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  1. Completely agree with all of the above. We need to get 5-6 priority signings in first. The squad can then be built around the nucleus of the first team probables
  2. Fooled me - even though we have been credited to varying degrees of interest in the list of players. The squad players mentioned? Frankly Payero is the only one we should maintain an interest in.
  3. With the exception of Darlow I find that list pretty depressing reading. I hope to God it isn’t a true reflection of our potential list of signings. Payero is the only one in the secondary list of players on our books - bin them all apart from Payero. We need to be smarter, more imaginative with potential signings. Rhodes? 4 years ago perhaps. Gregory your typical journeyman footballer who has a good purple patch this season. I have to say the list is underwhelming and with the exception of Darlow will not be much of an improvement- if any- on the personnel turning out for us. Not ev
  4. 2 goals in 26 games in Turkey demonstrates his goal scoring prowess, if this floats your boat - fair enough. A resource who costs far more than his worth.
  5. I can’t agree with your assessment of Ben. To me, he has regressed as a player- by quite an alarming amount. Without plenty of cover he is exposed as a defender who has and shows limitations and weaknesses. Frankly I would prefer we look elsewhere.
  6. I think Wilder’s Achilles heal is his weakness in spotting and implementing strikers into a team/club. Afterall, Sheffield Utd have had to turn to the old warhorse Billy Sharp time and time again and not strikers he bought
  7. Probably not. But since Spurs there’s been a number of performances that were, frankly, exceptionally poor. And I would put it to you, if you can’t get yourself up for a massive game against a Champions League chasing team you shouldn’t be playing the game
  8. Alternatively he feels as the season has ended he can relay his true feelings…
  9. Regarding attitude look how far that and determination has taken Luton. Full of free transfers they have shown a collective spirit can go a long way in the Championship. Qualities we seem to lack
  10. His 100% commitment was in question - self inflicted. This is enough for some fans to have doubts about him
  11. I think it will be 3-0 today, unfortunately not for us……
  12. Daniels did ok despite our defence trying to set up Huddersfield
  13. It really appears things have altered within the club within the past 3-4 weeks. Team not performing, tactics questionable and the promotion chances all but gone. I did honesty think we had become. A well run club under Wilder. And at the moment it appears everything has turned to rat shyte. Truly disappointing the way we’ve imploded
  14. Wayne Rooney / Neil Critchley Mark Robins
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