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  1. I suspect we might go for pears howson McNair fry coulsen wing saville tav fletcher gestede Roberts
  2. I wonder if Woody will go for Gestede up-top with Fletcher so we can exploit their slow midfield by playing it over the top. Would mean dropping Roberts though.
  3. Personally after selling bamford Gibson and traore and not replacing traore, I wasn’t expecting playoffs last season. No one has a right to expect the play offs in any given season. This year I’ll be happy if we are top ten with some youngsters brought in a different playing philosophy on the pitch.
  4. My understanding was that MFC, Baulhaul and Rockcliffe all came under Gibson O’Neill now anyway, hence we were able to get rid of the club debt. Would have thought that would stop us doing a derby
  5. Bolasie works out at about 3-4 mil, not a huge gamble when you consider we’ve sold all our best players and are sat on a lot of cash. I still don’t know why people assume we are ‘sat on a lot of cash’. We have no idea what the money from those players has gone towards. It could just be wiping off some of the debt on players brought over the last few seasons. One things for sure, the club isn’t self sustaining with input from Gibson without the money from parachute payments. £3-4 mill may not seem like a huge gamble now, but if we don’t get up and the payment end - £3-4 mill is more likely to be our entire transfer budget.
  6. Pulis has said fry is fine, just a precaution taking him off. Chapman has put a picture up of his arm in a sling so maybe out for a few weeks?
  7. We would be way too slow and weak in wide attacking positions if it stayed like this imo. No cover at full back either. Downing and Braithwaite are a decent pair of wingers with Tav and Chapman as backup, I can live with that. Most of our defenders can cover at fullback, it’s the easiest position on the pitch. We may not have that much pace, but what’s wrong with a slow build up, it worked for the great Liverpool and ***nal teams of the past. Regardless of what we need in the team, How someone can be happy with pocketing 40 odd mil on out going transfers and not investing it in the team is baffling to me. Let face it though, none of us know if any of this money is being ‘pocketed’. Given our massive outlay last season and the fact we must have one of the highest wage bills in the league, and we had a large squad and the fact that parachute payments run out, maybe we have just been sensible about revinvesting some of the money, but making sure we are viable in years to come. Just because the club rightly haven’t come out and said ‘we have to sell’ doesn’t mean they don’t, I find it baffelling why people think every single pound coming in from player sales (which we don’t know how it’s structured) should go on new player transfer fees, given that we know that without additional none continuous funds the club looses money year on year. Worst thing that could happen is what happened last time we were relegated where we splashed all the money upfront, missed out on promotion and then couldn’t invest properly for another 5 years.
  8. Not a bad shout but I’d have fry ahead of him, realistically craine won’t be here beyond the end of the season, shotton has made the rb slit his own and Fry has really only ever had one slip up in his time at the boro and deserves his chance.
  9. Sad as it is as the moment I’d like to have French frank back. Most other position in the team are pretty strong at the moment. Schwazers not a bad shout though
  10. A point wouldn’t be a disaster from this game but a win would really start to solidify our play off place. They are a team that knock the ball around quite well but have come unstuck this season by physically stronger teams and those who can play on the break, which is our forte. Hopefully aitor can do us a favour against Sheffield United and a Derby Cardiff draw on Sunday would really make for a great weekend.
  11. There was nothing lucky about the one at Bolton, it was a 50 50 and he did nothing dangerous. Bolton massively made the most of it.
  12. Adama does seem to drive inside as well the down the wing but if you look at the game when he gets the ball he nearly always drags the cb wide to help the winger. Prime example being wheater coming over on Saturday in the lead up to the second goal. Any situation where we can isolate terry against Adama will certainly be fun.
  13. Team picks itself near enough.... Randy Christie fry Gibson Fabio Leadbitter Clayton Adama baker downing Britt Only real questions would be bamford coming in for baker or downing. Having been at Bolton I'm optimistic about this.
  14. Though downing played pretty well today, clearly the best passer on the pitch but did loose it a couple of times. Not sure I'd agree with holding up break aways, it wasn't a coincidence he was at the centre of most of our breaks, but each time the supporting runs were poor. Fry got lucky on a couple of occasions, that block on the line I don't think he knew anything about. That said he's a lot better with every game and was mostly great. Leadbitter and Clayton were vintage at their best, controlling the game and winning the midfield. Britts first touch let him down a fair few times but he was a massive threat and can't argue with the goals. Traore was unplayable and is clearly getting better. All around great performance other than a 15 minute or so spell.
  15. Monk confirmed in his presser that it was a dead leg that hasn't stopped bleeding, still in hospital after a minor operation and can't put a timescale on until it's stopped bleeding.
  16. James cook is the absolute logical place to go. Unless it's something relatively simple or scheduled surgery both Darlington memorial and the friarage will just refer you to straight to james cook as that's were the specialists are. Hence why many people just go straight to jcuh and bypass the others to save time.
  17. Jota isn't the be all and end all, even just looking at his highlights so far the season he looks to have the long range shooting ability of Fabio rochemback, blazing them all over the shop. We've had a fantastic window, the players just need time to gel and monk needs to get his system sorted out. I for one would be happy for the window to shut right now.
  18. All of the upper tier has sold out, not sure what's left on lower.
  19. Given we have 1 maybe 2 more signings I doubt we'll be doing much business before deadline day
  20. Tickets go on sale this morning to season ticket holders so we should have a better idea by this afternoon.
  21. The system worked pretty well at times on Saturday. Gibbo fry Clayton worked incredibly well to allow the rest of the team to get forward. Bamford gestede and Brit clearly possess some really threatening attributes and you could see the blend beginning to happen. Friend and Christie got forward more than our attackinng wingers in the whole of last season. Forshaw was tidy, busy picked out some great passes. Howson I thought has a very quiet game, didn't really effect anything and in all honesty I think leadbitter would have offered more.
  22. Not seen it but apparently ripley let in a bit if a howler last night
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