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  1. Always grateful to Gibbo for some great times. However his financial stewardship has been little short of a disaster for many a year. To the point where we are at a point where even if the club was given away the indebtedness would frighten off most - and more probably all - potential owners. Bottom line is we are in as bad a state - if not worse- than when we went bust. That is why I won’t be a cheerleader for Gibbo.
  2. Which paper did Shakespeare write for?
  3. Vickers was one of the few worth reading in the Gazette. A lot of his articles demonstrated he had his finger on the pulse of the average Boro fan. The Gazette’s loss for sure. His articles were largely exceptionally well crafted and he proved to be a very smart wordsmith. So I can understand why you would fight shy about any comparison with him.
  4. Lesson number one - you can’t argue against logic. Well put, Changing Times. Coupled with alleged unrest within the squad it is a no brainer to send him packing.
  5. There isn’t anything to support this at all. Results this calendar year? Poor. Defence? Disorganised and leaking goals. Midfield? Generally outrun and overpowered. Attack? Simply can’t score enough goals. You're in dreamland
  6. IF stories about him upsetting a number of players through his habit of calling out players and making them responsible for defeats is true, I cannot see how he can stay on. Certainly appears some players haven’t the appetite to put in a shift for him. Only one solution - because we can’t sack or change the players. A man with a pair would have acted on this by now
  7. Well Ronnie and Kevin will want max payouts because if Warnock does retire they could struggle to get another job
  8. Anyone got any fresh news on the situation?
  9. We HAVE to start getting things right as a club. IF the stories about the fallout - and degree of fallout - with players is true then his time is up for sure. Next manager to come in? Well I would hope Scott not only has input but leads the recruitment choice and appointment. Sorry, Gibbo, you’ve boobed on appointments too many times .
  10. Neil seems a little irked being labelled a dinosaur…..
  11. He’s keeping that one in his back pocket for later….
  12. One or two knocks claims Warnock. Apparently wants an unchanged team. I have a suspicion one of those with knocks could well be Tav as he appeared to receive treatment at the final whistle…..
  13. Tav was getting some treatment at the end of the game on Tuesday - hoping it was cramp and nothing more serious. When he ticks, we tick
  14. We are 20th in the last 6 games form table. Shocking indictment and proof things are bad and potentially could get worse. Needs action now
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