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  1. Jones, Brynn and Hemming have all had successful loans recently.
  2. Yeah, he's not looked great for us when he had played. But I'd still seen him as the next in line and was expecting him to start slotting in now and again in the near future.
  3. That's a shame if true, but he's done nothing to justify starting for us yet and plenty of defenders wouldn't have even have made a senior appearance yet at his age. Disappointed if he's kicked off about a lack of game time at 19.
  4. We'd probably get decent money from Bournemouth, at least.
  5. There's the account that made it.
  6. It's not, it's somebody's concept art off twitter. I'd be pleased if it was similar to that though.
  7. Proper collar and a white band and I'll be a happy chappy.
  8. They've both been back at the club for a while though. Coulson since April, Hemming not long after. I still think it's just a glitch, they're not going to be accidentally hinting at anything through the club website. Peltier, Bamba and Taylor are all 100% leaving and they're still accessible.
  9. 6th in the form table since he took over with Granada in 17th. Sadly the team 5th in the form table was Mallorca who were 18th when he took over. Did well with results despite the relegation. Missing a penalty and hitting the post in a 0-0 draw to send you down is going to sting.
  10. They went to Scotland in 2020, when they were limited because of Covid. They went away to Portugal in 2019 and 2018, Spain in 2017 and 2016.
  11. I think that might just be a site bug. There are players on that squad list that we know for certain are leaving that are still accessible.
  12. Surely people can see Changing Times was being sarcastic 😂
  13. I'm just hoping there's definitely a white band. We've had a sash, pinstripes, and a belt in recent years. I actually didn't mind the sash, but the other two were pants.
  14. I do appreciate your point and I think you're right, but PSG lost the league last season and City did 2 seasons ago. It's harder, but it's not impossible. Lille won the league and I couldn't name a single one of their players.
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