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  1. Barring the win against Fulham, which I suppose is a big bar, Barnsley have been in bad form. I think people are overegging them based on one result.
  2. My first away game of the season, should be a good atmosphere, it's a potentially decisive fixture and after the dust has settled from Saturday's shower of ***, I'm looking forward to it. It's vital for both teams that they win, even we should be able to score against Barnsley, though holding on to the lead is less certain. But we should have been able to score against Luton too, and didn't even manage a shot on target. Woodgate will be on very thin ice with the fans.
  3. I will say, as much as I dislike Braithwaite, I absolutely understand him leaping at the opportunity to play for Barcelona. It's the first, and likely only big club he'll play for. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to play for them, even if they release him in the summer. Twice moving from here to a tiny club like Leganes was not that opportunity.
  4. That doesn't really make it any less bizarre. Negredo managed 9 for us, I wouldn't expect him to have signed for Chelsea on the back of that in the same season. I get it's because he was the cheapest option available to them, but it's a ridiculous situation.
  5. Ings and Crouch were banging them in. Braithwaite has managed 6.
  6. Imagine if Liverpool suddenly signed Troy Deeney from Watford, it's that sort of signing.
  7. Sad thing is, even if we have this 25% sell on fee, we've still not made our money back on him. I'm inclined to believe the sell on fee will be the lower end anyway, but he was such a poor signing and sale by the club.
  8. Not really. Most clubs don't share owners with 5 other teams, we'd be part of the Red Bull franchise. The City Group is worse, because of the disgusting human rights abuses, but even ignoring that I find the idea of people and companies owning multiple clubs very off putting.
  9. Wouldn't be Middlesbrough though, it'd be Red Bull.
  10. I'd sooner the club lost out on £4m and he was relegated with Leganes, honestly dislike him so much.
  11. Would absolutely hate if Red Bull took us over. No interest in being a string on the bow of a global brand.
  12. That'll teach me to only look at the front 3.
  13. It's a shame Browne has lost his place at Oxford, wonder what caused it.
  14. At home. We were embarassed away from home that same season, so you never know.
  15. It's the other way around, Sheffield Wednesday are the club that are most in trouble, Derby are the side show. Not heard anything more on Derby recently, but there was a little thing the other day about other EFL clubs wanting the harshest punishment for Sheff Wed. Birmingham weren't deducted points till late March last season, so I suppose we'll see next month.
  16. Monk has achieved nothing as a manager, and his implosion with Leeds was just as bad as what Pulis managed here. If they give a full points deduction, there's a very real chance he could take Sheffield Wednesday down if he's not sacked first.
  17. Ravel Morrison is off to play for Jamaica for the first time next month, he might actually get some game time.
  18. As well as he's done there, and it's always been good to see, he wouldn't have done it here. Our club saps goals from all players.
  19. I'm a big fan of the 2010/11 kit, before it was blighted by the green Ramsdens sponsor. Last season's was brilliant too. A lot of the older kits were too baggy for my liking.
  20. No idea how we're still 6 points clear after this horrible run.
  21. I dashed to the toilets during their goal as well, so I missed the only moment of quality in the whole game.
  22. Scrape together a few draws and a win, hope the teams below us drop points and pray Sheffield Wednesday and Derby get huge points deductions.
  23. At least Browne and Bola will be able to help the squad transition to the demands of League One.
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