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  1. My team would be Randolph Dijksteel- Ayala- Friend- Bola Clayton Browne- Wing- Coulson Britt- Fletcher
  2. It could have been a lot worse when we thought we were going to lose Britt and Fry. Ok maybe a couple of players light but overall not a bad window. If we carry on like we played against luton but getting the defence more organised i think we could have an exciting season looking forward to it.
  3. I dont want Fry or Britt to go but it looks like nobody is interested in Shotton Gestede or Saville, It was said early on they had players waiting to come in but it was dependant on outgoings. Probably wouldn't have got enough from the 3 to bring in who we wanted,So lets wait till the window closes before debating whether it has been a good or bad window. Hopefully we get a more balanced squad, the way Woodgate is set on playing i am sure any decent striker will score goals.
  4. I think Dijksteel will be announced at 6.30
  5. Any more news on who is looking round Rockliffe.
  6. Looks like Tarkowski deal is off,Hopefully they drop interest in Fry.
  7. Another no for Bojan dont rate him at all.
  8. Wouldn't mind him coming in. How much do you think they will want for him.
  9. We can't afford to let Charlton mess us about to much, We will have to look elswhere not much time left.
  10. Hope we get some incomings today days left are getting less.
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