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  1. When has he proved he can defend in our team. Why was he on a free.
  2. Quite excited by Scott. Not been excited by Warnock for at least a year.
  3. Never been anti mod it was just your post was out of order and you came across as a Doyle.
  4. If you knew that what's the issue. The rest of us probably could not care less
  5. What with loans, ageing players and players from lower end of the championship who admittedly have done ok so far. We need to get in more like Payero and less of the Ameobi, Bamba and Peltier type playes. No future in them.
  6. All two games well thats that then lets get shot. Warnock seems to think the pennies dropped with him but obviously you do not.
  7. Tav was really poor today but he is only just starting his season. As my old teacher used to say "Must improve"
  8. Guestimation again. Nobody outside the clubs knows the ins and outs of the current deals.
  9. Who are you talking about as it does not sound like McNair. Pace and tackling. Only thing he does is fall over.
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