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  1. I can't see anything in the laws that says that. It does say that an injured goalkeeper doesn't have to leave the field of play to receive treatment, and that in itself prevents play from restarting until the keeper has received treatment, but it doesn't say anything specific about goalkeeper injuries stopping play. The ref has to stop play if they deem a player to be seriously injured, but I wouldn't class stepping on someone's heel as a serious injury. Which I think is reinforced by the fact De Gea was up and about walking within a minute. It also say the ref "allows play
  2. He seems to think because he nearly blew for a non-existent foul, that the goal should be disallowed or the ref should be put before a tribunal and explain his actions. He is a strange one.
  3. I assume most neutrals do, but Alan Nixon is calling it one of the most.controversial goals in Premier League history.
  4. Even if he had known, he did nothing wrong.
  5. Then they should go under. I don't mind if their deadline to pay the debt is extended, but it shouldn't be written off.
  6. Don't want them to go under, and I hope they avoid liquidation, but their all of their debt should be paid in full.
  7. I forgot he played for us in the cup, so it was definitely the right decision to recall him early and try and get him up to speed.
  8. Happy birthday! I hope it's a good one.
  9. Gestede refused to play beyond his actual contract, which whilst a bit *** I can understand, Warnock sent him home before it actually ran out. He started in Woodgate's last game. I had no problem with Gestede being sent home early, I just find the clash with his comments on Quest funny.
  10. Hahahah. I'd forgotten the Gestede quotes, that's even funnier. "When you needed him, he was good". Warnock enters the Boro job in a relegation battle and his first act is to say "*** off, Gestede".
  11. I'm struggling to find it right now, because every search is coming out with Warnock's comments on loaning him out. It wasn't excessive praise or anything, but he definitely commented on how he'd have loved a player like Wing. I've got a feeling it was the period between being sacked by Cardiff and hired by us, where he did punditry on Sky Sports.
  12. Trying to find the quotes now, but it was either as a pundit or when he was Cardiff manager saying he'd love a player like Lewis Wing.
  13. It's possible. But then Warnock was raving about Wing before he became our manager, yet had no interest in him when he was actually here and able to use him. Don't get me wrong, I'd love Wing to come back and prove himself again, I would just be surprised given he's struggling in League 1.
  14. Yeah, I'd be shocked if Wilder wanted to look at Wing given how poor the reviews have been of his performances from Sheffield Wednesday.
  15. He really needs to improve on that.
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