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  1. The bleeding obvious. "Middlesbrough shedding more wages by allowing Ryan Shotton to move to Wigan, and he is now in talks - Boro would ideally like to bring a forward/winger in before deadline and are looking at a number of loan options"
  2. 32Red apparently paying half of his wages. He's wearing the number 32. They announced it on their Twitter as if he'd also signed for them. Ugly side of modern football infiltrating the Championship too!
  3. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think 4 expected was confirmed before Dijksteel and so he is one of the 4.
  4. Someone else might get a go sometime, but Britt will take the next one. No reason to suggest Wingy could do it though 'cos he can hit a ball. Every player in our squad can hit a ball well enough to smash it in from 18 yards. It's entirely mental, Britt didn't seem to take the penalty seriously enough. I miss the Power Ranger that is Grant Leadbitter.
  5. Absolutely would take that if anything close to £15m. I think Dael is class but fear we might overrate him (as we were once guilty of doing to Gibbo). Painfully one-footed and I think his technical ability limits him from going for huge money. That being said, hell of a defender and would be sorely missed.
  6. Literally... We still haven't replaced bloody Albert Adomah.
  7. Yeah no ideally we would be in a position to do that. We're desperate for him, they'd happily keep him; they have the upper hand unfortunately.
  8. He's definitely no longer at the club, I heard that he has made some recovery though.
  9. Transfer fees really are far from a reflection of a player's ability. More contract situation, buyer/seller desparation etc. I think, like you say, given how desperate we are £2m isn't a disaster. Time will tell mind.
  10. Alright mate, do you normally do winner takes all? Or split between top few? Will probs join after work bud.
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