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  1. Suppose we’d have nothing Toulouse...
  2. Thought you were going to suggest we sign Dion Dublin - he’d tick a lot of Warnock’s boxes
  3. Plenty of time to enjoy Demi I suppose, Adama always seemed too quick whilst he was with the Boro.
  4. Had to reread that. Thought Bolasie was paying a million dollars for one night with Adama and Demi Moore
  5. Bola having a great game. Wood looks nervous, needs to realise he doesn’t have 30 seconds to pick each pass when he gets the ball. looking forward to seeing Fletcher get a run out when we’re 3-0 up in the last 20 minutes.
  6. Cheers but I’m in Belgium. I have a season video pass but as soon as it’s on the red button I’m screwed.
  7. Shankland just scored a screamer for Dundee. Can’t we swap Britt for him?
  8. If Paddy can play as CB then surely Wood can learn to play CF. He just needs to nod it down for the diddymen to follow up on. would be like Wilko and Hendry.
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