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  1. I think Morrison will start. I don't think Woody would have said Morrison needs a run of games to show his best and then leave him on the bench.
  2. I think Gestede needs to play with his back to goal and a Britt or Nmecha playing off him - I can't remember which game it was where we started playing high balls in to Gestede for the knockdown - it'd be like a poor man's Alan Smith and Ian Wright! The classic front two.
  3. I reckon on: Pears Howson Fry Moukoudi Coulson McNair Spence Wing Morrison Fletcher Assombalonga Subs: Stojanovic, Tavernier, Saville, Wood, Nmecha, Gestede
  4. The quiet before the storm? All hell will be unleashed by Woody and the team in a few minutes... please?
  5. By big, do you mean like tall? So Rudy stays?
  6. Oh the excitement! How's Gibbo's house coming on? We haven't had any updates lately.
  7. Roberts impressed me in the short time he's been here and fit(ish) - let's already start negotiating with Citeh before the summer window opens. Hope we can get another player with a low centre of gravity (read short) before tomorrow evening as we're missing an exciting game changer.
  8. Was he getting ready to rumble with Ant & Dec?
  9. If Roberts isn't injury prone I'd jump at that. Creatively Paddy gives us nothing - solid Championship players are easy to come by. Roberts has that little extra, star quality, that can often change a game on it's own. He's already won us 2 penalties since joining, if I remember rightly that's already twice as many as we've had since the start of the season.
  10. I wouldn't mind Paddy leaving. Yes he was probably our best player earlier this season but the turnaround happened whilst he was banned and we didn't seem to miss him. I've just checked and he's only 24 still - thought he was at least 28 or so. Maybe he'll get better! Howson out! 😁
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