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  1. Anyone else think.howson was solid yesterday? Got into some good positions with the ball and made some good tackles/passes
  2. Tried it but no luck, seems impossible to get on, what's everyone else doing to access it through the mfc website?
  3. Hello, can anyone help me get the game into my laptop, I paid for the season at the start but everytime I try to use betternet or windscapes it keeps telling me that it's only available in certain countries, last year it seemed a lot easier but not I'm struggling
  4. What did the possession end up being at the end of the first half ?
  5. Why don't you bite the bullet and pay for the full season for 170
  6. What can we expect from sporar? Why are people excited for him? (Genuinely asking, not being sarcastic)
  7. Will the bridge bar outside the stadium have the manchester leeds game on before our game? If not where's the best/closest place to watch it
  8. What was the outcome? Do we have to provide a pcr test result or rapid flow test result enough?
  9. When's browne back by the way because I believe hes still got something to offer in terms of goals and assists
  10. Oh right so it should be back to normality for next week?
  11. Did anyone experience trouble watching the game today? Last year I bought the season pass thing and used a vpn and everything was great but today no matter what I tried it told me I it wasn't available in my country even though they took the money off me
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