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  1. SO in my opinion its been a good window. As pointed out I said everyone who had signed was a good signing which is unlikely to end up being true. Its easy to say with hindsight but I stand by earlier reasons. I think if we bring in one more defensive cover then it has been a successful window. (Im expecting Bennett and not today) If we bring in more great but I for one will not be complaining if we end up as we are. Some real good business I think when you bear in mind our manager is likely only to have the season and we have a new Head of Football coming in.
  2. I wasn’t advocating Taylor but know we were interested in past.
  3. Siliki is below camavinga I’m pecking order. Don’t think it’ll make a difference. Only reason we don’t get Siliki is if he chose Spain
  4. What would your guess be for who comes and goes @Raf smog
  5. What you mean one and the whole lot will fall into place! That’s very cryptic.
  6. So do you think that’s because we are signing him or because we never were!
  7. Football has gone mad. If reports are true and Madrid had offered 170 million for Mbappe who can sign for free on a pre contract in 6 momnths time - that's nuts. Even more nuts to turn it down!
  8. Similar to Borodane - I can see Sporar coming in. Also another premier league loan in the forward area. We won't pay Burke's wages so that will fall through. Bennett will come in after window.
  9. He had a good break and played a pretty good ball across - unlucky it didn't quite find the man. Can't blame the lad wanting to make his debut in the same match as Messi rather than in the championship! Positive here is the calibre of player we are agreeing deals for
  10. How do we know Warnock doesn't want to keep Morsy? Have I missed something? I thought it was just that Ipswich were interested
  11. Maybe he came back to watch the Bristol City game and it was going to be an interview. No way is Warnock back for him.
  12. I think Warnock was very lucky today. We played well. But with the team if we’d got beat he would have been hammered. interesting to hear why no Spence and why bola was on bench. Tactical or not pushing him
  13. A lot of sidetracking - people discussing transfers that have happened and about squad strength etc and where they’d like to strengthen. Seems some people enjoy this. Others want concise. I just enjoy all chat Boro related 👍
  14. He ended his Tees interview by saying dreading it regarding last few days of window!
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