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  1. The more, you have wanted him all along haven't you. Just asking for a friend😀
  2. My long dead grandma would be an improvement on what we had last season.
  3. Well although what you say is a good post and I agree with a lot of it. We already had bids in for Greaves and Larson which would suggest the money was already there. We don't know the Groningen price is going up and up. It went up once as far has been reported. Why are Preston so willing to sell such a diamond who has a long contract.
  4. Why do you want to move McGree to front two if we buy a midfield player. If we need a front two player, and we do, get one in. McGree is not good enough to play there and if he loses his place to any incoming player then bench him.
  5. If we get two more strikers in Forss wont play enough games to get 20 goals and I think he will only be a 10 goal a season man if he does get game time.
  6. Remember seeing Hugill batter our defenders when he was at Preston. Thought what a buy he would be. Obviously came later. Look how that turned out. If Riis is not good enough for Preston he is certainly not good enough for us.
  7. Certainly wont with C.W talking about his problems and how they have to manage him in training etc.
  8. All these songs what if he sticks to career form and scores sweet F.A
  9. All guess work about who has brought who in. But agree with the rest of your post.
  10. Not the best but in the top three but that's not for this thread😀😜
  11. What have people got against Muniz. He looks decent on the internet and TV. Not seen him in the flesh.
  12. Agreed a really bad move he will never score enough goals. Shows how we are struggling to get players in. Looks like being a long hard season. and unless things chane drastically in the next two weeks you can write the play-offs out of the equation now. Think keeping Akpom must mean Watmore is going and Akpom will be replacement for Coburn until he is fit.
  13. We are talking about paying over 8 for a player who has had no good seasons in the championship.
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