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  1. I think we will sign South American but not muniz
  2. It says flamengo wanted to sell to us because they believed the bid and didn’t trust Fulham but Fulham come back and player and agents wants to go to Fulham. can’t blame him choosing Fulham over us to be fair
  3. Let’s Hope mission increase the price Fulham pay to silly money has worked and that he doesn’t score 40 goals and get sold to someone for 50 million next year 😂😂
  4. He’s going to Fulham according to Vene Casagrande - updated 2 mins ago
  5. @wilsoncgp makes my point much better. I get its PR but by later saying it was recruitment team etc it makes whatever he says no less believable. I don't for a second expect him to say he was 5th on the list. But all he needed to say was - the recruitment team have worked hard and found a former Arsenal player who has been recently playing in the Champions League who I think can come in and do a job for us and improve us.
  6. I agree it’s PR talk. But Warnock paints the picture of talking to fans and be truthful. I am just questioning the choice of words.
  7. Boro try for Kaio Jorge - waste all time and effort and end up with Connor whickham
  8. No he isn't but I would highlight He was my number one choice as an odd phrase - many ways of being positive but this just sounded ridiculous given his u turn
  9. Also......to remind everyone. "He's been my number one choice. I've wanted him for a long time. I'd like to give a big thanks to Neil Bausor for getting it done. Warnock on Akpom
  10. so how long before the daily foreign reporters tell us Muniz is off to club ****** because they have upped their offer.....😂
  11. It's more than was reported. Tube fair - Turkish clubs seem happy to overpay fees and wages
  12. Love how we want 3-4 for Chuba according to that article. How on earth can we make a profit on him after his performances!
  13. Got to love some fan comments.... Everton fan saying shame they don't have the money to buy spence and then loan him back to us for the season. I'm not sure our Neil would play him very often now would he!
  14. Bamba definitely offered a deal. I also think for the right money as a 4th choice CB who can help the 23’s it’s a good call. Means wood can go out on load too for more experience
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