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  1. I noticed Bristol City have released their “lifestyle collection” whatever that is, but there’s some nice stuff in it. Much better than anything Hummel have knocked up for us... https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/get-your-hands-on-202122-city-lifestyle-collection/ Anyway, re the new kit, I’ve been told that it will be shown tomorrow and on sale at the end of this week. Green away kit too.
  2. That’s all good and well if you have a proper left back as a replacement. We do not. Johnson and Coulson are not defenders.
  3. Pretty sure it was said that it was nothing illegal.
  4. Must admit, I'm not too bothered about that ne getting away either. Still 5 hours to go, plenty of time left for us get one or two more done.
  5. Thats says to me that there will be movement out of the club in that area, probably Roberts and/or Britt. The club will be desperate to get Britt out of the club. To recoup any sort of fee and get his wages off the books.
  6. You'd think so, but I do still think Britt will go, probably on loan with a view to a permanent. There doesn't seem much ITK info bout this window. I usually get a few bits and pieces but had very little recently.
  7. Its the hope that kills you. I wouldn't be surprised to Britt leave on loan just to get him off the wage bill. What is the transfer that will kickstart the ripple effect?
  8. Matt Ritchie leaving Newcastle today. Bournemouth fans seem to think he’s going back there, but also talk of him going to Valencia. Wonder if we’ll have a dabble. Wages probably too much.
  9. We were interested in the summer, not sure about now.
  10. https://www.skysports.com/transfer/news/12691/12200835/usa-captain-aaron-long-poised-to-leave-new-york-red-bulls-on-short-term-loan Who do we think? Derby was my first thought.
  11. Gilmour would be a great signing. Only seen him a handful of times but he's been brilliant every time.
  12. If we are looking at players who have been playing for the U23's they'll be match fit. And yes, I'd be more than happy for us to be looking in League 1. PLenty of players are good enough, just look at Ivan Toney. He's made the step up no problem. There's the likes of Luke Jephcott who's been banging them in for Plymouth. 21 year old. You'd hope our scouts are looking at players like him.
  13. If Bolasie had been playing for Everton’s u23’s he could come straight in. No one is denying he’s a decent signing, but if he’s not fit to start and make an instant i pace then I’d rather we looked elsewhere. It does reek of desperation. Hope he proves me wrong!
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