Phone : (beep beep beep)
  2. Maltese international. I’m sure we wouldn’t want to make him Cross. Joking aside, he’s born in France so probably doesn’t speak great English - USG is a French speaking club as far as I’m aware.
  3. 🤣 I’ve been living here for nearly 20 years (Belgium) - born to a dad from Norton and a mum from Middlesbrough. Sadly didn’t get the choice of birthplace - my brother got Northallerton. Seems I’m the black sheep shagger of the family.
  4. I’m from Derby, but I could do the French translation 🤣
  5. At the end of the day he’s a 22 year old footballer. Fair enough he’s Norwegian and was speaking in typical poor Scandinavian English (jk) but maybe he missed the negotiation and diplomacy course that Groningen ran over the summer.
  6. Are you suggesting that a certified OneBoRo ITK member has mislead the forum? That the clandestine training session didn’t happen?
  7. Love the interviewer’s prediction by the end of this week! Fingers crossed
  8. So Larsen is complaining about his eredivisie side not giving 100% and we’re trying to persuade him to join a club languishing in 20th in the championship! you couldn’t dream this stuff up 🤣
  9. Balls! Just because you’re green with envy of my comedy relationship with @AnglianRed well you can go shaft yourself!
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