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  1. Never heard such dour commentary 😂 Heard more excitement in a library!
  2. Well, got tickets to Millwall game, first match in probably 5 years. Had already arranged to go before all this, so this will hopefully add a bit of spice to the preceedings! 🤗
  3. Bloke I work with is from Barnsley and he has said that the current owners are basically doing a 'soft' asset strip of the club. Whenever somebody shows potential, they get sold for profitt, even selling to rivals. It was amazing they even got promoted. The defence the other day supposedly had an average age of 20.....
  4. Obviously an error in the reporting, it says Flint scored! ?
  5. Willie Maddren, Everton v Middlesbrough, 28 December 1974. I was born the day before. Day before I was born was David Armstrong, Middlesbrough v Sheffield United, 26 December 1974.
  6. Anybody try for Anders Lindegaard as cover for if Randolph goes? Just been released by Burnley, available on a free, only 35 which isn't that old for a keeper.
  7. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/news-and-comment/jon-gittens-dead-swindon-southampton-dies-55-a8909576.html
  8. I check the forum most days, but unfortunately am not much of a talker so just lurk. I am definitely missing people posting though, it has gone really quiet :(
  9. Hehe, thought about doing that joke just after I posted :)
  10. Just looking at that picture, I can't see Guzan in it. Dimi is in the background, but no Guzan.
  11. Just watching the FA Trophy on BT Sport and noticed our new home strip is the same design as Halifax Town. http://www.fchtshop.com/official-fcht-wembley-adult-replica-home-shirt-889-p.asp
  12. "Ethnic Cleansing"?!?! I'm lost for words.. It wasn't actually on about cleansing anyone, just thought it was a bit of a dodgy title lol
  13. Our best mate Bozza's latest quote: Yup. Reasonable posts will be allowed. Trolling and abuse will not. I made the changes after the Middlesbrough game. In all the years I've been looking after NSC, I've never experienced a group of supporters who have attempted to be so abusive, vile and homophobic as Boro fans, and I include that lot in Croydon in that. Absolutely remarkable, in the worst way. Made in the lovely entitled thread "Ethnic Cleansing"
  14. Imagine if Mike Dean is chosen to ref the final AND Brighton are in it! :D
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