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  1. Everton have also released Josh King. Probably wouldnt come or we couldn't afford his wages but would be great at this level. Never mind dreaming back to being rejected by league 1 journeymen.
  2. Yeah he can keep the seat warm until Roy Hodgson comes out of retirement after Steve Gibson says he is the manager he has always wanted for the Boro.
  3. I don't hate him but I do expect more from him for his £1.3 million salary than a couple of laughs with Shearer
  4. If the BBC had any guts they would get rid of the terrible crew that inhabit Match of the Day and appoint her in Lineker's place. I tuned in at half time of the cup final and the puerile chat was worse than a conversation in the pub after a day on the beer. Gary Lineker and his "mates" are well out of their time and so full of their own self importance. And that comes from a 64 year old.
  5. The politicising of football boards was the single biggest reason for me forsaking another well known Boro fan forum. I much prefer the largely saner people that inhabit this forum. Hopefully we can keep this forum clear of the murky world of politics, both local and national unless they directly have an effect on our club.
  6. Sorry but there is little chance that the savings in wages will 100% be reinvested in new players. Our ongoing looses are too high.
  7. Sadly there is a big difference between clubs bidding £5million and us willing to listen to bids above that figure.
  8. on behalf of the hard of seeing I thank you Agricolan Reed
  9. Can't forget that season it was my first supporting the Boro. Over 50 years later I still haven't learnt my lesson UTB
  10. We played Darlington in the 1966/67 season in the old division 3 and did the double over them https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1966–67_Football_League#Third_Division
  11. We have already had 3 points deducted from us by the appointment of such an incompetent referee
  12. I've missed enough fridays out with the lads. Saturday 3pm will do for me
  13. Thts the one. "its that man Maccarone again"
  14. I actually prefer the ITV version, just as over the top as Ali but from national TV
  15. I'd settle for seeing Derby experience a massive plummet into non-league football and a local derby game against Alfreton Town. Just saying .......
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