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  1. part of the reason others have only scored 6 is because he makes selfish runs, rather than create space for others, he loses possession in the last third, which means others cannot get high up the pitch and join him, and he rarely passes and isn't creative.
  2. First chance I've had to post since Sat. Good performance from him (I'm always fair). If he was this clinical and confident every week I would be a big fan. But the reality is that you get 3 of these performances a season and turning up once in 6 matches isn't enough. I hope he goes on a little run, because he does offer danger within 12 yards of the goal and has enough to get us out of a relegation spot. But I also still want him to be sold and replaced with a more rounded striker. First goal but lucky with the finish but good aggressive run, that is probably his key strength. Second was the kind of finish which has been lacking from him, he just tries to drive it through the keeper too often, this is the first time I can remember him dinking it over an onrushing GK, so great finish.
  3. they're having their own miss of the championship competition, Fletcher in first place, but Britt has 2nd, 3rd and 4th worst championship misses of the season (excluding penalties).
  4. what other strikers 😂
  5. He hasn't spat his dummy out particularly, he just isn't very good. Of course the changing room is disunited, I suspect a faction of the players think Woody isn't up to it and want him replaced.
  6. it isn't that he doesn't want to be here (although ti might be true), this is just who he is
  7. another day, another simple miss by Britt, get this absolute pile of dog dirt out of my club
  8. Need to look at overall cost, transfer and wages, the era they were purchased, the years service we got or didn't, as well as just pure ability and impact. Also how they impacted the other players and fans. I think Mido has to be up there, cost 6mill 12 years ago. For perspective Spurs paid 5mill for Bale that summer, and we sold Morrison to West Brom for 1.5mill His goal appearance shows promise 6 goals in 13 starts.....but of course, that was 6 goals in 2 1/2 years as our star CF. He played more games out on loan to West Ham and Wigan than for us. Had the most bizarre injury ever, a broken pubic bone, got fat, peed off the club, fnas and players with his couldn't care less attitude and peed a natural talent up the wall. Mido, should have put egyptian football on the world map long before Salah, instead he was a bloody disaster and played a large part of out demise and relegation due to our financial obligation to this waster.
  9. Dijksteel and Bola both got into the side around the same time, and while we were struggling for fit CDs. We ended up with a back 4 of Bola-Shotton-Fry-Dijksteel fairly early in their boro career. Fry Bola and Dijksteel just didn't have much experience and Shotton has played most of his career at RB. It was too much to ask for that collection of players to defend properly and build a platform for us to get our fullbacks forward. I certainly wouldn't write either of them off, they will improve over the next couple of years and they clearly have ability.
  10. Britt regularly goes through these spells of bemoaning his luck and looking short on confidence. I'd argue that in the 4 corner model, Britt lacks strengths in the psychological sector. He is also weak in Technical/Tactical. Better in the social and physical areas
  11. I am asking him to lift it, there was no pace on the ball, it was begging for a simple lift over the keeper, even slightly off balance it's a simple finish and far better than letting the ball drop and trying to hit it through two players. Once he let it drop, the chance had gone.
  12. no mate, but you have to play to the whistle. Strikers get fouled all the time and still manage to finish it, it goes with the territory. The ref should have given a penalty (just don't let Brit take it!) but you shouldn't need to wait for the ref to give it, finish it, lift it over them, it's such an easy and obvious finish.
  13. Of course, should have been a penna, but you play to the whistle.....he should have lobbed the onrushing keeper, rather than just try and blast it through the defender and GK. The ball was waist high and begging to be lifted over the onrushing GK. It was on his right foot, and the ball had no pace, so easy to judge.
  14. Too slow to take his chance again tonight, should have lobbed it over the onrushing keeper......but at least he left Fletcher to the embarrassing miss
  15. I have no problem with his effort
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