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  1. Every week it's players who can't finish the chances we creating, not exactly down to the tactics if players haven't the quality to score golden chances
  2. Game changed when we had wide players who was getting the ball forward
  3. Jones looked well rested too must be up there for most megs this season, seems very easy to him
  4. Anyone else think Bola offers a whole new dynamic. Also Corburn minute/goal ratio, shot conversion must be up there he seems to take opportunities with both ginger hands
  5. Has anyone else experiencing problems on the mfc website buying tickets? I've tried 4 different cards, two different accounts for two different games and they all say REFUSED payment? I spoke online to the bank and they say there's no restrictions or anything
  6. We create a *** tonne of chances but still.arent clinical enough for me
  7. Feel like that first half is all spurs plan to get us comfortable then they gonna come out second half swinging and catch us, risks must be taken by us second half
  8. What a *** blessing wilder has been, one guy and his team has turned the boro downside up, everyone in the thread believing we can be world beaters from one guys tactics is unreal. Very exciting time to be a boro fan, very exciting future ahead #UTB
  9. Hopefully they're clever enough to record it all and upload it to social media
  10. Can't wait till the stadium is singing ' there's only one Stevie Gibson ' at the derby game when we 2-0 up
  11. What's the protocol for attending home games regarding the new rules? Do they have somebody on each turnstile checking results of COVID and tickets? Because sometimes I use my dad's ticket and they'll obviously know I'm not oap
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