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  1. I think this is brilliant. Look how things have turned around. Say what you want about NW but it's been a bloody long time since we had the chance to have a bit of a moan (this is not a dig by the way DR) about not doing enough to be top of the league. Personally I was hoping for a bit more attacking intent today. But then again. I do not have anything like the tactical nonce that NW has. What we want to see and what the team can realistically produce are the reason NW is here. 10 games unbeaten!! Last season it was 10 games continually beaten. That's one hell of a turnaround. I hope NW stays for more than just one term. In this guy I have faith.
  2. We need to win. We have had a decent start to the season. So it's time to up the ante and push harder for the wins rather than settling for a draw. We start today. 2-0 Boro.
  3. Well from what I saw until the net in this 3rd world country decided it had worked enough for the day stopped, we looked good. Most here would have been happy with a draw. So I am not too dissapointed. A clean sheet again and we certainly played well enough for the win. But it just did not happen for us tonight. However. Performance wise. Thats the best I have seen the Boro play in a very long time. Keep going like that and we will be one hell of a force to be reconed with. Well played Boro.
  4. Just got to make this count, but wow. This team are putting it together. Some good football there.
  5. That explains why it's quite exciting then
  6. Ohhh Oooh and Oooooohhhh. