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  1. That was already the case, I'm not sure why Boro released today's statement as there's almost no new information in it.
  2. Not sure I believe any of those three clubs actually wanted him on trial.
  3. I've read that Germany is much more specific in what they class as a death from coronavirus. Having coronavirus and dying wouldn't necessarily be counted, if it could be attributed to other reasons.
  4. They'll review on the 4th, and the Euros will be moved to next summer. It's either cancelled or they'll play in May/June/July.
  5. The Euros are almost certainly going to be moved to 2021. The football calender is going to be completely out of sync for years now. It's fully understandable with this virus, even if it's sad, but then the World Cup is in December in 2022 because of corruption.
  6. If the PL cancels, I think it's inevitable the EFL will follow suit.
  7. Which is before it was announced that Arteta had contracted it. I'd not be surprised if they still ploughed ahead, but circumstances have changed again.
  8. We'll be releasing a lot of high earners in the summer, that'll be millions off the wage bill. Selling Assombalonga will be £5m+. Fry may be sold, we'll get a promotion bonus from Bamford and possibly Forshaw.
  9. Fighting to be fit, apparently, but we know how our luck is with that. Ayala is meant to be back on the grass now, but still nowhere near fit.
  10. Roberts and Fry are back. Coulson is injured. Ayala is definitely never playing for us again, this has gone on too long and there's only 9 games left.
  11. I notice Marc Bola isn't even on the bench for Blackpool tonight.
  12. Derby are safe now, so surely the EFL will feel there's no risk in deducting them 9 points.
  13. I think it's a bit strange that MFC keep pushing this "Boro Supporters Club 2020" as an independent fan group when it's clearly something the club has had a hand in organising. I'm sure there's nothing sinister about it, mind, just find it odd.
  14. I just don't see the leagues being suspended or cancelled. It's nearly over anyway.
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