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  1. Won't pretend I know anything about him, could be decent though. I enjoy seeing us ticking off nationalities with signing, definitely the first Israeli. Would he be our first signing from an Asian club since Lee Dong Gook?
  2. Horrible semi final. Qatar v Red Bull.
  3. If we're signing defensive players on frees, it might mean we'll spend more on attacking players.
  4. MFC uploaded training photos today. A poster on Twitter noticed Gibson in the background of one of the photos, that picture was then mysteriously removed. It has absolutely nothing to do with the Gazette. The interesting thing is that they're now covering up that he's training with us, not that he's training with us.
  5. You'd think the 12 point deduction and donkey manager would make Sheffield Wednesday less appealing to Murphy the second time.
  6. The story is that they've deleted the photos that he was in, even though it was only in the distant background, not that he was in photos. There's clearly more to it as they were happily publicising it in January.
  7. Would be very happy with Jacob Murphy, just like I would have been in every other window.
  8. Definitely suspicious that Gibson is there and training but they don't want photographic evidence of the fact. Unless we're getting him fit for a Norwich move.
  9. He didn't really have many other options, to be fair. Both Coulson and Johnson are poor defenders, but there was nobody else to play at left back.
  10. Happy with that, he deserves credit for sticking it out after his contract ended and I'm hoping he'll play a successful part for us this season. If not, it's only a year deal.
  11. Whoops, mixed up with when they fly to Cornwall.
  12. Probably, most of the players don't return to training for another 2 weeks. I don't think we'll make 6 signings in the next 2 weeks though, so it's going to be an issue but it is every season. Bar last year almost every club has signed players after the season has started.
  13. Good, means we can't sign someone who I'm almost certain would have been a big flop.
  14. Hugill, Maddison, Gibson/Goode, and then find a left back and another wide player and job done.
  15. https://www.facebook.com/OfficialQPRFC/videos/1317879525268007/ Some good goals in that mix, and it doesn't include the one against us. Bring him home, it's time for round two.
  16. Took them 2 months to win the appeal, the next season starts in a month. I don't think they'll bother. I suppose it helps us to have a minimum of 4 wins advantage on 1 team already.
  17. You joke, but he's better than Moore and I actually would have him back. Get him to cut out the diving and he fits the bill.
  18. I'd be happy with Sam Cosgrove but for the fact he's injured. Probably not the most popular up at Aberdeen right now after being part of the pub scandal. Aberdeen tried to sell him for £2m earlier, but he wouldn't move to China. Yorkshire lad, so Middlesbrough shouldn't put him off too much.
  19. No Moore, and doesn't sound like Goode is signing any time soon.
  20. Ah well, I wanted Moore. Lets see what other things are in the fire.
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