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  1. Hopefully Cardiff beat Fulham here, would sooner they were already cemented in the play-offs when we face them.
  2. Luton winning is going to make points here potentially vital.
  3. Worst result of the 3 options, come on Huddersfield!
  4. I think a couple of teams will be virtually safe after tomorrow, hopefully we are one of them.
  5. Birmingham are in awful form, as are Bristol City. Could easily see Stoke getting 6 points there.
  6. A draw for me as it ensures Huddersfield stay beneath us if we can draw ourselves and doesn't really help Luton.
  7. Only 2 home games left and we've not won at home in 7 months. I feel like we're bound to win one of them.
  8. Not sure what world he's worth £80m in, mind. He's an overrated diver.
  9. I thought it was a strapped on ice pack to reduce the swelling on the kick he received.
  10. Their new manager would have to be appointed very quickly to actually have any impact at all, just over a day till kick-off and it's a long trip up here from Bristol, though they'd probably fly. They're already safe, so I reckon they'll wait till the end of the season so as not to risk giving the new manager a bad introduction without proper prep time. I'd hope Warnock names an unchanged side, but he's the manager and knows far more than me.
  11. I want Nigel Pearson if Warnock leaves.
  12. Your point was nearly all teams were promoted playing attacking football, mine was that it's not true. Given we're nowhere near the Premier League right now, I'm not bothered about a hypothetical situation about us struggling to stay up after promotion. Warnock can get teams promoted in the modern era, we can worry about staying promoted later.
  13. Huddersfield stayed up. Cardiff were unlucky not to stay up, robbed by the linesman against Chelsea and had a striker killed.
  14. Cardiff, Huddersfield and Middlesbrough have all been promoted in recent years without playing attacking and progressive football. Huddersfield were outright awful going forwards and went up with a negative goal difference. Not sure I'd have described Burnley as attacking and progressive, even though they scored a decent amount of goals to get promoted, they're definitely not now. Even this season, Forest could go up and they're basically the definition of a 1 chance, 1 goal win side.
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