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  1. Thought David Mills played well when he came back, scored some vital goals & assists
  2. Good thread I enjoy any films, box sets regarding WW2 The last WW2 film I see recently, which I've seen numerous times is The Pianist, great film & sad, in itself, Adrian Brody is the main actor in a Jewish family of 5 living in Poland during the German occupation It's presently on Netflix & I will no doubt watch it again soon The last box set I seen & enjoyed emenselly was Peaky Blinders, excellent, before that Band of brothers, awesome I can't watch films, or box sets that's got no chance of having any sort of reality in it
  3. Boro this day 18th November 1972 My 2nd ever away Boro game when my dad took me & his ICI work colleague to the Sheffield Wednesday game, my previous away game was Boro's last away game on the 11th which seen us win 1-0, courtecy of a John Hickton goal I remember we went in a pub before the game, I was 12 so drinking soft drinks At the game we sat in the seats that were put in for the 66 world cup took John Hickton scored a penalty to put the mighty Boro in front, this was his 3rd goal v Sheff Weds in 5 games against them since we signed him from Sheff Weds, his 1st goal at Hillsborough though The afternoon didn't turn out to good a day for big John, or the Boro fans Jim Platt saved a 1st half penalty from Tommy Craig, the referee deemed Jim had moved to soon & the spot kick was retaken, again jim Platt was to be successful a 2nd time & dived the right way to save the 2nd spot kick Sheff Wed equalised on half time & the 2nd half was one way traffic, eventually we couldnt cope & Tommy Craig, who missed the 1st half penalty, scored a scorcher, I can still see him running away towards their kop with his arms aloft We had led, Jim Platt had saved 2 penalties & we lost 2-1, 2 away games for me, one win & a loss, welcome the the Boro son Stan Andersons team Jim Platt Peter Creamer - 5th appearence out of 6 that season Frank Spraggon Nobby Stiles Stuey Boam Willie Maddren Bill Gates Eric McMordie David Mills John Hickton - 4th goal of the season David Armstrong Sub Gordon Jones - Final appearence as sub, he started a further 8 games
  4. Almost forgot - This day back in 1973, my favourite season following the Boro 17th November 1973 Boro 3 Cardiff 0 Thiscwas our 9th home game, we had lost the 1st fixture 2-0 & conceded 5 goals at home, now we are starting to find our feet, clicking as a team & motoring through this league & the return of Graeme Souness after a 2 match suspension, with deputising Bill Gates, his only start that season standing down With goals from David Mills, surprisingly his 1st home goal of the season, 2nd in total, John Craggs with his 2nd goal also & Malcolm Smith with his 3rd goal of the campaigne, keeping the Boro in the driving seat at the top of the table Big Jacks team Jim Platt John Craggs Frank Spraggon Graeme Souness Stuey Boam Willie Maddren Bobby Murdoch David Mills John Hickton Alan Foggon Davey Armstrong Sub Malcolm Smith - Coming off the bench to score our 3rd goal
  5. Changing Times, the thing is for the past year, or so, I've been posting music threads, now & again, usually on a Saturday night I post often, this is the 1st time there's been any hint of an issue, not going to get in to rights & maybe's but unlike oneboro everything is under one roof, I honestly don't think I've done anything wrong
  6. Cheers for that Motor Mouth, I love anything of old, I haven't been going as long as you, I started going late 71, well done on your continued support of our football club My mam lived on Canon Street
  7. Boro flashback 17th November MT played his final Boro game of 4 on loan from Newcastle, following the absence of regular keeper Kelham 'O Hanlon, I quite liked K O'H, was it right to judge his ability as he played in a struggling team? He did go on to have a good career a Rotherham, Carlisle & Preston & now a coach in the US Back to Martin, his 4 games resulted in 3 defeats & one 0-0 draw Boro lost this game 2-1 with David Mills scoring our goal & his 8th of the season, we have mixed results so far with the late, great Willie Maddren getting no consistency out of his team Willie team Martin Thomas Gary Gill Gary Hamilton Mick Buckley Tony Mowbray Irving Nattrass Alan Roberts David Mills Heine Otto David Currie Tony McAndrew
