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  1. Given I actually thought Dijksteel went off for Ayala, not Bola, I must have confused the two at half time and that's probably warped my judgement somewhat. But I feel like a lot of Dijksteels interceptions and recoveries in the first half were down to him losing the ball in the first place and I thought Bola was better. Either way, I'm happy to see him making the team of the week and hope he continues to kick on.
  2. Good to see, but I think it shows how unreliable the stat based WhoScores is as a judge of player. I can't believe Dijksteel was the best right back in the Championship this weekend, he was average at best for us.
  3. Football's a funny thing. I thought Bola was quite decent today, and Dijksteel was fairly poor. McNair was man of the match for me, but I'll have to see these Randolph saves back.
  4. Presumably he'll be hoping that they make it an iron clad law that you can't buy your own stadium off yourself to massage account figures in a way that circumvents FFP rules that you'd have broken without doing so. I'm sure Birmingham City would have happily side stepped their transfer embargo and 9 point deduction if they knew they just had to buy their own stadium off themselves. But I can buy that Derby have not done anything illegal when it comes to that, if it's not currently in the rules. However, if something you own is valued at £41m (probably an overvaluation in itself), I can't see how it's not illegal to then buy it yourself, through another company of your owner, for double the valuation with the sole intention of cheating the system. Fair enough if Derby had duped some idiotic outside investor and doubled their money, but they've paid themselves and it's abundantly clear why they've done it. The EFL's reputation is at an all time low right now, and this suit is bringing more negative publicity and I'm sure they'll want to be seen to be properly acting on financial impropriety after their own failure to do so led to the demise of Bury FC.
  5. Buying your own stadium for £80m when it's valued at £40m is making a mockery of FFP. Mel Morris is trying to sell Derby right now for £60m, and allegedly the club is losing £3m a month. It's a joke. Villa, Reading and Sheffield Wednesday have all done the same thing too. Gibson's not an idiot, I'm sure he's aware you can't change a season that's already passed. But you can make sure that clubs can't game the system in the future, and are potentially punished for dodgy dealings.
  6. The Times are reporting that Middlesbrough are going to sue the EFL over failing to enforce FFP properly with regards to stadium sales.
  7. Our assistant manager has just scored in Vincent Kompany's testimonial.
  8. Nothing against him, but I'd not mind if he struggled to get his spot back. It would mean Bola was actually playing well and was a solid signing.
  9. Coulson out for another 4-6 weeks. Howson and Friend out for weeks yet too. Ayala's fit and in contention.
  10. I'm assuming you just mean in that individual game because England have beaten loads of team much higher ranked than Kosovo lately. I also think that they would have been far less gung-ho against better opposition. Could have been 8-3 by the end either way.
  11. Sterling is phenomenal for England now.
  12. Edit: Never mind. Rewatched the highlights from a different angle, he knew Britt was there, I'm mistaken. Still, that doesn't change the rule.
  13. Given Moore was a fair bit away from Britt, and wasn't actually facing him, I'm not sure he really knew he was there, let alone in an offside position. I doubt he'd have headed in his path if he did, though it doesn't look like he had too much control on the direction of it. I think it's a rule that's always going to be controversial though, as you're almost always going to gain a slight advantage by being offside even if you're not active.
  14. Watching Rangers v Celtic and it is shiiiite. Absolutely no quality whatsoever from either side, and to make matters worse Celtic are winning.
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