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  1. On a side note that definitely looks like the Cleveland hills in the background of silikis story.
  2. My point has nothing to do with sentiment, this new lad isn’t an exact swap for morsy which is my point. We played our best all round game on Saturday with him playing. He’s by no means our best player, but we need someone like him in the team I.e a defensive screen. If Siliki was playing as a screen it would, from what I’ve seen hold back other parts of his game.
  3. It was literally the best howson has looked all season. First time we’ve really dominated a game too. I personally think it’s a mistake to get rid of Morsy (if it happens).
  4. Morsy has higher pass accuracy, interceptions and tackles per game not just fouls. You need a guy like morsy, especially in the championship. Evidently shown yesterday as howson looked far better along side him. Not to mention that second one wasn’t a yellow never mind a straight red. Would still have this guy mind if we could pull it off.
  5. Whilst I do agree, I see no harm in a healthy mix. I think it will be people he knows he can rely on which certainly helps when trying to grind out a win in this league.
  6. Any idea why we couldn’t get it through when we were close? Or were we always just leverage for a new deal?
  7. Have we even been linked with Sturridge? I would definitely fancy us if we signed Hedges and Boupendza but I feel like it would be one or the other.
  8. Shame as they signed him in 2016, so he surely is in his last year of his contract now. Heres hoping we land him in january.
  9. Anyone know how long YB has left on his contract? Whats the odds of it being terminated and picking him up on a free 😂🤏
  10. Hatem ben arfa is currently a free agent, as is Lazar markovic. Ben arfa is a pipe dream but would people gamble on markovic?
  11. We will not finish between 14th-17th. We will 100% be top half.
  12. The fact that he costs us goals and wont improve. Whereas playing a youngster, they may cost us goals but at least they will improve.
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