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  1. Flemengo have rejected the bid. Apparently only interested in a sale not loan first
  2. Can see his contract being cancelled and allowed to find a new club, something he would have to agree to
  3. Walker isn’t good enough I’m afraid has not impressed on loan - Hartlepool beckons.
  4. 2 of them past it one at best a journeyman player. Hardly signings to set the pulse racing
  5. Agreed , be good to get 2 or 3 in
  6. I remember Mike Doyle - he didn’t take any prisoners!
  7. Spence and Akpom- now states officially we are open to offers for the pair - don’t get knocked down in the rush!!
  8. Without a doubt. So really is time to sort out this issue
  9. I would really like to see us get a couple of goal scoring strikers over the line- the obvious deficiency presently.
  10. The silence is deafening on incomings- apart from our Argentine link that hopefully looks likely to happen
  11. The striking positions are a concern. I hope we could get Maja in and Delap on loan - then we are in business
  12. Now this lad does look a player! If this comes off genuine excitement will ensue. And the poster who was questioning me promoting Grosicki- frankly he is infinitely better than the has beens of wide men we’ve been allegedly linked with. And by a country mile. Bolasie? Some see what they want to see. I maintain for the money needed he is somewhat of a luxury
  13. Some claim negatively- I would class it more realism.A very thorough analysis of the guy really leaves one scratching your head wondering how we have reached such depths in our recruitment. This has to be the bottom of our descent of poor buys. If he is anything much better than useless then that will be surprising. If he scores anything like double figures equally it will be a surprise. Poor choice has been made, if this is the future of MFC then it ain’t looking too rosey!
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