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  1. As mentioned before - I am happy to run the league this season but will also step aside and just participate if there is someone else with a burning desire to run the league. I intend to spend a little time remaking some of the graphics so that the in-season work is easier so if anyone is wanting to take it over can you let me know below so I don't waste time on it.
  2. Any tips - I had to make the hard decision to put my beautiful dog to sleep on Sunday and finding ti really hard to come to terms with it.
  3. Fair point about their cost. But some of the top ten didn't cost much Weiman cost Bristol City 2m - 22 goals Piroe cost Swansea 1m - 22 goals Johnson for Forest was youth player - 16 goals Riis for Preston - 1.3m - 16 goals Adebayo for Luton - unknown but not much - 16 goals
  4. Embarrassing that our top 'forward' ended up with 8 championship goals and our top scorer was Crooks with 10. Look at teams that went up automatically - look at the goals from individuals. Mitrovic scored the same goals as our top 7 scorers combined. Solanke scored 1 less than our top 4 combined. If we are looking at automatic place - we have to find a goalscorer and supply them
  5. To be fair - Darlow would absolutely be a big improvement
  6. They certainly aren't signings that look like improving us to the next level
  7. Absolutely - but I think if Alex Crooks has reported it - there is a level of interest - although not sure what level
  8. Alex Crooks is the reporter who said it and he is definitely reputable for Bournemouth info.
  9. Feel like 10 million is too low. Let's hope whatever we sell Spence for we put in some good clauses.
  10. From the snippets coming out from Errea i would be surprised if our shirt was as simple as a red kit with a white band. They talk about personal to club and attention to detail
  11. Bournemouth not interested in keeping Cantwell. I would take him
  12. Gibson situation was complicated from what I heard. There was a fallout in the family
  13. Agree that it is a massive thing. Just hope one day it isn’t. And by showing the bravery and courage Daniels has hopefully one day it won’t be. I will certainly be clapping his name when it’s read out at the riverside before kick off
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