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  1. Shame as they signed him in 2016, so he surely is in his last year of his contract now. Heres hoping we land him in january.
  2. Anyone know how long YB has left on his contract? Whats the odds of it being terminated and picking him up on a free 😂🤏
  3. Hatem ben arfa is currently a free agent, as is Lazar markovic. Ben arfa is a pipe dream but would people gamble on markovic?
  4. We will not finish between 14th-17th. We will 100% be top half.
  5. The fact that he costs us goals and wont improve. Whereas playing a youngster, they may cost us goals but at least they will improve.
  6. People sticking there neck on the line to put what little pieces of information they have out there. Calm down you melon you're not forced to read said information. Doing us a favour at the end of the day that I imagine would stop if people keep posting s**te like this.
  7. Personally I cant wait for the next 45 games. I had more joy and excitement in 90 minutes on friday than I had for 18 months under pulis. We have young players playing a new system, for a new manager. We will get better. Well settle into our style more, youth will gain experience every week. We've held on to our prize assets and got rid of some dead wood! We may not go up this year but I guarantee well be in a fantastic position next summer to recruit and push for promotion. Have faith UTB.
  8. They aren't wingers, they're inside forwards with the view that all three should be interchangeable. Yes that would mean forwards bombing on.
  9. Talking nonsense, he looked like his legs have gone the past 2 years because hes not a dynamic fullback anymore. Hes not going to be rampaging up to the other box then sprinting back 10 times a game. He will be fine.
  10. Plenty have said it already including myself, selling britt especially this late is a cardinal sin, we are guaranteed at least 15 goals out of him this season. We were one of the lowest scoring sides in the FL last season, I don't see how selling your best striker does anything but undermine what were trying to achieve, replacement lined up or not!
  11. Even if it's silly money we shouldn't be selling anyone at the 11th hour, I dare say today either. Money for any of our prize assets would be suicide at this point and would destabilise the hard work of the summer so far imho.
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