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  1. No Bola or McNair again, so another job for Peltier. I'd name an unchanged side with that in mind.
  2. Conference, against a team from Gibraltar. Not sure it'll add much to his value.
  3. Wouldn't be too unhappy with him, but I doubt he was there for us.
  4. Will we see a Boro performance worthy of a second win on the spin? You'd hope so, Blackpool are struggling and our starting 11 should be better than theirs. With Hughton sacking confirmed will Warnock target Neil Critchley and add further pressure on him? I think he'll be okay for a while yet What will be your preffered starting 11 taking into account potential injuries? If Bola isn't fit and Siliki is, I'd name an unchanged line-up. If not, then Bola in for Peltier and Payero in for Siliki. Will there be many day trippers? I doubt it, I'd expect about
  5. Alex Neil would be a decent appointment for Forest.
  6. I would guess that 2 of those key passes were the assist and the one delivery where he actually found a player with Ikpeazu's header rather than overcomplicating it.
  7. Fry certainly, but I don't think Tav had a particularly great game. One good pass for the opener, them most of his involvement in the rest of the match was him squandering set pieces.
  8. Given how little Siliki has played, I'm definitely willing to be patient with him. Last night was more football than he'd played domestically in the rest of 2021 combined. 23 minutes at Rennes and 28 minutes on Saturday. 71 minutes last night, he's bound to be a bit rusty, but he still managed as many decent passes as he made bad ones.
  9. It's not as stern a punishment as it should be, but I think it's because the EFL have struggled to indisputably pin charges down on them. That and Derby have successfully contested a lot of what they were charged with. 9 points is a hell of a lot better than the fine they were initially getting, even though it should be guaranteed relegation in a just world.
  10. Last night we had three home grown players in the squad. Plus Jones who may have only joined us 2 years ago, but he started his career here in our academy and he's came through to be a first teamer in our squad without costing us anything but wages.
  11. In a rarity for me, I'm not going to alter my opinion a jot because we've won. I think we played poorly today, and there is a lot to work on. Great goal from Sporar and gifted a second, but squandered almost every single set piece, looked shaky and a better team would possibly have punished some of our mistakes. Do feel slightly bad that we've surely cost Chris Hughton his job as he's a manager I quite liked from afar.
  12. Watmore for Hernandez. Thought Hernandez had a decent game, looks like a good signing, but that mistake from him nearly had me pulling my hair out.
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