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  1. Fully deserved, I can now say we were robbed of 3 points.
  2. We've been robbed of at least a point today, and it's our season over, but I think we've played well today and I cannot see Swansea going up on the two games they've played against us.
  3. Great ball from Johnson.
  4. So you are blaming him for the goal? We had 4 attacking players on the bench and every one of them is on the pitch now. We did score too.
  5. We've scored and had a certain goal saved on the line by their keeper. It's only two chances, but it's still more than they've had.
  6. We've been the better team throughout, and have had a goal wrongly ruled out. Can't really blame Warnock for their goal, defensive shambles.
  7. Cannot think of a Swansea chance except for that shambles they scored from.
  8. Bolasie played well, should have had an assist. Kebano on for him.
  9. Utter *** of a referee, he watched the whole thing too.
  10. Two matches in a row that Swansea have stolen goals by refereeing decisions.
  11. Absolutely no idea what the referee has blown for there, should be 1-1.
  12. Massive deflection is an exaggeration too. It pushed it closer to Bettinelli than it would have been without the touch.
  13. You can argue it was Bola's ball and Howson caused an issue, but that was a shocking header by Bola even accounting for the nudge.
  14. I knew it would happen, undeserved and out of nothing. Shocking defending, shocking keeping.
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