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  1. It was one of those games where a draw felt like a loss to me. Enjoyable game to watch though. Really felt like we could have nicked it. Oh well. Onto Brentford...
  2. Heading up from the Brighton area for this one. I am hoping for an exciting game which we can nick something from. 2-1 to the mighty Boro.
  3. I’m going with a 2–1 to the mighty boro, It won’t be a pretty game but I think we will get the result.
  4. Just an update to say the NordVPN worked a treat. This an absolute game changer for a southern fan!
  5. That was quite an enjoyable game, very happy with the result. While it was only a 1-0 victory i don't think there was any doubt (other than maybe the last 15) that we were going to win. Overall we were the better side. You can see us getting better and better each week. I am looking forward to the tougher games as i genuinely believe that we will rise to the occasion.
  6. So far i am more than happy with his run. We are more exciting to watch and you can clearly see his vision and passion. If it wasn't for a few bad refereeing decisions we could have been towards the top of the table, although you can dwell on those moments or blame them for our position. Overall i feel like we have been revitalised and even with a mid table finish this season i am more than happy with the progression and growth that we have seen. Realistically speaking anything above 10th i would be happy with this season, but next year i think we will be strong contenders for automatic promotion.
  7. Nice one mate, i will look into this as well. I live at the bottom of the map so getting to home games is borderline impossible without planning and a good bit of cash. I always try to get to the away games within 3 hours from here though.
  8. Nice one man, I will check that out! How reliable is NordVPN when streaming from the boro website?
  9. Not too sure if this is allowed here so feel free to delete/move this post. Has anyone got any experience using ExpressVPN or NordVPN? If so which is the best for streaming through the Boro website? My apologies if this isn't allowed here.
  10. Questions: 1) Result? 3-1 to the mighty Boro. Assomabalonga to bang 2 in and Fletcher to get one. I think we will go 1 down quite early on. 2) Preferred back 4 to start this game? Dijksteele...Ayala...Fry...Bola 3) Do you consider Reading to be relegation candidates this year? No i think they will finish mid table.
  11. Toughest game of the season so far but i think we will rise to the occasion and pull a 2-1 victory!
  12. Traveled all the way from Bognor Regis for this one with the misses, let’s hope the team put in the same effort!
  13. I’m up for that! Anybody got Woody’s number? ?
  14. hanks for the heads up haha I went to The Den for the opening game last season so i sort of know what to expect ? Haha Hopefully although i don't mind a bit of that...Passion and frustration sometimes go hand in hand ?
  15. Thank you for the warm welcome! I'm looking forward to getting involved with the match day threads ? Brilliant mate, i will definitely look at sitting in that section then, absolutely buzzing for it.
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