  8. Yes, Neville Chapman became the 1st Boro player to be subbed when Bryan 'Taffy' Orritt (BTO) replaced him, away to Preston on the 11th September 1965 Brian 'Taffy' Orritt made Middlesbrough history by becoming the 1st Boro player to substitute another Boro player, when subs were 1st brought in it was only to replace an injured player, not tactics, which was Boro's full back Neville Chapman, No2, v Preston away Ironically, No2 right back was the only position BTO never covered, as he moved to WH & Brian Horner moved to RB The 1st sub at home was on the 18th September when BTO replaced the keeper
  9. This day 15th November 1994 - Boro's young guns go down to Ancona in this Anglo-Italian compatition Boro took the lead after 10 minutes then struggled to impose themselves on the game, the youth in the team v experience they were facing proved too much in the end, with Ancona levelling on the hour mark & scoring 2 late goals in the 80th & 90th to put the game beyond Boro
  10. This day 1966 - Boro flashback Swansea 4 Boro 4 After our previous league away game at Mansfield Town which finsihed 5-4 to the Boro the crowd were entertained to another high scoring fixture All goals came from the same scorers as in the mansfield game, John O'Rourke, his 11th goal of the season, Derek Downing's 4th goal of the season & John Hickton with his 3rd goal of the campaign Willie Whigham - 3 clean sheets out of 7 games hes played Neville Chapman - 3rd game of the season & 1st for 12 games Geoff Butler - Wore 3 different shirt numbers so far, 2, 3 & 12 Billy Horner Dicky Rooks Gordon Jones Derek Chapman Arthur Horsefield John O'Rourke John Hickton - Legend big John wore 3 shirt Nos so far 2, 5 & 10 Derek Downing
  11. How many Boro players are out of contract come January,?
  12. He seems to be more than happy here, obviously he's looked after his interest to be in a good position, probably enough money to keep himself, & his family secure & seems to be happy in his surrounding, we critisise players for been too greedy & not showing any loyalty to the club, Danial Ayala is showing it in abundance, which is admirable in this day & age, a player we should be keeping at the club at all costs A great signing by Mark Venus, with all the hard work done by Tony Mowbray before been dismissed, he must be kept at all costs, long enough to earn a testimonial, selling the likes of DA will result in one way for us, down
  13. Boro flashback - Bernie Slaven Boro 3 Blackpool 0 On this day 15th November, the mighty Boro defeated Blackpool 3-0 in the FAC 1st round, our only other 1st round FAC game was 20 years previous, on the 26th Novemeber, which also included a hat trick, the scorer John O'Rourke, when bagging 3 away to Chester in a 5-2 win Bernies hat trick was his 1st Boro hat trick & our 1st FAC hat trick, since David Mills bagged 3 at home to Arsenal on the 26th February 1976, from John Brown netting our 1st hat trick, he actually scored 4, v Bishop Aukland back in 1900 Bernie was the 17th Boro player to score 3 in an FAC tie Bernie 2 days after his 26th birthday joined the selective group & gained revenege on 1st team to beat us in the league that season when beating us 3-1 at Ayresome Park back in october November 86 seen us win 3 games, draw one & lose our 2nd home game which was v Chester Attendance at the FAC match was 11,205 Bruce's team Stephen Pears Brian Laws Colin Cooper Tony Mowbray Gary Parkinson Gary Pallister Bernie Slaven Archie Stephens Alan Kernaghan Gary Gill Stuart Ripley
  14. Old Codger, I didn't realise Trevor Francis's record transfer was so close to David Mills record signing, good memory 👍
  15. My initial thought too Maccarone, I was gutted when walking home from work & seen the gazette headline Cummins up for sale, not longer after Sunderland snapped him up, bad business IMHO
  16. Boro flashback 12th November 1977 Villa 0 Boro 1 Who remembers Stan Cummins the 1st million pound footballer which Jack sort of said at a media meeting & the press changed his words around Well Stanley scored his 1st Boro goal on his 1st appearences of the season taking both points back to Teesside & our 2nd away win of the season Pat Cuff was standing in for Jim Platt, John Neal was trying to find who was going to be his No1 keeper of the 3 on the Boro's books Boro team Pat Cuff Ian Bailey Terry Cooper Graeme Souness Stuart Boam Alan Ramage John Mahoney Stan Cummins - 3rd appearance Billy Ashcroft Tony McAndrew David Armstrong
