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  1. The only thing Pool A means is that you will play a team from Pool B in first round of knockout fixtures. Who.....depends on where you finish in the pool!
  2. No worries. Hope you are feeling better now. I’ll put you down as first reserve in case anyone drops out
  3. Rod's such a good friend of Boro-Unger (as you can see how excited he gets when calling ball 3🤣) that he did it for free.
  4. Just finishing the final edit for the Pool Draw Video which will be posted this afternoon. In the meantime the ball numbers to look out for are as follows.... 1 @Maccarone 2 @smogsterking the Inspirati 3 @boro-unger 4 @Blanco 5 @AnglianRed 6 @Smogzilla 7 @trekkers 8 @Uwe 9 @DurhamRed 10 @RiseAgainst 11 @marvin 12 @Snowblind 13 @Youngy228 14 @Motor Mouth 15 @Borodane 16 @DanFromDownSouth
  5. Hi everyone, Thread is now open to signup to 21/22 Prediction League. Deadline to signup is Wednesday 7th July. This will give me 1 month before kickoff to get everything prepared. I will post reminders nearer to the time too.
  6. Well played everyone! Congrats to @Blanco on the title. Commiserations to @Maccarone for coming up short despite having the most correct predictions. Well done to all the regular predictors - it’s been a good season. For now, on to the Euro’s.....Will start a thread for next year’s league soon. Hope to see everyone predicting again 😀
  7. Format_6.mp4 Revised format... Now filled with 16 human players
  8. @Borodane is joining so we will have 16 human players. Will adapt the format for tomorrow. Great to have the full 16
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