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  1. If Paddy can play as CB then surely Wood can learn to play CF. He just needs to nod it down for the diddymen to follow up on. would be like Wilko and Hendry.
  2. Anyone else wondering if this is all simply a case of Chinese whispers? The other morning, NW arrived at training with a small cut on his chin.... Marvin: « Is that a cut on your chin boss ? » NW “Yeah, a nick. *turning round to look for his first choice left back, Mark* Bola, see if you can find me a plaster” so... Yeah, nick, Bola see ... becomes Yanick Bolasie
  3. Don’t they usually mix cucumbers with it rather than Pears?
  4. Like a Question of Sport mystery guest clip .... Emlyn Hughes shouting with his high pitched voice “I know it, I know it, I know it!”
  5. Still lots of Free Agents on transfermarkt. did smile when I saw the name of a few of the Brazilians : Wellington Nem, been known to boot his opposite number. Wanderson, named after the glossy haired former Boro and Tenerife midfield dynamo. Clayton, named after the erstwhile Boro and Man Utd star?
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