  17. Been a member since August & now getting use to the format & layout of oneboro & must say, what an excellent & well structured forum it is I'd never heard of oneboro till it was recently mentioned on FMTTM, found the forum & registeted I still post on FMTTM, as I enjoy the banter, I've been posting on flyme probably forever, there are some great posters, who are passionate & cover every topic under the sun, posters who will go out of their way to help each other Oneboro is totally different in that the forum seems to be more professionally laid out, with different thread titles that you can click & join in the debate, as opposed to everything under one roof on flyme, again, it's not a dig at flyme, as I think Robs doing a great job in running the forum Love the idea of been able to post pictures to run alongside the thread posted, another plus for oneboro, especially for someone like myself who likes to post of Boro days gone by along with old photos etc Great forum & well done all who contribute UTMB
  18. Boro flashback - This day 13th November 1982 Charlton 2 Boro 3 Malcolm Allison's Boro went to the capital to face Charlton & their latest superstar £300k signing Alan Simonsen from Barcelona, he chose Charlton over a number of clubs, Spurs & Real Madrid in order to play for less stress & attention Back to the mighty Boro, after the awful start to the season & sacking of Bobby Murdoch, MA has turned the club around, we haven't lost a game since the 28th September, a 6 game run, Charlton with Simonsen in their team were hot favourites to win but the renewed spirit & Kevin Beatties leadership seen the Boro triumph with 2 goals from David Shearer taking his tally to 7 for the season & Mick Kennedy (RIP) scoring his 1st Boro goal This was Beatties 2nd game, his 1st away game, resulting in our 1st away win of the season Onwards & upwards Boro team Jim Platt Paul Ward Joe Bolton Mick Baxter Kevin Beattie Darren Wood Mick Kennedy Ray Hankin Heine Otto Stephen Bell David Shearer Sub Colin Ross
  19. 24 years ago today on the 12th November 1995 seen the official opening of the Riverside stadium when Samodoria were the team who accepted the invitation, Juninho, Robbo, Barnby us fans had to blink twice to 1st see the surroundings we were sat in & 2nd who were on the pitch playing for the mighty Boro, crazy days
  20. No, old Codger, the game when KK wasn't happy that our defence, team, restricted him & marshalled him the whole afternoon was on the 2nd October 1976
  21. Boro flashback - This day 12th November 1974 Liverpool 0 Boro 1 League cup 5th round Last minute winner from the late, great Willie Maddren secured a place in the QF's of the league cup Jim Platt, John Craggs, Frank Spraggon, Graeme Souness, Stuey Boam, Willie Maddren, Bobby Murdoch, Malcolm Smith, John Hickton, Alan Foggon, Davey Armstrong, sub, Brian Taylor Jim Platt saved a Kevin Keegan penalty this day too Big Jack was at Buckingham Palace in the afternoon being appointed an OBE by the Queen, not a bad day at the office, think she even asked big Jack for a ticket 🤔
  22. Boro flashback - This day, 11th November 1972 11th November Preston 0 Boro 1 My dad took me & my younger brother to Deepdale to see the mighty Boro win at Preston, courtesy to a big John strike taking his seasons goals tally & our 2nd away win of the season We were in the side padock Boro team:- Jim Platt, John Craggs, Frank Spraggon, Nobby Stiles, Stuey Boam, Willie Maddren, Eric Gates, John Hickton, David Mills, David Armstrong, Eric McMordie, sub, Gordon Jones
  23. 2nd season for John Neal, who was building a nice blend of youth & experience, his achelies heel was the away form, we scored & won games at home but constantly struggled away, a cracking time supporting the Boro though
  24. Boro flashback - This day 10th November 1979 Everton 0 Boro 2 Craig Johnston scored both goals in this great away win, his 3rd & 4th goals of the season & our1st top flight win at Everton since 6th March 1937 John Neals team Jim Platt John Craggs Jeff Peters - 1st away game Craig Johnston Billy Ashcroft Tony McAndrew Charlie Bell - Debut Irving Natrass David Hodgson Micky Burns David Armstrong
  25. Various Boro photos from the 70's
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