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  1. Typical, the only three goals in the Championship tonight are three we didn't want.
  2. It's Boro - crap against Wigan, Luton and Barnsley and we'll win tonight. That or we really are that bad and we'll get hammered and be playing League One next season.
  3. Well, it will be a nice day out and....i'm not sure how much money a replay will earn, but it saddens me we have to think about a few extra pence.
  4. No, but like I say, it's ingrained and i'd imagine we'd be doing this versus Tooting and Mitcham as well. I understand it today, however I fear this will still happen week in week out in the Championship.
  5. Come on Lukas - time to be a hero! We're on a great run, but sitting back, defending too deep is still ingrained.
  6. They'll still beat Everton 😆 Klopp said he only had 12 players or something. I guess they have bigger fish to fry after 30 years and Klopp is taking nothing for granted despite the huge lead.
  7. 0-0 and a good 0-0 for us. 4 wins seems to have given us a little more confidence as you would expect. Think we may be giving Spurs too much reespect, but understandable given their standing in the Premier League compared to our current situation.
  8. Going back a couple of days, delighted to get Roberts in on loan. Nmecha is lesser known, but at least we have done early business, rather than wait until deadline day. It gives us another 4 weeks to focus on other targets. Don't want Randolph to go, but at the right price we should let him go. We have Pears who has come through now, and although he's not at Randolph's level yet, it makes good financial sense to sell Randolph if the money is too good to turn down. It's the same with Britt, although i'd like an experienced/proven replacement in.
  9. Wow, Spurs playing possibly the best they have available - maybe Mourinho fears us 😂 Nice to see Roberts in the side, and hopefully Nmecha comes on. Realistically we won't win the cup, but this is an important game for those two to get some action ready for the league.
  10. Hopefully. This is Boro though, we've been kicked many times before, and at times this season we've woefully underperformed. Let's hope the last four games lifts spirits and we add some new blood in the right areas in this window.
  11. I'd be surprised, but pleased if Roberts came here. I think he's better than Championship, so it will be a coup.
  12. I don't know what the players Christmas Dinner was, but they need it every pre-match meal. Two fantastic results. Let's just hope it's not because the transfer market is here and in February they'll go back to type. 4 in a row and suddenly we are nearer the playoffs than the relegation zone, points wise. It's a funny old game.
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