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  1. I remember a lot of people KNOWING he was going to be past it and was not worth pursuing in January
  2. Lost us so many points this season, easily the worst keeper in the league
  3. What's the chances of signing betenilli at the end of the season? Imagine the uproar. I think if we did it would be a other write off season as soon as be puts pen to paper.
  4. Everyone knows as a keeper you've got to have your front post covered in them situations
  5. You can see the difference though when he's in the team, back line looked the best I remember in a few games
  6. I think we should be allowed to drink and smoke in the stands again
  7. That guy who said 4 in 4 out isn't sounding that crazy anymore 🤣
  8. Few good tackles too and looked like an ass hole which we like
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