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  1. I don't see it getting any better in league one either with our current set up.
  2. I don't see it getting any better in league one either with our current set up either.
  3. I will be very surprised if Woodgate is sacked this season. I expect him to still be here next season whatever happens. I think the club is prepared to accept relegation to the third tier, otherwise he would have gone in November. I can't personally see Woodgate turning it round with the experienced players, who I don't believe are playing for him. The younger players are more likely to listen to him and that's why his about turn and confused selections in the past month have surprised me. I never thought Woodgate was the right man for the job, but he has been let down by his 'big name' players, who let's face it won't be here when we go down. Woodgate has to carry the can though for trusting these players.
  4. Can't disagree with any of that. However we'll struggle to move on Saville and to keep Ayala. We need some experience bringing in on the pitch and off if relegation this season is avoided, otherwise it will be constant struggle until there finally aren't three worse teams than us.
  5. I understand the sacrificing a forward, would have been Britt for me btw. Baffled by bringing Clayton on...it was our left wing back who was sent off! Midfield three were working well. He therefore shuffles around at least four players when all he needed to do was bring on Coulson for Britt/Fletch.
  6. It's not hindsight I really couldn't understand bringing Clayton on at half time and leaving Britt totally isolated. Tav is not and never will be a left back. Johnson was stupid, but Woodgate takes a big share of the blame for blowing a wonderful chance to get a win. By all means defend if you have the players but you still need to hav some posession.
  7. Gestede would be top of a long list of forwards including 'goal machine' Afonso Alves, Michael Ricketts (some leeway allowed for his goal at Spurs), Mido, Kris Boyd, Alliadiare, Peter Davenport and Braithwaite (who took us for a ride for £9m)
  8. On my way home from Pride Park. We did ok first half, but seemed to give up second half.. ..god knows what Woody said at half time. Pears saved us from a battering second half. Our manager is clueless, again playing our most dynamic midfielder in a back three, but apparently he hates Geordies so that's ok 😂. Assombalonga should never play for us again, offers nothing holding up the ball and misses sitter after sitter!
  9. Fair result. Enjoyed the game, there are some promising signs going forward, but defensively we are far too open. I think if we are expecting our full backs to get forward we should go with three central defenders and provide more protection from midfield, 3-5-2 doesn't have to be a negative formation and suits our current players better.
  10. Still too early to press the panic button imho. However, confidence will be low and it's going to be difficult for a novice manager and assistant to boost that. Probably need to dispense with one of the three forward players and bolster the midfield.
  11. Am afraid it's the social media and 24 hour news generation that means there is no patience anymore. This will be our third league game, you can't really say how the season will pan out until mid October and even then there's scope for a big turnaround. For what it's worth I think this will be a season of transistion with us flirting with play offs and perhaps relegation in equal measure. I for one will be happy to see steady progress both on and off the pitch towards our 'new model' being implemented.
  12. Joined about a week ago when fmttm had technical issues (yet again) and saw you mentioned over there. Seemed to be more genuinely ITK than some of the fmttm wind ups in the transfer window?. Like the layout especially the fact you can focus on the Boro stuff. Have been with fmttm for a long time, never really got on with come on boro, so nice to have an alternative.
  13. Otto42

    Steve Gibson

    We probably spent to about our limit and got the players in we could attract. One of our mistakes was discarding some of the players who got us up too quickly. We were also badly let down by Ramirez, who with hindsight we should have let go to Leicester. All ifs and buts, however despite our final poor showing we weren't far off up until early March...
  14. No worries we have a spare traffic cone ready to take his place....
  15. Wells seemed a prospect about three years ago.....doesn't seem to have 'trained on', not sure he's any better than Tav imho?
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