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  1. Doodadeladedad available in cans https://shop.themeanwoodbrewery.com/collections/meanwood-cans
  2. I thought i was the only saddo who logged all their beers on Untapped. Until lockdown I was averaging over 1 new beer per day since last summer Last weeks special was a 3 litre bag of Black Godess Oak Aged Porter from the Maenwood Brewery which is ran by two Boro exiles.
  3. Sadly we do not operate in a bubble and if there are good value strikers out there then others will be looking at them. Boro are not an attractive prospect for players to come to at present. As for your examples: - Nahki Wells is 30 and at a more successful club than Boro - Hugill was tried and failed and was very heavily criticised by large sections of the fans - Woodrow has had one good season in the championship with Barnsley but largely failed elsewhere - Fletcher is 33 If you look at past scoring records then Brit's was exemplary everywhere he played, less so at Boro. I am not trying to defend him or be overly negative but signing a great striker in the championship is very difficult. If we are to take a punt on someone unproven and cheap then keep Brit as he scores goals, so we are not left without options if the new lad fails
  4. and replace him with who? Ivan Toney at a higher price who is unproven in the championship? We can all see that Brit is not perfect but replacing him is much harder, especially when good strikers are the most saught after commodity for teams in any division
  5. Neither do I but tell that to the fans
  6. The reason we make the championship look really hard is because IT IS really hard, perhaps the most competetive league in Europe. This season there are big clubs in there such as West Brom, Leeds, Derby, Stoke, Fulham and Forest whose fans all think the same as us that they deserve to be in the premiership. Not forgetting other teams such as Blackburn, QPR, Sheff Wed, Swansea and Huddersfield who all have good premiership experience. All came down and none have got back in recent years.
  7. On the face of it a salary cap looks like common sense, however teams like Middlesbrough will be disadvataged. We have paid players over the odds for years just to get them to come to the area. Even the Manchester clubs miss out on players who would rather play for London clubs.
  8. Jimmy, I have taken over 10 weeks to get over that Luton game and now you would watch it again, noooooooooooooo. Seriously I understand your post. stay safe and thanks for the offer of advice.
  9. Far too many vested interests for the 20/21 season to be cancelled
  10. My wife is self isolating due to the anti-cancer drugs she is on, which means we are sleeping in separate bedrooms, separate sofas etc, I am shopping and cooking all the meals (which we both prefer), and I am the only one going out except for her hospital visits. Despite email requests from the Nursing and Midwifery Council she is unable to come out of retirement due to her illness. On the plus side I can spend plenty of time by myself listening to music. My sister, nephew and friends are still working in the NHS. One of whom is currently at home with the virus. After over 50 years as a Boro fan I have finally had to accept that football is not the be all and end all of life. Compared to what other people are going through this is a doddle. Stay safe and strong everyone.
  11. I remember people saying the same thing in 2008 when we stripped out the high earners then, didn't end too well. We need quality players to blend with the young talent or they will leave also, this is not 1986 all over again.
  12. Amazing how many simple chances Hasselbank and Viduka missed that night. I know Assombalonga isn't half the player they were but he would have been slaughtered by todays so called fans.
  13. If we aspire to being a better club than we have been in the past, we have to learn from the big clubs and be more ruthless. Sadly that means players we may like as supporters, but are on a downward trend, must be sold or let go to make way for better prospects. The only worry I have with this is our total inability to spot a good proespect, Friend and Ayala are probably our last buys that fall imto that category, and they are noiw on their way out. Ruthlessness must also apply to our backroom staff and scouting set up.
  14. But the whole purpose of forming the Premier League was so that the big clubs creamed off all the money and made them even bigger, go hang everyone else. Time for the FA to take back control.
  15. In order of age: 1. Ravenelli's in the FA cup quarterfinal that guarnteed we were into our first ever FA cup semi. 2. Zenden's penalty in the league cup final 3. Nugent's goal against Hull
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