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  1. He'll have to settle down in Redcar or Saltburn, none of the north of the Tees nonsense.
  2. Players I'd accept us selling this window without a replacement: Clayton and Gestede Players I'd accept us selling with a replacement: Assombalonga, Johnson and Shotton I'd keep everyone else because our squad is very thin as is and we're heavily reliant on academy players plugging the gaps now.
  3. Because I didn't mean Monday, I meant the end of the month. Woodgate has said the 29th in previous interviews, he said Monday last night, and he's been far from accurate in a lot of his previous injury updates.
  4. Again, Monday is near the end of the month.
  5. Monday's the 27th, to be fair. He'd said they'd be back in full training on the 29th in a previous interview. Then the 10 days with U23 games. I used three weeks as shorthand. I don't expect it to be as simple as they play two U23 games and are then raring to go either.
  6. Woodgate says they're still another 3 weeks away from being back in the squad. Back in full training by the end of the month, then U23s football to ease them back to full fitness.
  7. Dijksteel is out for another couple of Months. Friend and Shotton should be back in general training by the end of the month, and will play with the U23s to ease them back to fitness. Assombalonga should be available for Blackburn. Roberts and Fry have tight hamstrings, Woodgate seemed to be less concerned than I was about their injuries. Coulson has food poisoning.
  8. Very glad we brought Nmecha in, who I thought looked good last night, means we'll see less of Gestede when everyone's fit. I thought Gestede would finally have a good spell after playing very well against Preston, but he was atrocious against Fulham and that free header with his first touch last night just typifies him. He's never got a header on target for us.
  9. We need a CB now. Nathan Wood by himself isn't enough. We should also tie Ayala down but he'll be out for a month.
  10. I've just watched the Tav incident on replay, I'm absolutely baffled that the ref didn't deem that a foul. Even if he hadn't been knocked out by the second Birmingham player's elbow, he was completely wiped out by the first. Pathetic.
  11. Absolutely they should, and the sheer size of our injury list should call their effectiveness in to question too.
  12. It's up to the officials to prevent a player with a head injury from coming back on. Tav clearly felt he could continue, and I'm sure Woodgate didn't want us to go down to 10 men. Just another example of bad officiating to let him back on.
  13. Lucky the ref couldn't win it for them.
  14. Is there anyone on the pitch not injured?
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