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  1. Thts the one. "its that man Maccarone again"
  2. I actually prefer the ITV version, just as over the top as Ali but from national TV
  3. I'd settle for seeing Derby experience a massive plummet into non-league football and a local derby game against Alfreton Town. Just saying .......
  4. what, break lockdown rules by going down south?
  5. Disappointed with the content of this post. Thought we were off to York Races followed by seeing Twin Cheeks.
  6. If the Connor Wickham story has legs then it is more than the man himself has, with his recent run of injuries
  7. If we dont send out the message to our top players that promotion is our aim, then they will leave anyway. The best players want to play in the best leagues. Tav is from Leeds, McNair from NI and Spence is from London. None are Boro through and through. We have to go for it.
  8. No that cant be right, according to the pundits Traore was rubbish until he went to Wolves
  9. I cannot see FFP mattering at all this season as so many teams will fail. They will all appeal based on covid and as long as certain favourites (Derby County for one) are included in the appeal then they will win.
  10. That's in the cheats derby then
  11. There seems to have been a massive sea change in how we conduct our transfers and player retentions this season. Good younger players are being tied down, no panic buying, and signs of a real strategy. Maybe some good has come from all the financial turmoil.
  12. If nothing else it would stop him scoring AGAINSt us so regularly
  13. Our recent history is littered with players with great abilkity and limted benefit to the team. Committment to the cause is just as important.
  14. Time for a cheeky 0.5 million bid for Barry Bannan with him only having months left on his contract
  15. It must be the bright lights of Middlesbrogh dazzling you after the gloom on Wearside
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