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  1. Glad you spotted it - made a difference in a few games. I ended up losing as a result. But would rather have accurate results - otherwise pointless in doing it 👍
  2. Sorry lads.... For some reason the Stoke West Brom game was showing as a West Brom win when it was in fact a Stoke win. Few changes to results. Correct Table posted below.
  3. I will look into it and update table after this round. I did find an error in another fixture but maybe missed this one..
  4. H West Brom v Birmingham H Fulham v QPR A Blackburn v Coventry A Bristol City v Bournemouth H Huddersfield v Hull H Middlesbrough v Peterborough D Millwall v Luton H Nottingham Forest v Blackpool H Preston v Derby H Reading v Barnsley H Sheff Utd v Stoke H Swansea v Cardiff
  5. @DocMartin v @BearSmog @smogsterking the Inspirati v @nawoo @xathras v @Borodane @Uwe v @DanFromDownSouth @trekkers v @SmogDane @marvin v @Essuuaitch @DurhamRed v @Youngy228 @Blanco v @AnglianRed @Maccarone v @boro-unger @Motor Mouth v @Oslo_Syd QPR v Nottingham Forest Fulham v West Brom Bristol City v Barnsley Derby v Blackburn Huddersfield v Millwall Hull v Coventry Middlesbrough v Birmingham Preston v Luton Sheff Utd v Blackpool Stoke v Cardiff Swansea v Peterborough
  6. @Oslo_Syd v @DurhamRed @DanFromDownSouth v @DocMartin @Borodane v @marvin @SmogDane v @Motor Mouth @boro-unger v @smogsterking the Inspirati @nawoo v @trekkers @BearSmog v @Blanco @Youngy228 v @xathras @Essuuaitch v @Uwe @AnglianRed v @Maccarone Cardiff v Middlesbrough Birmingham v Swansea Blackburn v Reading Blackpool v Preston Bournemouth v Huddersfield Coventry v Derby Luton v Hull Millwall v Stoke Peterborough v QPR West Brom v Bristol City Barnsley v Sheff Utd Notti
  7. @Blanco v @DanFromDownSouth @xathras v @Oslo_Syd @DocMartin v @Essuuaitch @Maccarone v @BearSmog @trekkers v @boro-unger @Youngy228 v @Borodane @Motor Mouth v @nawoo @Uwe v @marvin @DurhamRed v @SmogDane @smogsterking the Inspirati v @AnglianRed Bristol City v Nottingham Forest Derby v Luton QPR v Blackburn Sheff Utd v Millwall Stoke v Bournemouth Fulham v Cardiff Huddersfield v Birmingham Hull v Peterborough Middlesbrough v Barnsley Preston v Coventry Swansea v West Brom
  8. @marvin v @DocMartin @SmogDane v @xathras @DanFromDownSouth v @Maccarone @Essuuaitch v @Blanco @BearSmog v @smogsterking the Inspirati @nawoo v @DurhamRed @Borodane v @Uwe @AnglianRed v @trekkers @Oslo_Syd v @Youngy228 @boro-unger v @Motor Mouth West Brom v Birmingham Fulham v QPR Blackburn v Coventry Bristol City v Bournemouth Huddersfield v Hull Middlesbrough v Peterborough Millwall v Luton Nottingham Forest v Blackpool Preston v Derby Reading v Barnsley Sheff Utd v Stoke
  9. A Stoke v West Brom A Coventry v Fulham D Barnsley v Millwall H Birmingham v Nottingham Forest A Blackpool v Blackburn H Bournemouth v Sheffield Utd A Cardiff v Reading A Derby v Swansea A Hull v Middlesbrough H Luton v Huddersfield A Peterborough v Bristol City H QPR v Preston
  10. Sorry they are a bit later than normal! Snowed under with work at the mo 👍
  11. Great performance tonight but despite a cracking performance and three points I’m still hugely concerned… Was worrying to hear the managers interview and media conference. He talks about moving forward by playing what he knows and doing it his way. So why has he not been doing that so far? Who is putting pressure on him to play new signings if he isn’t wanting to? All feels disjointed to me. I personally believe a manager should have free reign to pick the team he wants to. But then why are we signing players that he clearly doesn’t want. It doesn’t add up to me.
  12. A Cardiff v West Brom D Huddersfield v Blackburn A Hull v Blackpool H Middlesbrough v Sheffield Utd A Preston v Stoke H QPR v Birmingham H Barnsley v Nottingham Forest A Derby v Reading H Fulham v Swansea DLuton v Coventry H Millwall v Bristol City A Peterbrough v Bournemouth
  13. @DurhamRed v @boro-unger @Youngy228 v @SmogDane @Motor Mouth v @AnglianRed @xathras v @nawoo @Blanco v @marvin @Oslo_Syd v @Borodane @Maccarone v @Essuuaitch @DocMartin v @Uwe @smogsterking the Inspirati v @DanFromDownSouth @trekkers v @BearSmog Predictions by 1st October 19:45 Stoke v West Brom Coventry v Fulham Barnsley v Millwall Birmingham v Nottingham Forest Blackpool v Blackburn Bournemouth v Sheffield Utd Cardiff v Reading Derby v Swansea Hull v Middlesbrough Luton v Huddersfield
  14. H Coventry v Peterbrough H West Brom v QPR H Reading v Middlesbrough H Birmingham v Preston A Blackburn v Cardiff A Blackpool v Barnsley H Bournemouth v Luton A Bristol City v Fulham D Nottingham Forest v Millwall H Sheffield Utd v Derby H Stoke v Hull H Swansea v Huddersfield
  15. Just @smogsterking the Inspirati left to predict for a complete week 😀
  16. A Hull v Sheffield Utd H Barnsley v Blackburn A Cardiff v Bournemouth A Derby v Stoke H Fulham v Reading H Huddersfield v Nottingham Forest A Luton v Swansea H Middlesbrough v Blackpool A Millwall v Coventry D Peterborough v Birmingham A Preston v West Brom H QPR v Bristol City
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