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  1. Blackwell's words were: "For me, looking at it I would say two or three, maybe more, to give us that little bit of strength in depth that we need" I think it goes without saying that the management team would like more than 2-3 additions, but it probably won't happen. They'll take as many as they can. If we end the window having made 6 signings, and don't sell any players, it'll have been okay. Not a great window, but we'll have had worse.
  2. He wouldn't know either way, he's only been in the job a matter of weeks and has no connections with the club. I'd take the not sure as him personally not being sure, not an indication that a fee has or hasn't been agreed.
  3. Definitely sounds like Stojanovic from the Gazette. Apparently tested positive last week and has been isolating since, all signs point to him.
  4. Presumably so Bournemouth can't adjust their preparations to take in to account a missing player.
  5. I wonder who the Boro player that's tested positive is? Hopefully not a starter.
  6. He played a game in Thessaloniki on Tuesday night, he'll have arrived in the UK yesterday at the earliest, presuming he was already packed and ready, then he'd have to travel to Rockliffe from whichever airport he landed at, then he'd have to do a medical and all the other rigmarole. Adding to that, our club's manager has just been diagnosed with coronavirus, it was always going to be an outside bet for his signing being announced today. All of that is assuming that the deal was as far along as the Greek press made out too.
  7. Just can't see it. We've had 2 windows to sign him, when he's unwanted by the club he's at, and nothing has came of it. Been a month or so since I heard it, so I guess it may have changed with how this window is going for us, but the noises from his family were that Middlesbrough weren't interested in bringing him back either.
  8. On the surface it doesn't look great, but I suppose it's not much different to our players who lived further afield. Hour and half flight there, hour and a half flight back. Presumably once a week, I imagine he's spending most of his time here and probably stays at Rockcliffe a lot of the time. Clayton was driving back home to Harrogate after every training session and match.
  9. Got a ticket, get in there! I expect we'll be beaten but I'm so glad to be able to watch a Boro match live again.
  10. Not as far as I'm aware, though I may be wrong. Audio season passes are a separate thing.
  11. You missed no games. None of the first 3 games were covered by the streaming pass.
  12. Got no problem with this signing as long as more are along the way too.
  13. Would love to be one of the lucky 1000.
  14. Does my head in when we're linked with a player and idiots start linking the Wikipedia page and saying he's already signed because somebody's edited his page. Wikipedia has been around for nearly 20 years, you'd think people would understand how it works by now.
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