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  1. let’s hope everyone you know is ok, mate. And the rest of the People caught up in it.
  2. Pharell Willis signs pro contract from academy
  3. Assuming then he doesn’t class Uche and Akpom and Daniels as senior players
  4. Hope most of money is up front. Add ons fine but I’m 50/50 whether he’ll go there and do well or annoy conte and be cast aside
  5. 15 million is an absolutely great result. Joined on a free. Wages have been relatively low. Internet has him on around 3.5k a week. If that had been the case for his entire time here which is unlikely he's cost less than a million in wages. Apart from a short period he's never looked like he wanted to be here.
  6. Last day to sign up to Predictions League
  7. Preston manager says he’s quietly confident in bringing Archer back on loan. From skysports
  8. Possibly - could also be that whatever money we have we want to spend on forwards
  9. Going up as champions with signings like this
  10. I would happily pay a monthly/yearly sub towards the site if needed. But appreciate it's free. Also appreciate people's contributions - some come off, some don't and some are clearly put there to stir things up! All of which fine by me!
  11. Here is the current list of confirmed participants: @Youngy228 @DanFromDownSouth @SmogDane @Essuuaitch @trekkers @Borodane @marvin @DocMartin @Maccarone @Blanco @boro-unger @Uwe @JonnyMFC @smogsterking the Inspirati @DurhamRed If anyone is missed off the list or wants to join let me know by 30 June.
  12. 15 if I’ve counted correctly
  13. Leadbitter returning in academy role - on mfc - not just rumour
  14. Three more days for deadline to sign up for Predictions League 22/23
  15. Can use 5 - but only makes subs on 3 occasions.
  16. So he might have said no to Boca happening but was general feeling he is going seeing as he said he wants to stay in Europe?
  17. That is our biggest challenge - getting good quality players to come in when they will have other suitors. The relegated sides will often be more appealing as it is assumed they will have a more likely chance of going back up. They are also likely to be able to offer better terms due to parachute payments. As a fan i want us to be the club a player chooses over others but in reality if three or four teams are in for a player then we aren’t going to get everyone we want
  18. Sky always do it - I had a friend who worked in their sports newsroom and he left in the end as he was sick of the constant nonsense they reported.
  19. I would guess that Scott is responsible for incomings in the sense he will have to find out figures to see if deals are plausible
  20. I would guess Gayle wants his contract paying - especially if he will be on lower wage here
  21. So what's the state of play at the moment @Raf smog?
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