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  1. I think he clearly wants a new first team striker - using Britts wages hopefully we can bring someone in there who will score 15-20 goals and be a Warnock choice. I would imagine we will have Bolasie back next season too.
  2. I think Warnock has been very clear that both he and SG know where the squad needs improving. I think he has improved the squad since coming. Clearly hasn't got in as many in key positions or key targets. Hopefully he has been given some assurances moving into next season. 1st Year - Keeps us up 2nd Year - Top Ten on edge of playoffs 3rd Year - pushing for promotion That seems a much more complete cycle to me than if he had left at the end of this year.
  3. H Barnsley v Birmingham H Brentford v Rotherham H Bristol City v QPR A Coventry v Derby D Millwall v Blackburn H Norwich v Luton A Preston v Bournemouth H Reading v Sheffield Wed H Stoke v Wycombe H Swansea v Middlesbrough
  4. Is Warnock press conference today? Interesting to hear if he talks about the meeting!
  5. I was about to post that since Hall has come back McNair hasn't\t had the same influence but a McNair free kick and Hall header has made he sit down for now at least!
  6. Tuesday 2nd March 7pm Cardiff v Derby D Coventry v Middlesbrough A Huddersfield v Birmingham H Millwall v Preston H Nottingham v Luton H Reading v Blackburn H Wednesday 3rd March 7pm Norwich v Brentford D QPR v Barnsley A Bristol City v Bournemouth H Sheffield Wed v Rotherham H Watford v Wycombe H Stoke v Swansea A
  7. No worries. Its my first season so been enjoying it that I wanted to keep it going. I tried to join last year but missed deadline. Really hope @OldManGravz is ok.
  8. Round 36 - Bye Week - @AnglianRed @ChipBarrington v @trekkers @boro-unger v @SmogDane Weasel v @DurhamRed Red Rocket v @Raf smog @Maccarone v @cyprusboro @Motor Mouth v @smogsterking the Inspirati @OldManGravz v @Youngy228 @xathras v @Essuuaitch @Uwe v @beanflickingchampion @nawoo v @Blanco @DanFromDownSouth v @Borodane Saturday 13th March - 3PM Birmingham v Bristol City Bournemouth v Barnsley Cardiff v Watford Derby v Millwall Middlesbrough v Stoke Nottingham v Reading QPR v Huddersfield Rotherham v Coventry Wycombe v Preston Sheffield Wed v Norwich
  9. Round 34 - Bye Week - @boro-unger @trekkers v @DurhamRed Red Rocket v @AnglianRed @ChipBarrington v @cyprusboro @Motor Mouth v @SmogDane Weasel v @Youngy228 @xathras v @Raf smog @Maccarone v @beanflickingchampion @nawoo v @smogsterking the Inspirati @OldManGravz v @Borodane @DanFromDownSouth v @Essuuaitch @Uwe v @Blanco Tuesday 2nd March 7pm Cardiff v Derby Coventry v Middlesbrough Huddersfield v Birmingham Millwall v Preston Nottingham v Luton Reading v Blackburn Wednesday 3rd March 7pm Norwich v Brentford QPR v Barnsley Bristol City v Bournemouth Sheffield Wed v Rotherham Watford v Wycombe Stoke v Swansea
  10. Round 35 - Bye Week - @trekkers @AnglianRed v @boro-unger @DurhamRed v @ChipBarrington @SmogDane v Red Rocket @cyprusboro v Weasel @Raf smog v @Motor Mouth @Youngy228 v @Maccarone @smogsterking the Inspirati v @xathras @beanflickingchampion v @OldManGravz @Essuuaitch v @nawoo @Borodane v @Uwe @Blanco v @DanFromDownSouth Saturday 6th March 3PM Barnsley v Birmingham Brentford v Rotherham Bristol City v QPR Coventry v Derby Millwall v Blackburn Norwich v Luton Preston v Bournemouth Reading v Sheffield Wed Stoke v Wycombe Swansea v Middlesbrough
  11. Round 32 Results. Round 33 fixtures have been up for a bit but will add 34-36 shortly to keep things ticking over.
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