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  1. Bottom line is we are nowhere numerically what we need - that is the single biggest factor. And sadly we don’t appear to be able to get the numbers in with any urgency
  2. In the last 3 weeks?! God some straw clutching and inaccuracies now the order of the day. And I did say did I not we had a reasonable period in the window?
  3. Choose the period you wish - there will be a common denominator. Our inability to sign ANYONE and sell our best midfielder. Pretty pathetic to date
  4. Well they can’t be as big an anti climax as the last 3 weeks - can they?!
  5. Once more we’ve had a transfer window that promised so much - and to date has delivered so little.It appears the big names appear to be falling one by one. We were told our business will be done early. And that has been partly true. However our inability to strengthen our midfield and strikers is disappointing and somewhat typical of how we operate as a club. Time for this to be turned on its head. Can’t say I am over confident
  6. That’ll be why we are looking to move them on, allegedly? Because they are decent in front of goal?
  7. Just the probability of points being dropped - bit like Saturday.
  8. Our first 11 ok? Disagree. Our striking options are nearer the poorest in the league as opposed to the best….
  9. Hardball with Spence? That is so funny. We were allegedly holding out for £15 million - yet accepted £2.5 million less. Not hardball in my book - more typical Boro when it comes to transfers - both incoming and outgoing
  10. Feel sorry for Digger. The gadge passes something on and it appears some posters appear to get a great deal of joy at him potentially being wrong. Feel for the guy
  11. And haven’t I acknowledged our buying policy has been abysmal and lessons surely have been Leary? Cherry picking to try and prove a point - a point I have recognised. So what your point is Gawd knows.
  12. You responded to a quality striker post - now you want to include other areas of the pitch to back up your assertion that it is more than strikers at fault- right ok….
  13. Didn’t the goals Rhodes scored help us to promotion? Well worth buying - and we got our money back
  14. No one would even try and defend our buying policy of recent years - it has been garbage for years! Hopefully lessons have been learnt and there’s some deeper, clearer thinking. It doesn’t take away the fact a proven goal scorer can and needs to be secured? A risk? All buys are!
  15. I’m not advocating we do. However the longer we have in this transfer window the more desperate we will become. And likely to sacrifice the quality needed. The American doesn’t fill me with a great deal of excitement ( Hoppe). Muniz has not had a full season in our leagues yet gets a few on here excited. The only one I would love to see is Armstrong. The others have undoubted question marks against them.
  16. Haven’t we just had £22.5 million into the clubs finances? It would certainly be a statement of intent.
  17. Would I pay over the odds for a quality striker? Damn right I would. Arguably 2 points dropped yesterday due to our woeful striking options. Can’t keep doing this - quality is a necessity not a “wish for”. Promotion is worth somewhere in the region of £200 million. Any transfer fee paid for a quality striker is a drop in the ocean
  18. Aren’t you fed up of making yourself look a ***? Seriously?
  19. We’ve made plenty of poor/ diabolical signings. Lumley, Daniels, Akpom, Uche, all 4 loan signings - a shocking indictment of poor scouting and poor/ desperate signings largely on the need to get bodies in. With the number needed to get us up to a decent squad size it would be hard to rule out this not happening again.
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