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  1. IMO Boro fans are obsessed with strikers that score against us. For me Riis is the worst out of Larsen, Gyorkes and himself. The fact they are only putting an 8mil price tag on a player with 3 years on his contract and 20 championship goals and the Preston fans aren’t that up in arms speaks volumes for me.
  2. People unhappy with the fact we’re having to wait for signings that clubs won’t sanction until they have replacements, Getting mad at Scott etc. If they are our top transfer targets I would rather we just wait and get them instead of making a signing just to appease fans. We’ve recruited very well so far, I have faith we will do so in the remainder of the window.
  3. I think this is our first test of the new regime. It’s understandable being worried, I’m gutted that Tav is leaving but I’m trying to remain pragmatic. I imagine Brentford, Norwich etc. went through the same thing the first time they sold some good players and brought in some relatively unknown, untried and untested players. This is what Scott is getting paid for after all. One thing I will say is I’m looking forward to the transfer window closing.
  4. Unsure if I’m a fan. Would have to see it in person.
  5. Our whole team was quite poor towards the latter 2-3 months every single player looked gassed. I just think he has qualities that are not easily replaceable. Hes scored 1 in 4 for us which is a good return in his first season. He’s tenacious and good in the air. We saw it first hand last year when he wasn’t in the team we missed him, we had no bite in midfield and we struggled. Plus when he is firing he can pick out a decent pass aswell. I think you will see a big improvement in crooks this season with a full pre season under wilder.
  6. Not fancying crooks? One of the first names on the team sheet for me.
  7. Crooks also suits our style of play going forward I.e late arrival in the box, getting on the end of a cross from a wide position.
  8. He may match crook’s goals but he gives us much needed tenacity and aerial presence all over the pitch. I know his yellow cards were out of hand last season but we certainly missed him when he wasn’t in the team.
  9. The big thing is you only really need a solid keeper, till promotion of course. A solid keeper last year would have offset probably 12-15 points that lumley lost us. A decent striker 15-20 goals is also a must and probably would have gained us another 10 points last season. Of the two you can pick up a solid keeper fairly cheap or on loan, but a proven championship striker that has scored more than 15 in a season you’re normally talking at least 7/10 mil. If getting a cheap solid keeper means we can bring in a proven goal scorer or two then I’m all for it and heaton fits that bill.
  10. I reckon a 20 goal striker would have got us 9-12 extra points this season. As would a decent keeper. We haven’t had too many no shows under wilder and we have created plenty of chances in a vast majority of our games in his tenure.
  11. For me the whole “you don’t need to ask me” would have been fine if it wasn’t associated with “you never know what’s around the corner” Wilder has previous of being arsey, especially after being beat and it could potentially be just that he was being deliberately evasive. What he seems to have forgotten if that was the case here is that we’re still learning to trust him and while it’s been a pretty decent ride so far people need assurances. As you said he’s spoke about the fans, where he wants the club long term projects etc. It has been like a battle cry for fans. Whilst I do not expect him
  12. See I still don’t think it is, arguably he has more work to do with their team and he’s not guaranteed investment(judging by dyches tenure)
  13. I know this is nothing new but I personally think it’s unforgivable if he leaves. People saying it’s like getting a better job offer I completely disagree. It’s a huge risk and one that I fail to see the attraction in at all. He would be going to a club with tighter purse strings on a downward trajectory with a team which could be plundered. Equally a team that is more of a polar opposite to the way wilder plays than the one he inherited off us. If he goes it goes against absolutely every characteristic I thought he possessed. He’s talked passionately about the project, it being long term, his
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