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  1. Bolasie might be match fit - for the last game of the season......
  2. Steady on, there, just getting over yesterday’s shock! I hope and pray Bolasie will not be coming. Interestingly no rumours of any interest from anywhere at all. That is a worry.
  3. Bad day at the office someone says - too many of these bad days
  4. Let’s be honest, pretty poor stuff. Looking laboured, Blackburn appear fitter and faster. Very little cohesion from us
  5. Is Jon related to Jim who was our keeper from Scotland?!
  6. He didn’t want us, why should we want him? Ah of course, he hasn’t a club.... Move on.
  7. Boro Obviously Linked Again Surely Insufficient Evidence
  8. The one worry I have is we are allegedly linked with a number of players - and seem to miss out. There could be a key common denominator however when the likes of Millwall put in a bid of £1 million for Mowatt it really does show where we are currently
  9. Hurrah!!!! Common sense prevails! Seriously, I do think this signing would have been bad news - in every aspect.
  10. Disjointed and clueless- really disappointing performances all over the park.
  11. Getting better - now we’re playing some football
  12. Lethargic, plodding and second to most balls. Not really showing a lot of determination to match Brum let alone take any sort of control of the game. Easy time for Brum so far.
  13. Passing not great, no threat at all from us. Need to get into the game
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