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  1. This round needs to include games moved to early kick offs due to the change in fixture times for funeral.
  2. Saturday 17th April needs to include games moved to early kick offs due to the change in fixture times for funeral.
  3. unfortunately it’s only 3pm and after as it give people a cutoff for predicting. It was on the list as I made every round early so we didn’t miss any. Then kick off moved. Sorry mate!
  4. H Barnsley v Middlesbrough H Birmingham v Stoke H Bournemouth v Coventry D Bristol City v Nottingham H Cardiff v Blackburn A Derby v Norwich A Huddersfield v Rotherham A Millwall v Swansea A Preston v Brentford D QPR v Sheffield Wed H Watford v Reading H Wycombe v Luton
  5. A Blackburn v Bournemouth H Brentford v Birmingham H Coventry v Bristol City A Luton v Barnsley A Middlesbrough v Watford H Norwich v Huddersfield D Nottingham v QPR H Reading v Derby H Rotherham v Wycombe A Sheffield Wed v Cardiff A Stoke v Millwall H Swansea v Preston
  6. H Barnsley v Reading A Birmingham v Swansea A Bournemouth v Middlesbrough H Bristol City v Stoke H Cardiff v Nottingham D Derby v Luton A Huddersfield v Brentford D Millwall v Rotherham A Preston v Norwich H QPR v Coventry H Watford v Sheffield Wed D Wycombe v Blackburn
  7. Saturday 20th March 3pm Barnsley v Sheffield Wednesday - H Bristol City v Rotherham - H Coventry v Wycombe - H Millwall v Middlesbrough - A Norwich v Blackburn - H Preston v Luton - D Reading v QPR - H Stoke v Derby - H Watford v Birmingham - H Swansea v Cardiff - H
  8. Update I took over the updating of results/tables a few rounds ago and started doing it manually. I didn't see the point in creating an automatic spreadsheet as I only ever intended doing a round or two to catch up. When I did a few rounds I decided to try and make the table populate itself with some simple code. This seems to be working well now but I could never work out why Trekkers was 2 games behind some people. When tracing back fixtures....I did not update the table for Trekkers 4 Cyprusboro 0 for Trekkers. I have therefore updated the table with this result. Apolog
  9. Nice one @Uwe. Only player to score more points than me and typical it was our fixture!! Well played mate.
  10. Teamtalk is the equivalent for transfers of teletext premium phoneline - when you wanted to find out more you’d need to ring a premium rate phone number which could cost you up to £4 a minute to tell you a load of made up nonsense!!
  11. Tuesday 16th March 7pm Cardiff v Stoke (H) Luton v Coventry (H) Rotherham v Watford (A) Bournemouth v Swansea (A) Derby v Brentford (A) Middlesbrough v Preston (H) Wednesday 17th March 7pm QPR v Millwall (H) Birmingham v Reading (A) Blackburn v Bristol City (A) Nottingham v Norwich (A) Sheffield Wed v Huddersfield (H) Wycombe v Barnsley (A)
  12. A Birmingham v Bristol City H Bournemouth v Barnsley D Cardiff v Watford H Derby v Millwall H Middlesbrough v Stoke A Nottingham v Reading H QPR v Huddersfield H Rotherham v Coventry A Wycombe v Preston A Sheffield Wed v Norwich
  13. Rounds posted from now til the end of the season. I know it makes a lot of threads but hopefully it gives people choice of predicting week by week or in a big chunk and not missing any weeks by mistake. Will continue to update table after each round.
  14. Round 46 - Bye Week - @Blanco @DanFromDownSouth v @Uwe @Essuuaitch v @Borodane @nawoo v @OldManGravz @smogsterking the Inspirati v @beanflickingchampion @xathras v @Maccarone @Raf smog v @Youngy228 @Motor Mouth v Weasel @SmogDane v @cyprusboro Red Rocket v @ChipBarrington @AnglianRed v @DurhamRed @boro-unger v @trekkers Saturday 8th May 3pm Barnsley v Norwich Blackburn v Birmingham Bournemouth v Stoke Bristol City v Brentford Cardiff v Rotherham Coventry v Millwall Derby v Sheffield Wed Middlesbrough v Wyc
  15. Round 45 - Bye Week - @Uwe @Blanco v @Essuuaitch @OldManGravz v @DanFromDownSouth @Borodane v @smogsterking the Inspirati @Maccarone v @nawoo @beanflickingchampion v @Raf smog Weasel v @xathras @Youngy228 v @SmogDane @ChipBarrington v @Motor Mouth @cyprusboro v @AnglianRed @trekkers v Red Rocket @DurhamRed v @boro-unger Saturday 1st May 3pm Birmingham v Cardiff Brentford v Watford Huddersfield v Coventry Luton v Middlesbrough Millwall v Bristol City Norwich v Reading Preston v Barnsley Rotherham v Blackbu
  16. Round 44 - Bye Week - @Essuuaitch @Uwe v @OldManGravz @smogsterking the Inspirati v @Blanco @DanFromDownSouth v @Maccarone @Raf smog v @Borodane @nawoo v Weasel @SmogDane v @beanflickingchampion @xathras v @ChipBarrington @AnglianRed v @Youngy228 @Motor Mouth v @trekkers @boro-unger v @cyprusboro Red Rocket v @DurhamRed Saturday 24th April 3pm Barnsley v Rotherham Blackburn v Huddersfield Bournemouth v Brentford Bristol City v Luton Cardiff v Wycombe Coventry v Preston Derby v Birmingham Middlesbrough v Sh
  17. Round 42 - Bye Week - @OldManGravz @Essuuaitch v @smogsterking the Inspirati @Maccarone v @Uwe @Blanco v @Raf smog Weasel v @DanFromDownSouth @Borodane v @SmogDane @ChipBarrington v @nawoo @beanflickingchampion v @AnglianRed @trekkers v @xathras @Youngy228 v @boro-unger @DurhamRed v @Motor Mouth @cyprusboro v Red Rocket Tuesday 20th April 7pm Birmingham v Nottingham Brentford v Cardiff Norwich v Watford Preston v Derby Sheffield Wed v Blackburn Swansea v QPR Wednesday 21st April 7pm Huddersfield v Barnsley
  18. Round 42 - Bye Week - @OldManGravz v @Maccarone @Raf smog v @Essuuaitch @Uwe v Wesel @SmogDane v @Blanco @DanFromDownSouth v @ChipBarrington @AnglianRed v @Borodane @nawoo v @trekkers @boro-unger v @beanflickingchampion @xathras v @DurhamRed Red Rocket v @Youngy228 @Motor Mouth v @cyprusboro Saturday 17th April 3pm Blackburn v Derby Brentford v Millwall Coventry v Barnsley Luton v Watford Middlesbrough v QPR Norwich v Bournemouth Nottingham v Huddersfield Reading v Cardiff Rotherham Birmingham Sheffi
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