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    Should have been appointed 3, 4 years ago but he's here & I'm overjoyed with it Does he have enough time, time will tell, he certainly our best & only chance TBH
  2. Thing is if you've done wrong you should be penalised, if being penalised means points deduction then so be it, you knew the rules before hand Teams could be relegated, who have played within the rules but are being punished twice, 1st because a player, or players have refused to play for them & secondly, with players not playing could weaken those teams considerably in important games, once these teams have been relegated the governing body will then look at the FFP & put actions in place, to late for the Boro, Charlton, Luton, Barnsley, Hull etc, all in the name of fairness though
  3. OK cheers for that, main one was Howson & I was chuffed to think he'd signed & able to play all the games
  4. I thought I had read that 5 of the players had signed an extension till the end of July, I must have dreamt it
  5. I don't think anyone can expect what will happen, with the majority of teams having players coming to the end of their contracts, with a few clubs, us been one, with players not wanting to play Add the fact with such a long delay between lockdown & now no one knows how their team is going to perform Fingers & toes crossed we come through it well
  6. Now what a result that would be 👍
  7. Remember these beauties, mainly the 70's, only one from the 80's, when we looked like getting to a stage when token sheets needing to be filled & completed the mighty Boro made sure they wern't needed in the end
  8. It's like the start of a new season, 9 game mini season
  9. Well I'll probably, weather permitting, go out on my bike on Saturday, could even end up near the Riverside, be a be a nerve wrecking 90 minutes, if we win & results go our way then we could be more, or less safe, but knowing the mighty Boro.............
  10. Hopefully the Boro do as you have stated & survive, it will be a nrevy few weeks when the fixtures start & complete
  11. My worry is our goalscoring, if teams get in front we'll then struggle & with the new rules of 5 subs per game teams will just kill games We are as bad as the other 5, 6 teams at the wrong end with not much breathing space between us all, whoever starts late in the mini bottom league will go down Defensively we're fine, IMHO,
  12. Boro flashback - 2nd March 1974 2nd division runaway leaders away to midtable Sunderland Boro are running away with the 2nd division & beating all before them as teams try to copy Nottm Forest ploy & beat the mighty Boro, unfortunately for all other teams in this division Boro were caught on a bad day, a defeat like that won't happen again Since the Forest upset the Boro have won 2 on the bounce & the Sunderland game was to be the third as the Boro ran out convincing winners with a 2-0 win with goals from David Mills after 15 minutes & Alan Foggon 2 minutes in to the 2nd half, not long after going 2 up the game was more or less finished as a spectacle as Bobby Kerr & then Denis Tuart were both sent off Big Jacks team Jim Platt John Craggs Frank Spraggon Graeme Souness Stuey Boam Wille Maddren Bobby Murdoch David Mills John Hickton Alan Foggon David Armstrong Sub Peter Brine
  13. Boro flashback - 29th April 1967 A 3rd division fixture at Ayresome Park 3 successive defeats followed by 2 consecutive wins set the tone for the Ayresome Park angels to think with 4 games to go the season could end in a promotion campaigne John Hickton was to score his 1st of his 6 Boro hatrick as we steam rolled Torquay United to the tune of 4-0 with 'give us a goal, give us a goal, John O'Rourke, John O'Rourke, scoring the 4th Biggest attendance of the season & the biggest since boxing day 1964 of 27,160 Boro team Willie Whigham Geoff Butler Gordon Jones Don Masson Dicky Rooks Billy Horner Derek Chadwick John Hickton John O'Rourke Eric McMordie Derek Downing Sub Arthur Horsefield
  14. Jim Platt is my favourite keeper of all time & a lovely man Schwarzer best at the Riverside mind
