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  1. Also, Viduka's penalty claim in the UEFA cup final.
  2. Worst decision in our favour was the Chesterfield "goal" in 97
  3. When Ronaldo threw his legs into woodgate to get a penalty in the FA cup QF 2007.
  4. joined - ChampagneSuperRovers thanks
  5. Hi Raf, please could you pm mew the details and I will join in again. Thanks
  6. A lot of kids (u-11s) with free season tickets (GRFZ) will not attend night games as it is too late for a school night.
  7. I’ll start Morrison Greening David mills Bryan robson
  8. I disagree that we are an unfashionable club, we can still attract players perceived as the better players in the championship e.g. Britt, Clayton, Howson, Flint (all were quite highly rated before signing for us) and also lower level/reserve premier league players e.g Bamford, Fletcher, Randolph. And still the odd international player from abroad such as Braithwaite. I would say we still have more pulling power than so called big clubs such as Notts forest, Sheff Wed, etc... It wasn't that long ago we signed Victor Valdes and Negredo, not many "unfashionable" clubs could attract names like that. We may be a deprived area, but we have world class facilities, and some of the most sought after dwellings within an hours drive which is generally where the players would live. And we still can pay bigger wages than many of the worlds football clubs.
  9. Is it winner takes all? how many were involved last year? Thanks
  10. What about introducing a season ticket for away games, you essentially commit to every away game and the money is taken from your account automatically (similar to man utd cup tickets that ST holders have to purchase). However, as Will as stated, why would the club invest time and money into something that they wont receive any benefits from.
  11. Also - I personally don't necessarily associate boro with the white band, due to me supporting them from the heritage hampers years and my personal "highlight" years in the mid/late 90's.
  12. The white band looks better without a sponsor, unfortunately the ramsdens logo keeps spoiling it (this seasons would have been ok without the addition of "currency" ! I agree with wilson about the season with the temp sponsors was the best kit we have had in recent years.
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