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  1. Robson Kanu matches the description about not wowing with stats!
  2. Totally agree - although I'd rather have Hoilett than Ameobi - as Ameobi has some weird injury that they can't put a timescale on 🤔
  3. Echo Headline - Neil Warnock is signing Toyosi Olusanya for Middlesbrough's first team So that looks like it dispels people suggesting he's going to u23's
  4. He was doing his medical abroad yes - but would we not expect him to be on a plane over once completed?
  5. Judging by Sporar's instagram - he's at home having food! He shared a video of his plate before spinning round to his dog
  6. Was hoping we'd announce a couple today and maybe get a snippet of another that was close
  7. I totally agree he should have been on earlier. 5 minutes at the end is a waste of time and is never going to get him up to the pace of the league.
  8. To be fair I agree - but I was meaning that because players were off their game we had no options. Granted we should have walked the match when they went down to 10.
  9. Biggest problem last night in my opinion was no options to change things from the bench. That's what we need to address and by the sound of things are
  10. Not from what he said. in defence of payero. How do you get up to speed with the game if you come on at 85 mins when losing
  11. He was very cagey playing stuff down on all interviews saying he hasn’t heard anything but then managed to let slip the two we’re having medicals. Let’s hope they are done soon. We are 6 short in my opinion. 2 having medicals watmore and Tav to come back. So 2 more. Let’s hope they don’t see them as brown and ameobi. Otherwise I’m saying 8 short!!!
  12. Can’t see anything online from any news with even a Warnock interview let alone transfer news
  13. "Warnock finally has a response to his sext." that's class!!!!
  14. Could the left sided defender be Joe Bennett? Football world list him as one of three free agents maybe might interest Warnock. There is no knowledge from them - they have just done what we all did by saying wonder who it could be and pulling a couple of names together. Bidwell - played last night so won't be him. Brown - could well be if we have met valuation Bryan - been dragging on a long time considering he's free Bennett - no known interest but has history with Warnock and after his injury could probably have happened quickly if missed out or moved on from oth
  15. We need to be giving them contracts that reflect the value we think they are worth if ever sold. He has 2 years left on a contract which is probably around 5-6k a week. So his contract is 300k a year for 2 years making 600k. There's no way a club is paying 25 million as some people suggest to buy a player who's contract is worth that in my opinion.
  16. Absolutely. Risk in everything though too. Look at Ameobi/FIscher injuries.
  17. Id rather pay his 33k a week and no loan fee than pay 1 million loan fee for Jebbison!!!
  18. You would also presume that if he scores enough and we go up to earn hat permanent obligation we would be delighted to be only paying 33k a week for a striker with premier league funds coming in. Of course the obligation to buy might be on different weekly salary that we have agreed with the player.
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