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  1. Hadn't Bologna and another club (Salernitana?)already made bids that were below ours? Have they now come back with improved offers?
  2. Lad on twitter reckons McBurnie is on his way to Boro. Says he's fallen out with Heckingbottom and is training with their U21's. There's absolutely no substance to it at all mind.
  3. I think Groningen are getting what they wanted with a bidding war.
  4. He'll be on good wages if they signed him on a free. Would assume we'd pay a loan fee, as well as anything additional for promotion etc. Would be a good signing 👍
  5. Can we only apply for the WP once everything is agreed or is it something we can do whilst all the finer details are being sorted and he’s doing his medical etc.
  6. We can still announce it though, "subject to a work permit", which you'd assume we're 100% confident of him getting?
  7. Odds if anything happening today? Even if it does its too late for them to start on Saturday, as we seen with Forss.
  8. Yeah maybe, he could've also had a wedding, bereavement, anything I guess.
  9. Seems a bit of a strange one to allow your lead football journalist to take a fortnight off when the season starts and there's (expected to be) a hive of transfer activity.
  10. I looked at them on TransferMarkt the other day and it appeared that Hoppe was their only client.
  11. Assume so when I noticed the time after posting. I skipped a few pages as assumed it was still all bickering 🙃
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