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  1. I can't see anything but a fairly comfortable Denmark win.
  2. The Republic of Ireland may face Northern Ireland in the play-offs if they fail to beat Denmark, so that's fun.
  3. Gomez and Henderson off home, "injured". Would love an easier draw at the Euros, so I wouldn't play too weakened a team. But I'd still give Abraham, Maddison and Tomori starts. Get them bedded in properly. Would like Kane to continue his scoring run, but got to give other strikers a chance with qualification confirmed.
  4. My point is that England didn't even look fully comfortable against an awful scratch Montenegro side. The defense has been carved apart repeatedly in these qualifiers, and I'm sure John Stones still has nightmares about throwing away that semi-final against the Netherlands. A lot of the trouble come from needlessly playing it out from the back and inviting pressure. England's attack has been fantastic for a while now, I've not said any different, 33 goals in 7 games is brilliant, but if anything they look less secure defensively since the World Cup. I'd back England against any team at the Euros, but they're currently never comfortable even with a solid lead. They were 5-1 up against Kosovo and were practically hanging on at the end.
  5. Not rated Mount at all in this game, and it's against Sunday League injury ridden opposition.
  6. Should be bringing on Maddison, Abraham and Tomori now. The game is won, give others a chance. Woops, looks like Southgate heard me. Abraham and Maddison are coming on.
  7. The frustrating thing is, Montenegro are absolutely terrible and have still had 3 good chances to get a goal.
  8. Ronaldo may as well be shooting at an open net in training there, it's not that impressive.
  9. The defending has been poor since the World Cup, rubbish teams have profited. It's lucky our attack is fantastic.
  10. Hat trick of Assists for Chillwell, Kane continues to bang them in.
  11. Oxlade-Chamberlain scores a cracker on his start over Maddison, that'll keep me quiet.
  12. No James Maddison starting for England tonight. I'm really surprised, I thought he was an absolute shoe in with his form this season, especially with Delph, Henderson and Barkley all missing. He's one of the players who can still play for another country if he gets overlooked too, hope he comes on as a sub.
  13. Echo reporting that Stoke want Friend too, but the club are trying to tie down both Ayala and Friend to new deals. Not sure how much truth there is in that, but I find it nicer to believe than us trying to sell Ayala during a relegation battle.
  14. It's a copy and paste job from the same rubbish that was on HITC, not sure I put much stock in it.
  15. Liverpool somehow 2-0 up against Man City, VAR nowhere to be seen. They've not played particularly well for like a month. It really is there year this time.
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