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  1. Well they cannot be worse than the post match interview with Jimmy Floyd Hasselnaink on Sky earlier in the week. He was talked over when he mentioned us and the review of his career ended with Chelsea. Airbrushed from the sky version of football history.
  2. Abolish the unrepresentitive nature of the FA board and replace them with true football minded people. Too many timeservers and not enough people who really know about what is needed. A start would be getting rid of Parry. Maximum 5 year stay on the board to avoid the same mistakes being made.
  3. Sorry but profit does not always equal cash. Particularly when you factor in intangibles and depreciation. If you pay back your creditors this also reduces cash. Cashflow in football is unusual, when players are bought on the drip.
  4. The last filed accounts for the club are for the year ended 30th June 2019 and show the amounts owed to Group Companies rising by £11.5 million pounds. Even with cost cutting the 2020 accounts, when filed, are very unlikely to show any improvement on that situation. So yes, Steve Gibson by way of his shareholding in Gibson O'Neill is putting in around £1million a month to keep the club going.
  5. Just why should a few billionaires be allowed to control our game. This is the inevitable consequence of the formation of the Premier League. Unless it is stopped now, we will see a US style franchise system within a few years whereby there will be no promotion and relegation, and clubs like ourselves effectively frozen out of top class football.
  6. Very sad if this board goes the same way as other, less well mannered boards, I could name
  7. The Premier league has been nothing but a power and moneygrab since inception. It is time the FA tried to reasssert some sort of authority over the game instead of just coining it in from England Internationals (pre-covid of course) and giving out tickets to old men and their cronies.
  8. Have those ITK nothing at all to say about the transfer situation or have they been silenced by their contacts? Thanks for past snippets. Anyhow this thread now seems redundant as it is weeks since anything was posted of any note, just speculation.
  9. oldman


    I thought FMTTM was a forum for posting political arguments, do you mean they have football related posts as well?
  10. I don't disagree but we urgently need to fill other positions first - centre back and left back spring to mind.
  11. Perhaps because finding a left back and two good wingers is very unlikely within our budget and also we definitely would need two new strikers as neither Fletcher nor Assombolonga are natural headers of the ball. Furthermore two of our brightest young assets, Coulson and Spence would then be surplus to requirements.
  12. He has always been "distanced from the role", that has been our problem.
  13. Yes another Boro speciality. our ability to get rid of players we do not need. Oh wait .......................
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