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  1. See a young left back William Kokolo has travelled with the squad. Never heard of the lad!
  2. A pal of mine mentioned it to me regarding Bola. I found it to be highly improbable- he genuinely seems happy. Only thing is he could be homesick for the south
  3. Anyone hearing whispers about Bola wanting out?
  4. He has a cousin of his dads I believe posts on FMTTM. From his posts I don’t think Charlie fancies coming back.
  5. The worrying aspect for me is Warnock brought in a lot of the players - none of whom is an unqualified success. Needs to change next time around - massively
  6. Remind me how many assists he’s achieved? How many goals has he scored? Luxury player with no end product. Really is proving my strong opinion of him was not misplaced.
  7. Could get a pasting tomorrow I fear, Hornets to win by 3 clear goals
  8. I’m afraid Warnock hasn’t a clue when it comes to signing strikers- with the notable exception of Moore. So being linked with poor strikers is something we need to get used to. How’s Bolasie doing????!!!
  9. I think Warnock is being very optimistic claiming we probably only need 3 players in. Really? Double that in my opinion
  10. A real eternity to cross the line! Nice one, Duncan. Do we believe enough to go on and win?
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