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  1. I think a lot of members share your opinion, but are scared to endorse it because of the sort of reaction you have just received
  2. We having been playing for the last few years without anything resembling a striker
  3. The coming season's Folarin Balogun. Brilliant at younger age levels but not yet ready to step up
  4. I can't see Levy having prawn cocktail or smokey bacon either for that matter.
  5. Get Lenihan in and move Dijksteel to defensive midfielder, solving two problems in one go. An extra centre back if needed and competition for Howson - if he resigns.
  6. My you lot are tough on Nathan Wood. He will be only 20 this month and plays in a position where typically players only reach maturity a lot later than other outfield players.
  7. And in late news the linesman's flag has just gone up a minute ago and our second has been chalked off
  8. Too true. We are not built to watch us score 4 goals in a game, our mind will not take it.
  9. Close run thing between his howler and Bettenellis for Chelsea.
  10. Happy new year to all. Big thanks to moderators and posters alike who have maintained this board as a safe haven to post about our beloved Boro without the usual aggro associated with message boards.
  11. seems a familiar wish that, reality is sadly always different but who knows
  12. oldman

    The big 65

    Approching 65 myself but I retired 3 years ago to enjoy life more. Strange but when you dont need a job people tend to offer them to you.
  13. Yes,but West Ham did win the world cup in 1966 so were allowed leeway on this issue.
  14. I was there that day after travelling alone from uni at Leeds. Mistook the entrances and found myself on the kop. Kept quiet until Mills tripped up over the ball whilst on a rare attack. The Liverpool fans soon sussed I was a Boro fan and were really friendly to me all during the game. Probably out of pity.
  15. Oi - leave off Clinton,. His honesty and sense of self-deprecating humour are a refreshing change from the other so called pundits. Very few, apart from Gary Neville, come across as having any real depth of knowledge.
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