  15. Boro flashback - 28th April 1987 A lovely warm evening fixture at Ayresome Park Boro had now gone 8 since since the last defeat, drawing 2 & winning a fantastic 6 games, with 4 wins on the bounce, scoring 11 & conceding only 2 goals Gillingham who were challenging the Boro for a playoff place were the visitors for this evening kick off, win this & we are guaranteed, at least, a place in the 3rd division playoffs place Gillingham arrived 3 days after Brentford who were dispatched 2-0, it didn't take long until the mighty Boro were in their stride again with Archie Stephens opening the scoring with his 16th goal of the season, Bernie made it 2-0 for his 17th goal of the season & Lee Turnbull pounced to make it 3-0 on the night for his 4th goal of the season, it was to be the last goal of the season for all three Bruce's team Stephen Pears Gary Hamilton Colin Cooper Tony Mowbray Gary Parkinson Gary Pallister Bernie Slaven Archie Stephens Lee Turnbull Paul Kerr Stuart Ripley Sub Ronnie Cole - his 3rd & final Boro appearence Stay safe
  16. Yes this will be quality, a special time in our history when we thought the world is for us, crazy, crazy times
  17. Boro flashback - 20th April 1987 Gary Pallister scored his 1st ever Boro goal as the mighty Boro beat Carlisle away 1-0 to take three vital points in challenging Swindon, Bournemouth to promotion from the 3rd divison Bruce Riochs team Stephen Pears - Ever present Gary Hamilton - Wore No's 2, 9, 10, 12 that season Colin Cooper - Ever present Tony Mowbray - Ever present Gary Parkinson - Ever present Gary Pallister Bernie Slaven - Ever present Archie Stephens Lee Turnbull Paul Kerr Stuart Ripley
  18. Boro flashback Boro v Plymouth This day the 18th April 1992 Boro going for promotion to the 1st ever PL against Plymouth who had player manager Peter Shilton in goal for our struggling opponents Plymouth took the lead when future Boro loanee Dwight Marshall put them one up, Stuart Ripley levelled not long after with Willie Falconer scoring a corker at the holgate end with Shilton clutching at thin air & Boro claiming all 3 points
  19. Billywoof, I wouldnt disagree with that either, I think once football can restart the powers to be have a hard job to satisfy everyone, you can understand the teams saying null & void the season & the teams saying continue, they'll alwys be winners & losers, I wouldnt like to be the one with the final say mind How would they start a new season with say, 4 months to complete & how would any european fixtures be played
  20. I cant honsetly see football being played this year, if football was to resume in the new year then how would they fit the 1st half of the 2020/21 in the final 5 months, even if they played through the summer the euros, 2021, will take up a month of that I would say once they have agreed football can resume safely then complete the remaining fixtures, fulfill all leagues fixtures from the PL right to the grass roots, IIRC, there is a team in Wales who have won the league & I think with a 100% record, they may never do that again, I think for the fairness of sport the present season has to be completed
  21. It will be really interesting, when you think the bigger cl;ubs have the sky packaging to fall back on, cushion what they'll miss if attendances are restricted, but what about the lower league clubs, championship downover, clubs will struggle big time with attendances reduced, the FA & PL will have top get their heads together for the good of the game to come up with a plan, a fair system equal to all clubs not just the big teams, football will not benefit if teams are falling by the wayside
  22. George, everyone agrees, has been a great servant but it's not the time to be sentimental, tough decisions for Woody, but that's what he's paid for whenever football restarts For me his hardest decision is, replacing George
  23. Yes agree, very hard one to call As you say 12 - 18 months, what will football be like, if & when, it resumes
  24. There's no easy solution as whatever is brought up in the football meetings arranged someone in the meeting will veto it I have said numerous times football won't start this year so to start next season will only delay the following season & so on Just wait till we can resume with football again & restart all the leagues remaining fixtures, I'm not into this let's null & void this seasons football, say the season doesn't start till March, are we to get a full season of games in before May, or go through the summer & hopefully complete the season before 2021/2022 starts, that's forgetting about euro2021 Forget about next season starting, we haven't even got that far yet
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