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  1. I don't mean those teams mentioned could outbid us now, I was merely pointing out those team were in the same division as us back then & we couldn't compete with them Probably similar stories of smaller championship clubs than us who are ahead of us when potential players names are mentioned
  2. At our lowest ebb in the dark days in the few years leading up to liquidation in 86 we went on record that we couldn't compete with the Notts Countys, Grimsbys & Oxfords of the 2nd division back then when signing players, it looks as though those days are returning
  3. Any idea of the style, colour or when it's to be announced of the away shirt?
  4. I'm with you on that
  5. From his wiki page, a powerful box to box player with plenty of energy, sounds promising
  6. You're probably right Humpty, I'm probably way off the mark here mind
  7. Reading betwee the lines, Luke O’Nein in Paddy McNair gone then?
  8. What position does he play, would he be an improvement on our 1st team squad?
  9. Colin Henderson said on the Look North TV program celebrating our promotion to the 2nd division in 1987 that we were ready to start life in the Non League as our chances of rescuing the club were almost zilch, gladly the club was saved & what a way to bounce back from an almost abyss
  10. In order, my 5 top Boro Riverside home shirts
  11. Wins hands down for me 👌 My favourite all time Boro shirt
  12. Neil Warnock did say at the end of the season both Fry & Tav didn't want to leave the club but we know every player is available, money talks I don't think Fry will go banging on the managers door demanding a move now clubs are showing an interest in him but he'll want to test himself at the top as soon as possible, will we be big enough & strong enough to turn their offer down, if it then becomes a bidding war then we probably know he'll be gone & good luck to the lad
  13. Morning all June is generally a quiet month for football talk & with the lack of transfer talk we Boro fans get could be concerned that the required signings we need to push on may not happen but think, 35 years ago this months headlines in the evening gazette made grim reading We just wanted the club to survive
  14. I'm a big fan of Morsy, integral part of our team & would be disappointed if we shipped him out, replacing him would, IMHO, be a gamble
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