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  1. Get the impression the club told the local media (Gazette and Echo) that a deal for Bolasie was never close. They weren’t banking on him putting something out on Twitter. I don’t imagine we’ll hear anything from Gibson about another failed transfer window, he has after all spoken to the press twice already this week about how he thinks the billionaire owners of the “big 6” are the saviours of English football...
  2. I’d trust Bailey and O’Rourke over any Gazette or NE journo. I was told it was done and we were just waiting for confirmation, and YB has confirmed that. Gibson, Bausor and co have shown once again how inept they are. Pathetic.
  3. Just about to post that. Just shows that the gazette and Northern Echo know nothing. What a joke we are.
  4. Must say I'm surprised as was told it was all done. Sounds like theyve missed the deadline.
  5. As above, I’m told Bolasie is done but they’re waiting for confirmation that we haven’t done a Phil Whelan.
  6. Just heard that we are waiting on confirmation that Bolasie has been approved. Don’t know about Rahman.
  7. Only 3 outstanding deals (i.e. deal sheet submitted) according to Sky Sports news. Believed to be Benrahma, Butland and Rodon.
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