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  1. First of, thanks Red Rocket for the stream I really appreciate it Now while our defence looked pretty woeful tonight and Stojanovic is god awful. I was definitely entertained by tonight’s game and it’s been a long time since I’ve come away from a boro game and felt that. If we can iron out our defensive issues and never play Stojanovic again, I feel like we are serious contenders for the playoffs. Attacking wise we are definitely a threat and we haven’t seen that since before Pulis. Really excited for for the game next Friday and I have every confidence we have the abili
  2. Selfishly i really hope they let this weekends fixtures continue as i am heading up from Brighton to Boro for my birthday this weekend to watch the Swansea game...... If worst comes to it, i guess a day full of beers and parmos will suffice.
  3. Definitely the best and most level headed response to all of this, that i have seen.
  4. Cheers for the suggestion, i ended up there after the Millwall game last time i was in Boro, beautiful weather and great atmosphere! Will probably check it out again after the game on Saturday. Ahh thats no concern, not really into the fancy stuff anyway, just a nice cold pint will do! Thanks for the suggestion. I have just realised i posted this in the complete wrong thread Heading to Central Park for a birthday Parmo on Friday night, absolutley buzzing for it haha
  5. Sorry if this isn't allowed here. I am heading up to Boro for my birthday this weekend (I live in the Brighton area) and was wondering what the best pubs are on match day? I'm staying at the Jurys Inn, so some where in that area would probably be best!
  6. You're completely right there. I forgot that Roberts should be back. I'd defo have him on the bench and give him some minutes this weekend.
  7. The past 2 games we have definitely looked better. I am hoping we can carry the little bit of momentum we have into the Swansea game and pick up 3 points. I'm heading to the Riverside for my birthday from the Brighton area this weekend. I'm just hoping the team put in the same effort on the pitch that i am putting in attending the game!
  8. Fantastic result and great day out! A lot of positives to take from this game. Could have easily been 3 up by half time. I'm hoping Woodgate keeps the squad the same for this Saturday.
  9. You're 100% right, any team that relies on a single player to maybe get them over the line , should probably be relegated. I'm an optimist at heart and i don't genuinely believe we should be this low in thew table , so my thinking is if we can survive this (By any means necessary), then hopefully we can build on that next year. I understand there are a lot of "ifs" in my statement, but a man can dream, aye?
  10. It's not that i expect him to drag the other team mates along, more that he was creating chances and really pushing forward. With the fine margins we are dealing with, that extra push is all it takes to get us over that line. He isn't a saviour but he's a damn good edition to the team.
  11. Agreed. He looked fantastic in the games he played for us. On that note does anybody have an update on his injury status? When can we expect him back?
  12. I'm predicting a 2-0 victory to the mighty Boro. Some says i'm too optimistic but thats all i've got left to cling on to my sanity! Buzzing for the game this weekend. Like i mentioned in the other Charlton thread, its been god knows how many years since me and my dad have last been to a game together and one of the very first games he took me to was Charlton away. Buzzing to return that favour 20 years later. As its been a fair few years since i've been to The Valley, does anyone have any recommendations of where to have a drink beforehand? I've also seen that there's no trains into
  13. It's clear we are not in a good predicament, but i do feel like our table position makes the reality seem worse than it is. 22nd is bad, but we are only 5 points away from being 17th and we still have to play 3 of those teams. Out of the teams we are in competition with i feel like we have the easiest run (I know that no match is an easy match in the Championship). Not only that, i believe we are the better team out of everyone at the bottom. The optimist in me thinks we will get an 18th placement by the end of the season. The pessimist thinks a close 21st. Regardless, i am
  14. I'm not from London but often go there for matches and social events. It depends on how much you intend on using the tube. For myself it works much better to use my contactless debit card at the gates as it only charges the distance between where you got on and got off (although i'm not sure how this works with children), not only that, its much quicker than having to queue up for a ticket or risk losing your tickets. Just make sure you remember to scan out when leaving otherwise you will be charged the maximum fare. If you plan on travelling around London quite a bit i would recomme
  15. If you could choose 2 forwards from any previous Boro season in history and add them to our squad for the rest of this season who would you choose? I'd bring back the Yak and chuck Viduka up there with him.
  16. Coulson was insane and Gestede did everything he needed to. While this draw felt like a loss, i can't be furious at team, there is just no point, we are in this situation now and the club needs us all to stick together. I know that every game in the championship is a hard game, but arguably this was the hardest game on paper that we have left. If we can pick up a win at Charlton this weekend that should take us out of the relegation. Looking at the last 10 games, we don't have any of the top teams. I am hoping/praying that we can get out of this.
  17. My Dad was Boro born but moved down south when he was 18. One of the very first games he took me to was Charlton away and now 20 years later i am returning the favour, Absolutely buzzing for the game since our first together in years!
  18. It was one of those games where a draw felt like a loss to me. Enjoyable game to watch though. Really felt like we could have nicked it. Oh well. Onto Brentford...
  19. Heading up from the Brighton area for this one. I am hoping for an exciting game which we can nick something from. 2-1 to the mighty Boro.
  20. I’m going with a 2–1 to the mighty boro, It won’t be a pretty game but I think we will get the result.
  21. Just an update to say the NordVPN worked a treat. This an absolute game changer for a southern fan!
  22. That was quite an enjoyable game, very happy with the result. While it was only a 1-0 victory i don't think there was any doubt (other than maybe the last 15) that we were going to win. Overall we were the better side. You can see us getting better and better each week. I am looking forward to the tougher games as i genuinely believe that we will rise to the occasion.
  23. So far i am more than happy with his run. We are more exciting to watch and you can clearly see his vision and passion. If it wasn't for a few bad refereeing decisions we could have been towards the top of the table, although you can dwell on those moments or blame them for our position. Overall i feel like we have been revitalised and even with a mid table finish this season i am more than happy with the progression and growth that we have seen. Realistically speaking anything above 10th i would be happy with this season, but next year i think we will be strong contenders for automatic
  24. Nice one mate, i will look into this as well. I live at the bottom of the map so getting to home games is borderline impossible without planning and a good bit of cash. I always try to get to the away games within 3 hours from here though.
  25. Nice one man, I will check that out! How reliable is NordVPN when streaming from the boro website?
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