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  1. For what it's worth , I enjoyed yesterday's match , especially the young players. Yes I know charlpton were dreadfully & we missed chances, but we played with brio. Not sure we're out of the woods by any means, but there was something there to admire.
  2. Well that was brutal, but to be fair did we expect anything else? At least 2 players ( Britt & McNair) didn't look fit , and the rest bereft of confidence i am however worried at how much wing is struggling esp as we have no one else to give him a rest apart from kids. overran in midfield & the flanks, nothing sticking up front, a recipe for disaster. Ended up giving 2 youngsters their debuts, not a good situation to be in. personally I feel woodgates been given a duff hand , his presentation about attacking football immediately undermined by letting experienced players go & not supporting him in the market even with loans . He was always going to make mistakes being inexperienced but was not allowed an experienced back room staff. i think any manager would struggle with this squad, albeit I think someone more experienced should have been taken on given the magnitude of the task.
  3. Hence offer Fletcher as bait for Woodrow- he did well there a few years ago. It would mean taking quite a hit on Fletcher's fee , but I think we going to have to anyway.
  4. Is Cauley woodrow worth considering? young, can score & probably more in our price range - esp if we could get them to take (say) Fletcher in exchange.....
  5. Seem to have lost my previous reply , sorry if it turns up as a double post. we 're now in the bottom 2 & so really need a win, albeit a draw will take us out of the relegation spots, which I suspect might happen. its hard for woodgate , he's not got many options, but I'd persevere with Tav as he can commit/ pressurise defenders , & play wing further forward- although it may take a few games to bear any fruit, luxury we don't really have
  6. Fine for a home game, not sure about going away before xmas
  7. Can't really claim this as one I've never seen him play , but my dad & his mates were adamant George Kinnell back in the 60s was bought but was a sunlun double agent - he apparently cost us promotion by gifting goals away left right & centre in the couple of months he was here ( hence the chant " we paid £40,000, ****ing ' ell!) from personnel memory ( not counting one or 2 game wonders) I'd name Marlon King ( nasty piece of work) phil,whelan ( why?) gestede & ricketts
  8. Not hopeful for tomorrow, usually not a good ground for us. there was a story that Bobby Murdoch took us down there in the 80's & decided that the team needed a bonding session in the hotel- numerous drinks later & following a very late night we turn up with the wrong kit (& need to borrow their reserve kit) and proceed to be hammered 6-1.At least it can't be that bad tomorrow 🙏
  9. Well it was poor. Fair play to Fulham , they defended well. Looked lively on the break towards the end, too. So what does that say about the Boro? Certainly our strikers are out of confidence & struggling badly - touch, movement and shooting all gone. tbf in the first half I thought wing did really well, pinging some lovely balls about, but we never got on the end of any crosses( well, not well). 2nd half they sat back & we looked bereft of ideas & movement. i do worry where we go from here. Strikers look lost and there's precious little confidence elsewhere in the squad - maybe give one or two youngsters a try? I'm feeling pretty pessimistic atm I'm afraid. utb!
  10. A tad unlucky today I thought, although we are seriously lacking in quality players across the squad. at the end of the day , don't expect any sympathy when your £7m sub can't convert from 3 yards
  11. Just about sums up our performance against brim, although personally I'd have given wing ( who actually tried to pass forwards) & Tav ( never stopped running) slightly higher marks.
  12. I shall be going to this one .................... & the Speedway GP straight after. May be a tad tight time wise. Going more in hope than expectation- we don't have a great record against them in recent years, plus we seem to struggle against big sides. If we can get amongst there centre backs we may have a chance. Either way, copious amounts of Tiny Rebel will be consumed! Utb!
  13. The sun is shining & it's match day! Quite excited about it as me & my lad have missed the last 2 home games due to a holiday. i think they'll be goals , hopefully we can win. I see it as a season of transition, but hopefully with more goals & excitement. utb!
  14. Away for years then back with a couple of posts... I thought the officials were poor all the way through. Not just the disallowed goals , but also the fact they let Brentford get away with blatant gamesmanship, particularly in the 2nd half. Little tricks like not allowing us to take quick free kicks, cynical fouls, play acting, & time wasting all went unpunished- canos walked the width of the pitch to go off at snails pace , when the rules now state he should've gone off at the nearest touch line. i enjoyed the first half especially, much more than just about any in the previous seasons. Utb
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