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  1. Neither have been prolific in recent times. I like Austin but wonder if injuries are catching up with him?
  2. Still reported by other outlets too. Either laziness or the story may have a hint of truth?
  3. Including Roberts we are, allegedly, looking to get 3 in. So I guess a striker and central defender
  4. Winning when not playing well? I will have some of that!
  5. Regarding Walker - a long long way from making the grade. If he can do it at this level is more than debatable
  6. I would look at Joe Hardy from Liverpool. Only made 1 appearance and a handful of games for Man City and Liverpool development teams. Has scored in those games and the most telling stat is 40 goals in 80 games for Brentford reserves. The lad obviously knows where the goal is - could be worth a punt on loan as opposed to a non scoring journeyman. Can play wide right also
  7. Is Bamba left footed? No just one legged! See we are linked with a Wimbledon left back ( sorry if posted before)
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