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  1. West Brom are about to appoint Valerian Ismael from Barnsley as their manager. I'd say that could potentially be a good appointment.
  2. Who did he pick yesterday that wasn't in form, bar Harry Kane, arguably the second best striker the world?
  3. Would love Poland to win here. It'd be great for a big team that isn't England to get knocked out in the group stage.
  4. Wow, get in there! We know France are still probably going to win this, but I loved that goal.
  5. It definitely felt like that to me. The Scotland players were playing out of their skins, despite the general gulf in quality on paper, and seemed far more up for the game. Andrew Robertson looked ready to kill during the anthems. The England players didn't seem to be anywhere near as motivated. I don't know if that was down to complacency or just an off day. But it's perhaps understandable given the match means far more to Scotland, both in general and during this tournament. Their fans celebrated wildly at getting a 0-0 at Wembley, our fans booed a point that all but
  6. Can't wait for Portugal v Germany today.
  7. Pickford continues to play well for England though.
  8. Very poor England performance. I'm not surprised it ended in a draw as our games against Scotland are rarely straightforward, but I am surprised by just how badly some of the squad played. Kane has looked a shadow of his former self for England.
  9. It's not even been mentioned in the British coverage.
  10. RiseAgainst lives in Scotland, I'm sure, though he may not be Scottish.
  11. Hard to tell before our match. If England beat Scotland, it's largely irrelevant to us anyway, we're through, though a draw probably ensures Scotland can't qualify unless they beat Croatia and we beat the Czechs.
  12. They had a bug in their system which cancelled many people's orders incorrectly. Mine was before I complained. I'd give them a ring or an email to check if you were one of them.
  13. What I find funny is that Southgate rested the Champions League players in the friendlies, so they weren't overplayed, and now the media narrative is that they're desperate for game time because they haven't played since the Champions League final.
  14. Sounds like it'll be Shaw - Mings - Stones - James.
  15. Harsh result on Denmark, they deserved a draw. I love tournament football.
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