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  1. H Bristol City v Nottingham Forest A Derby v Luton H QPR v Blackburn H Sheff Utd v Millwall A Stoke v Bournemouth H Fulham v Cardiff H Huddersfield v Birmingham H Hull v Peterborough H Middlesbrough v Barnsley H Preston v Coventry A Swansea v West Brom D Reading v Blackpool
  2. Glad you spotted it - made a difference in a few games. I ended up losing as a result. But would rather have accurate results - otherwise pointless in doing it 👍
  3. Sorry lads.... For some reason the Stoke West Brom game was showing as a West Brom win when it was in fact a Stoke win. Few changes to results. Correct Table posted below.
  4. I will look into it and update table after this round. I did find an error in another fixture but maybe missed this one..
  5. H West Brom v Birmingham H Fulham v QPR A Blackburn v Coventry A Bristol City v Bournemouth H Huddersfield v Hull H Middlesbrough v Peterborough D Millwall v Luton H Nottingham Forest v Blackpool H Preston v Derby H Reading v Barnsley H Sheff Utd v Stoke H Swansea v Cardiff
  6. @DocMartin v @BearSmog @smogsterking the Inspirati v @nawoo @xathras v @Borodane @Uwe v @DanFromDownSouth @trekkers v @SmogDane @marvin v @Essuuaitch @DurhamRed v @Youngy228 @Blanco v @AnglianRed @Maccarone v @boro-unger @Motor Mouth v @Oslo_Syd QPR v Nottingham Forest Fulham v West Brom Bristol City v Barnsley Derby v Blackburn Huddersfield v Millwall Hull v Coventry Middlesbrough v Birmingham Preston v Luton Sheff Utd v Blackpool Stoke v Cardiff Swansea v Peterborough
  7. @Oslo_Syd v @DurhamRed @DanFromDownSouth v @DocMartin @Borodane v @marvin @SmogDane v @Motor Mouth @boro-unger v @smogsterking the Inspirati @nawoo v @trekkers @BearSmog v @Blanco @Youngy228 v @xathras @Essuuaitch v @Uwe @AnglianRed v @Maccarone Cardiff v Middlesbrough Birmingham v Swansea Blackburn v Reading Blackpool v Preston Bournemouth v Huddersfield Coventry v Derby Luton v Hull Millwall v Stoke Peterborough v QPR West Brom v Bristol City Barnsley v Sheff Utd Notti
  8. @Blanco v @DanFromDownSouth @xathras v @Oslo_Syd @DocMartin v @Essuuaitch @Maccarone v @BearSmog @trekkers v @boro-unger @Youngy228 v @Borodane @Motor Mouth v @nawoo @Uwe v @marvin @DurhamRed v @SmogDane @smogsterking the Inspirati v @AnglianRed Bristol City v Nottingham Forest Derby v Luton QPR v Blackburn Sheff Utd v Millwall Stoke v Bournemouth Fulham v Cardiff Huddersfield v Birmingham Hull v Peterborough Middlesbrough v Barnsley Preston v Coventry Swansea v West Brom
  9. @marvin v @DocMartin @SmogDane v @xathras @DanFromDownSouth v @Maccarone @Essuuaitch v @Blanco @BearSmog v @smogsterking the Inspirati @nawoo v @DurhamRed @Borodane v @Uwe @AnglianRed v @trekkers @Oslo_Syd v @Youngy228 @boro-unger v @Motor Mouth West Brom v Birmingham Fulham v QPR Blackburn v Coventry Bristol City v Bournemouth Huddersfield v Hull Middlesbrough v Peterborough Millwall v Luton Nottingham Forest v Blackpool Preston v Derby Reading v Barnsley Sheff Utd v Stoke
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