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  1. suuuuuuuuuure, I bet it's a really easy profession and financially rewarding 🤨
  2. approx 5 out of every 7 secondary/college child isn't getting ready for exams, and are learning new stuff
  3. Well the teaching profession aren't trained to do it optimally and I doubt our school system has the technical capacity and an appropriate operating model to support it.
  4. we aren't set up to teach on line, they won't be able to get through the curriculum, so cannot be tested fully and fairly.
  5. feeling a little 'off' today, probably psychosomatic since I found out that two people on my floor in my office have gone down with it. To be fair I haven't been in the office for 2 weeks though, so hopefully, ok
  6. So they need to get their communication sorted. When the PM stands in front of a camera umming, ahhhing, and pointing to other people to answer, and the only actual statement of substance about spread control is 'herd immunity' then they need to take a long hard look at themselves and ask if they are the people capable of leading this crisis. It was embarrassing. Get up there and tell us what you are doing NOW, not that lots of people will die and at some point (2022?) herd immunity will stop the spread.
  7. Sorry mate but that isn't acceptable. We have a department of health that should have plans in place for global pandemic scenarios. They may not have every variable understood, but control methods and disaster mitigation should exist already. Playing it by ear means that no one has learnt a thing from previous pandemics, either here or more recently in africa and asia, and that our leadership have been negligent in preparation.
  8. I don't think the news agencies are purposefully ignoring recovery news. We have barely had any recoveries in this country, just 18. Maybe next week there may be more stories of recovery when the early cases have had a full 14+ days to recover.
  9. Herd immunity isn't a strategy for the short to medium term. It's surely at least a year away?! IFfapprox 2/3rd of the country need to have been infected and recovered, then as said 40-45 mill people. Lets be optimistic and say we start to see it at 40mill people. To reach that in 1 year we would need 3.33mill infections a month. 3.33mill infections a month would mean approx 330k people needing intensive care, and a further 330k needing hospitalisation that month. Even if you average them needing 2 weeks care, that's 165k intensive care, and 165k further hospital beds. The NHS hasn't
  10. I suspect they've had an absolute diplomatic kicking from the US, the EU, the WHO and others. This is no time for ridiculous experimentation strategies. Remember Cummings is the man that believes doing things different is the path to victory, doing the unpredicted, allowing the 'freaks and weirdos' (in his own words) to step forward and do things differently. This article from the head of the WHO is clearly aimed at our government https://www.who.int/dg/speeches/detail/who-director-general-s-opening-remarks-at-the-mission-briefing-on-covid-19---12-march-2020?fbclid=IwAR2Af1Np8b6Ju0hojiwGl4wUKu
  11. It takes about 60-70% infection to get herd immunity apparently. a) if we are just hoping to get 40million people ill and 8million hospitalised so that we the rest can be safe, that isn't a workable strategy. It won't be gradual if you just let people continue as they are today, which means the NHS will fail. There is a good study of why herd immunity doesn't work, form the spanish flu in america. https://qz.com/1816060/a-chart-of-the-1918-spanish-flu-shows-why-social-distancing-works/ But back to the footy, I think the cut off date is May 16th, if we haven't restarted by then, the
  12. yup you are right 30 June. Point still stands though, if this carries on as expected, football will shut down for at least 3 months, no time to play the matches without contracts running out.
  13. From a football impact, the season is over guys, time to face this. There is simply no scope to continue the season beyond its current boundary without compromising it. Player contracts run until June 1st, as do loan agreements. If the season were to be extended over the summer months, the integrity of the competition is gone because the squads will be different. You couldn't force any club to loan a player through an extended season and you couldn't force players to stay with a club once the contract has run out. From a club perspective, they will all lose income, which may ti
  14. agreed, you can't just look at simple stats. IF you look at Jordan Rhodes, he had very good champo stats, but there are reasons that Prem sides sent scouts but never ever made an offer. That is because his goals tally was based around a setup that involed him hanging around the box, scoring 45-55% of the team goals, but doing little else. Despite scoring so many goals, Blackburn were a middling to lower side. When he did get someone to share the load (Gestede) his own output dropped and the team as a whole were only 10th top scorers. The idea of footy is not to get the top goalscorer in t
  15. yeah I get that, but I always felt there was a reluctance from some to accept he was a top class player, because they had already written him off. Anyway, Gestede, has 2 league goals how many by end of season? I'm going for third top scorer with 6
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