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  1. Definitely not Keith Lamb - he knows too much
  2. Just joined forum - would love to be in league - if its too late then understood!
  3. How do you get involved in the prediction league?
  4. And all of the add ons are included in the price. Most of which are never paid.
  5. Read 'Deal Done'. Fees are incredibly complex and very rarely end up being paid in full due to huge number of clauses etc
  6. Agreed - the interesting ones are when players come into 1-11 slots from outside. Can signal intent. But absolutely nothing in players staying with numbers they like.
  7. Always confused by the missing numbers. No 18, 19 or 20. No 30 or 35.
  8. In which case 1) He signs for Boro 2) Bristol offered more money and Charlton pulled the deal from us 3) Bristol offered him a better package in his eyes
  9. I think the thought process is that Boro were in for him with second bid and then Bristol came in. Could be they have offered more money and Charlton pulled plug on Boro move.
  10. No need for panic. I have no inside knowledge but I have opinions! 7Hutton would be an excellent addition to the squad. He's on a free. He has masses of experience. He could be a fantastic mentor for some of our youngsters. I still have a feeling that we will be bringing in 2 premier league loans (likely coming from West Ham/Liverpool/Spurs) Ryan Kent one is very interesting. I don't think we are favourites to get him but he is definitely leaving Liverpool. He's removed all photos etc from social media linked to Liverpool. Asking price started at 10 is now at 7. I don't
  11. Also regarding Djiksteel. We don't know what has happened. We definitely had interest in him (probably still do). It could be a player change due to money/location or him thinking Bristol will finish higher than us. But - it could also be Charlton pulling the plug. Similar to Bolasie. We had deal agreed. All of a sudden a club comes in and offers more money to club. What are Charlton supposed to do? Say sorry Bristol you can keep your extra million! Following that do Boro get into a bidding war - absolutely not in our current financial situation.
  12. This is what fans often forget. If I was changing jobs and I had no emotional attachment to one of the new jobs - the one which offered 25% more is going to win. Only way it wouldn't is if I had to move to a location that I didn't want to.
  13. Bristol City are in a superior position financially and if Dijksteel chooses them then money may well have played a big part in it.
  14. Many many many transfers look like they are done only for another team to come in at the last minute.
  15. Rumour talks about Browne and Bola just following Eze - isn't accurate though.
  16. Fans are not overly keen on him. They think the money could be better spent. He's also in last year of his contract and his knee is knackered.
  17. He has secret knee troubles so definitely worth steering clear of him
  18. Ryan Kent has been left out of squad for Liverpool friendly. Would be something if Woodgate used his connections to steal him. I know Klopp said no more loans and we don't have the finances to go for him. You can but dream though.
  19. Whats your prediction then? Permanent - Dijksteel/? Loans - ?
  20. What do we all see as an absolute minimum? Woody's comment about seeing more injuries due to style of play is probably an honest assessment but with a squad that looks a little thin I think we need 4 in plus more if there are exits. RB, RW, CB, 10
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