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  1. Alf Woods, RIP, also in the opposing team, signed for the Boro 3 months later
  2. Harry played 10 first team games, plus 2 as sub, between 1970 -1975, making his debut at home to Watford in a 2-2 draw on the 31st October 1970 with his final 2 appearences he deputised for Bobby Murdoch when wearing the No7 shirt, away to Arseanal on the 30th November in a 2-0 defeat with his fianl appearence at home to Man Utd in the league cup 5th round, the game ended 0-0, this was also Peter Creamer, deputising for John Craggs, final Boro appearance He went on loan to Hartlepools in january 1976 & signed for Chesterfield in March 1976
  3. This day 1982 & starting life in the 2nd division with grim times to come the board had an open day to entice the fans to Ayresome Park
  4. Also this day 1987 & what a team we put out, for a North Riding cup final
  5. The Boro team was Willie Whigham - Jim Platt Willie Maddren Gordon Jones - Mike Allen Nobby Stiles - Bill Gates Stuey Boam Frank Spraggon Derek Downing David Mills John Hickton Jonny Vincent Joe Laidlaw - Eric McMordie
  6. Don't apologise McMordie these are excellent match report posts, I did ask the question mind, why did we play Hibs in a lot of pre-season friendlies, seems more than any other team
  7. https://photos.app.goo.gl/A6BC2fLTKZNi4x4e8 When we arrived at the gatehouse I asked the girl working there if Heine was in today, she said yes but if you want to meet him you need to make an appointment, I then explained we're big Boro fans & flying back to the UK tomorrow, I then showed her some photos on my phone of Heine in his Boro days, she then phoned him & said there are Boro fans at the gate, he said, I'll be there in 5 minutes Walking down I knew it was him & how well he looked, he came through the gate with a big smile, shook my hand & gave my wife a kiss, then asked if we want to go inside for a coffee He spoke fondly of his time at the Boro & living in Marton
  8. Absolute quality player, who could & should have played in a Boro team eitherside oh his time & he would'nt have been out of place in either John Neals exciting young team, or Bruce's babes
  9. Downsouth, only if you run out of volunteers 👍
  10. Well looks like you have a good number of volunteers, please don't take this the wrong way, but I hope a good few don't get called up 👍
  11. A signing in the John Hickton, Bernie Slaven bracket, a player & club a perfect fit, with all 3 signings making a massive contribution to the Boro, having great careers on Teesside & enjoying richly deserved testimonials
  12. Cheers Uwe & Downside, with August upon us, which means the start of the football season, it makes posting this day back in time matches appropriate
  13. This day 6th August 2000 Robbie Mustoe led the Boro team out at the Riverside Stadium for his fully deserved testimonial v Borussia Dortmund Colin Todd, who also signed John Hendrie & John Wark, paid Oxford United £375k for Robbies signature & what a signing he became, a box to box player who scored some cracking goals, some crucial goals & certainly, IMHO, a very important player in all his time at the Boro Robbie had seen the lot with the Boro, changing grounds, promotions, relegations, Cup finals, big signings, World class players, 3 points, it certainly wasn't a dull period at the Boro The biggest compliment I can give RM is that with all the millions of pounds Robbo had to buy anyone he chose & the big name players who were arriving at the Boro, Robbie name was one of the 1st on the teamsheet Robbie Mustoe went on to make 365 appearance, scoring 25 goals in over 12 seasons at the Boro In our 1st season in the PL under Robbo, 1995-96, from boxing day till mud February, the Boro lost 8 on the bounce & sliding down the PL table, with Mustoe out injured throughout, he eventually returned to 1st team duty away to Coventry where the defeats were stopped as the Boro drew the game 0-0 A true Boro legend indeed
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