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  1. I was told that he has had chronic back issues for 2 years, that he has been 'managing'. I would think it is more likely that he will retire than move.
  2. Yeah that one shifted about, the jubalana went completely over the top, it was like when you volley a penny floater.
  3. That's the pre-match weight. Modern balls are far better at repelling water.The old balls would soak it up more. Anyone that headed a ball in the 70s or even a 1980s Mitre Delta will tell you the difference from a modern ball.
  4. As the footballs got lighter in the late 90s they started to move around more. By 2010 we got to the Jubalani ball at the world cup that moved all over the place with any kind of shot or bending cross. By this period most goalkeepers throughout the world punch and parried rather than caught. It's not a problem to me as long as his positioning is good and he has the upper body strength to compete.
  5. Chelsea have a habit of doing this....Winston Bogarde!
  6. you can see he twitches left, I think he gambled on a near post shot, and was off balance to make an attempt at a dive to his right
  7. Well if we had played our best XI we might have had a chance. We also gave them far too much respect in the first half. I think we can come out of that knowing we have some decent players, we are playing well and can cause any team problems. We still need a CB mind. Other positives: - Spence was superb - Nmecha looks a handful and has got 90mins under his belt - Tav, Coulson, Saville, Roberts, Pears all rested for Friday - Friend, Ayala, Dijksteel, Shotton, Britt to come back
  8. I'm not saying we should sign him on those terms, in fact we definitely shouldn't. If we could do a 2 plus mutual option for third year then I'd be more aligned to it. As said above, I would prefer Ben back
  9. I think Chesters contract runs out in the summer. No prem side will indulge him, he's dropped from prem league quality and is 31 in a couple of weeks. So he will be looking at the champo, and I don't see anyone paying above 20k for him there. He'll be lucky to get that to be honest. He will likely be looking for 3 years I would think to make up a little for his drop in wages.
  10. well I'd prefer as a replacement for Shotton since he is alleged to want to return to the midlands
  11. Experienced pro, got three or four prem seasons in his locker and promoted a couple of times I think, bit short for a CB, he's like 5 10-5 11 IIRC. Never stopped Franco Baresi though. My concern with this link is, 'Is he a replacement for Ayala?'
  12. He did make that comment back in August, 5 1/2months later does he feel the same or is he available for transfer?
  13. The whole of the game against Newcastle when Graham 'fekcin' Poll was ref. I remember a red card for Schwarzer and a penna for a denying a clear opportunity....but then 10 mins later yellow card and pen for the same (if not more blatant) from Given. The extra man won in the end. Or maybe when Ronaldo dived over Schwarzer as Schwarzer pulled out of the challenge, it was made worse by the TV commentators stating that he was sent off for intent to foul.
  14. I think people expected midtable this year then push on next year when those 3 signings had come to terms with moving up to a more difficult level. In reality only on e of those 3 may make it and he looks like a pound shop Djed Spence at the moment, so might have to move to CDM
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