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  1. BBC Tees have just uploaded their segment, so I suspect the club will upload the whole thing soon.
  2. It's not just us though, which was my point. Our next away match in a currently Tier 2 area is Wycombe on the 2nd of January, that will possibly be Warnock's first match in front of fans this season if there's no drop in tiers elsewhere.
  3. Obviously dependent on the 16th of December review, but none of the Middlesbrough matches, home or away, will be in front of fans next month.
  4. I'd play an unchanged side, and I'd be quietly confident of getting something from this. I'll be basking in last night's result until then.
  5. In fairness, both the BBC and Sky Sports reports make it sound like Derby were the better team before we scored, and Anglian didn't watch. Not sure how they got that from match, but the reports do make it seem like Derby made more of a game of it. I think that Sibley chance was the only time I really feared they'd score.
  6. Sounds like Grant Hall may be out for a while again, given Warnock said they'd have news on his condition on Friday.
  7. Rooney is surely retiring this season. If he's not taking a set piece, he's useless. He was the exact same last season in the 2-2 draw.
  8. Leeds, Bamford hat trick, wasn't it? Double checked, it was Sheffield United at the start of the 18/19 season.
  9. I love how Maddo really hates this one fan called Gadge, hahaha. He calls him out every week now.
  10. Immensely satisfied tonight, barring about 25 minutes of the match we've been dominant and good value for the win.
  11. I'm not even sure how it works because they're all co-coaches. Can Rooney veto Rosenoir and Given trying to take him off?
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