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  1. I don’t think Netflix make it per se, or at least not on their own. It airs on starz in the USA so plenty of boobies, violence and bad language. It’s a pretty good show although I think it’s ending at the right time rather than dragging out another season. Its about inner workings of a crime gang and their cat and mouse game with the law, their suppliers and each other.
  2. AsheAshe

    A bit of fun

    I feel like your best chance has to be 11x a goalscoring defender as will stop the goals going in as well as getting them scored, so Ayala, or Flint but not for us.
  3. I think with what we have spent mid-table would probably be a result. Wonder if that would make it more possible to retain Randolph/ Britt / fry etc or if the result would persuade them to be off
  4. Compare that to this one from Norton...
  5. I'm in the so-so camp at the moment - I think its too early to be genuinely worried, but at the same time need some positive signs (few wins would help) and I think some of our new signings haven't yet come good - but the ones that people moaned about most of last season (McNair, Fletcher) have shown positive signs themselves - so given time to gel and bed in, hopefully some good progress. Be interesting to see how we do against some of the heavy hitters in the league.
  6. Stoked for this - hopefully it can continue the story without diminishing the legacy of one of the best TV shows ever made (IMO)
  7. yep, agree with that - we've definitely been set up in a way that has not been conducive to goals - Britt has got them for us each season he has played but other players contributions have not really added up - Saville was our top scoring non-striker last season with 4 goals - if you look at the top scorers of teams that do well, its usually a prolific striker or two and then lots of other players chipping in with goals and thats what we are missing really. I can see Britt getting 15+, fletcher getting 10ish, McNair got 5 for sunderland in half a season so like to think he can at least match that? Beyond that its tough to guess who is going to get more than a couple.
  8. Power returns to Netflix tomorrow - 6th & final season, although 50 Cent has said the spinoff will air 48 hours after the show's finale. The first episode has aired already via the mobile app but starts properly tomorrow. Well worth checking out if you haven't watched it, and if you do like it, Amazon Prime has a great show called The Startup with Martin Freeman.
  9. Restaurant, something you knocked up, crap paramo in a bun at the boro ground....whatever. Went to the Buck Inn in Sadberge last night. Mrs got sucked in by their instagram photos. Tried a mozzarella stick parmo as I was going o get them as a starter and decided to kill two birds with one stone. came looking like something a student had made. I know places will take good photos for instagram but plate and presentation of the entire meal was 100% different it was laughable! Wish I took a photo of it now, as I looked it up on Instagram as we left and the presentation was 100% different. Attached the insta photo, and then one that's been posted to their FB page and I'd say even that was generous. Anaemic chips, bland parmo (I know they're hardly a delicacy), and to cap it all off a wasp was harassing us so I had to trap the sod int he ketchup bowl, so he was raging at me throughout the meal. Service was slow AF. I should have read the warning signs when we pulled up and it said on the menu "Check out the George pub & grill in Stockton" and they share a website so probably not the best start given it had a 1* rating for ages and pretty much try and get in the news/unilad/ladbible all the time with shock tactics (punch your ex for a parmo, 3000cal meals etc). Checked Scores on the Doors and this place at least had a 5*. In terms of quality overall I would say 2/5, and thats feeling generous. Insta: Reality: Our friend:
  10. But most of the cited examples he was probably played as a lone striker in a defensive setup and picking the ball up too deep. Lots of strikers will fluff chances. I just disagree with this line that Britt only scores against poor teams - even when he scores against a team that finishes higher up its caveated that they were in poor form at the time, like that mnatters? Looking at his last few seasons last season he scored goals against Bristol (8th) Hull (13th) West Brom (4th) despite many sub appearances. Season before that Derby(6th) & Millwall (8th). Season before that a double against Reading (3rd) , season before that he was injured, before that Bournemouth (1st) Derby in both legs (8th), norwich (3rd) Wolves (7th) Birmingham in both legs (10th). But none of this matters because the opposition is the one in front of you not the one that finishes weeks, or even months, in a different league position He gets, but even if it did the above shows he can and does score against teams that finish well and scores goals when he plays - who else do we have that is getting goals? Fletcher is getting some, but remains to be seen if he is going to be consistent.
  11. He will get goals if played right. I don't really get the obsession with charting league performance of who he scores against. Scoring goals get you points no matter who they are against. He isn't a lone striker, and shouldn't be played as one. He also had a lot of games last season where he was subbed early or came on as a sub, so that will have impacted his opportunities to score goals.
  12. Great one from Reddit recently; If you were surprise about Jeffrey Epstein committing suicide recently, imagine how he must have felt.
  13. Old thread, but if anyone comes across it.. Kodi is essentially a media player program which was repurposed via add-ons to stream illegal content. IMO it is poor at this, but easy to use for many which is why it got so much attention. When it comes to playing locally stored media from a server or a hard drive, its excellent at creating a library and being a user friendly GUI to access that content. Nowadays with VPNs being needed and other complexities, most people will opt for an IPTV subscription if you want to stream things. Very rare we watch broadcast TV though and its compressed to hell and back which doesn't cut it for me. Use an Nvidia Shield hooked up to a HP Microserver which is old as the hills - from 2011 I think - that has 4x2TB HD's in it, and runs software that automatically scrapes Usenet for the TV shows and movies I've told it to. It uses a quality profile to get things in a specific order, and if it grabs a lower quality release like a 1080p movie, and a 4k one is later released, it will d download it and delete the older copy. Best system for me as can get uncompressed 4k UHD movies with the 5.1/7.1/atmos sound tracks preserved. I've got a thumping atmos 5.1.2 setup with a 500w subwoofer so having good audio is important Nowhere near as easy as using Kodi but once it is setup its largely set and forget and never have to interact with it except to add or remove things.
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