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  1. I'm sure that the appearances only includes starts because we kept putting downing on the sub bench didnt we?
  2. Rob is at least now making a new site.
  3. It’s because people kept mentioning here, Rob won’t want anyone knowing there’s a functioning alternative anytime it goes down, which is regularly. I know Rob has been exploring solutions as he’s asked me a few questions about technology but this is stuff that should be sorted out in a weekend not paralysis by analysis and Committee, which Seems fmttm is always hounded by their weird ownership structure. he needs to strike out on his own but can only assume he is tied into fansonline
  4. Because someone mentioned it? Just stating that I heard something about it, but that I'm not going to betray the trust in which it was told as its not my place to do so, if its not in the minutes its down to the members of the forum and the applicants to discuss. Outside of 'issue' my understanding is that the membership was supported despite that, so I can only assume that the form was either accidentally or purposefully not submitted. I would assume also that the OneBoro rep was advised of the process, but don't know if it was their responsibility to do it or just to represent at the forum 🤷‍♂️
  5. It's not really my place to say & I only have one side of it so I'm not going to stir any drama.
  6. Well I did hear a bit of goss about it but was sworn to secrecy 👨‍🎤
  7. I'd pay good money for an iOS port of Mega-Lo-Mania
  8. Easy to say its not worth it but the problem is theres other groups going like MSS, FMTTM etc that "represent" the fans and without being at that table, a lot of fans wouldn't be represented. Realistically any site or group with a major presence should be represented. This new supporters group 2020 has no social media presence i can find and the link on the boro forum website takes you to the boro forum website listing for them,. Rainbow reds has 44 members on facebook. its a bit silly really. About the application process though, i presume someone was actually told of the process?
  9. The only thing this place needs IMO is more members. It could be an idea to try and cross-promote with one of the big social media based sites like Everything MFC or Boro Banter Page to get them to put a post out, in return for example putting a front-page story up each time EMFC do a podcast etc - it would be additional content for the front page a well as driving people to here.
  10. Britt would fetch more than £6m. he has scored 14 for forest then 2 seasons of 15+ for us and has 6 this season. He has his downsides, but he is only 26 and if he can score 15 goals in defensively set up team like ours was the last 2 seasons, or 6 in the shower we've been this season, he is obviously going to give a positive goal return. I think if we paired him with the right player and had the right supportive players he would get more. As it stands, he will miss loads with no-one to mop them up a bit like Rhodes did (ironically it was Gestede profiting off the ones where Rhodes didn't put them away for blackburn)
  11. Fairly tidy deconstructed beef wellington I had in a village near Northallerton yesterday. Ah
  12. Anyone got it? My girlfriend wants me to do some caulking today, the only way I can get out of it is if I can say I've got a hot new game I need to get into. Decisions decisions! It looks amazingly well done but the gameplay seems to be polarising people. Can possibly pick it up at a discount in a few weeks time, but then I've got to fill the gap left by completing Borderlands 3. I've tried getting into Borderlands 2 but its hard to go back from the obvious advancements that BL3 made on the franchise (didn't play the others originally)
  13. Not afraid to say I like a bit of Downton abbey haha...I'll be giving this a download when its out as I miseducating it at the cinema.
  14. I wanted this to be great but thought it was just "OK" - massive BB fan but despite some great cinematography at times, I thought this didn't really live up the expectations that would go with continuing such a big story like this.
  15. The legacy posts will come up in search rankings though so even if its unused, as long as it is out of the way its beneficial to still have it there.
  16. I think user engagement is a key metric. if people can't be bothered to move between sections, then they might still end up derelict. As an example, there is now a section for "All Things Non-Boro" and this section is "Boro forum"...but there is still a sticky thread in here for Music, Films and TV series. Thats a fairly broad catch-all topic too that takes all conversations on those mediums into one place, which might not pique someones interest. Then there is another one for "All things non-football" - both these seem to be at odds with the restructure. When discussing having non-boro football and football in the same forum - or even all content in the same forum - the chief measure I would be looking at is the oldest date of pages on the front page. As it stands, there are 5 topics that have not been updated since October 22nd which is 7 days, then a bunch that are 6 days old. To me, that suggests that conversation is just not fluid enough at present to support many subsections, and by dividing it up you keep a line of separation but you also put off potential people from getting stuck in - and anyone viewing the forum for the first time will see old threads on the forum and think that it does not get posted on much. I don't think there should be multiple topics on the same subject, but that also doesn't mean that every topic relating to TV series goes into the same pot either imo. I think when you get to the point where all of the posts on the front page have posting activity that day then it starts to make sense to have specific sections to diverge as that stops content getting lost amongst other parts. Until then, its over-dividing it.
  17. I think it's fine with strong moderation. I love getting involved in a debate, but debates about brexit rapidly become "you're thick, you're moaning, you're racist" etc. Which is usually true half the time but still, doesn't get you anywhere in a debate! That animosity then follows people around too and breaks out in other threads, which is what you get at FMTTM with people having vendettas. And yeah I agree with this. I think majority of people visiting a forum would probably just want it all in one place. Once you get to having several thousand members you would absolutely want to split it out because the number of topics being posted are high and that content will get mixed up, but while its building up (which I would say is the phase that OneBoro is in) you want as little separation as possible and I think having all the football stuff in one place (Boro and Non Boro) and then everything else in the General forum (there is an argument for everything just going in one place too, but I think the above is the best approach)
  18. Two months ago I started a poll, be interesting to see now that Woody has had 2 months of games under his belt how people feel about him.
  19. is there enough non-bono football for its own sub section? I know there is a massive thread on it, wouldn't that make sense to just have it as a sticky in the boro forum, or just have it as Football Chat and General? It could evolve into a subform dedicated towards that, but what I would suggest you want to avoid is having people have to switch sections too often as thats how stuff falls by the wayside. As forums grow subsections become a natural byproduct because it gets too busy to have those conversations all in one place, so if the "football" section grew too busy and too many non-boro threads taking place then by all means, but presently the boro section doesn't have a huge amount of active topics in it either so by splitting it you divide your audience.
  20. Fully support this. There isn’t enough traffic in tbe sub forums to warrant their own forum and feedback I’ve seen says people would rather have an all-in-one general section, so I think it’s a good move 👍🏼
  21. I don’t think Netflix make it per se, or at least not on their own. It airs on starz in the USA so plenty of boobies, violence and bad language. It’s a pretty good show although I think it’s ending at the right time rather than dragging out another season. Its about inner workings of a crime gang and their cat and mouse game with the law, their suppliers and each other.
  22. AsheAshe

    A bit of fun

    I feel like your best chance has to be 11x a goalscoring defender as will stop the goals going in as well as getting them scored, so Ayala, or Flint but not for us.
  23. I think with what we have spent mid-table would probably be a result. Wonder if that would make it more possible to retain Randolph/ Britt / fry etc or if the result would persuade them to be off
  24. Compare that to this one from Norton...
  25. I'm in the so-so camp at the moment - I think its too early to be genuinely worried, but at the same time need some positive signs (few wins would help) and I think some of our new signings haven't yet come good - but the ones that people moaned about most of last season (McNair, Fletcher) have shown positive signs themselves - so given time to gel and bed in, hopefully some good progress. Be interesting to see how we do against some of the heavy hitters in the league.
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