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  1. Grandson of Alex Guinness according to the report. Is he a celebrity look-alike of Alec Guinness?
  2. Only saw the second half as was driving back from the U.K. Thought we deserved at least the one point on the second half display - still lacking a few ideas but combativity was great. This might be a turning point - once Chuba gets playing we’ll be a force to be reckoned with! UTB
  3. We don’t need wingers. We can hoof it up and scrap for it with 3 strikers! They’ll be like the holy trinity. you don’t score many goals from the wing!
  4. It’s a highlight video but he looks like a better footballer than Britt and Fletcher. Doesn’t seem to score many with his head so maybe play off the front man? also happy to go with his left foot as well as right. Let’s see what happens, I’m more positive than Ross County or whatever his name was 🤣
  5. I’m a glutton for punishment... somebody give us a stream that works
  6. He’s getting on, can’t manage more than 2 games in a week!
  7. If Morsy is as good as some on here make out then he should release Tav and Wing from their defensive duties a little more and let them get up in support of Britt and Fletch
  8. Thought we looked better when Dijksteel moved forward with the ball and linked up with Spence. Marv was poor on the left, didn’t get forward enough first half. Disappointed not to have seen Coulson on. Paddy’s deliveries were poor as usual. Tav looked off the pace as did Saville. Wing wasn’t the sub I wanted to see - he didn’t change anything, was like for like. Hoping Morsy will release Tav to be more forward thinking. Early days against one of the big teams - I’m not worried.
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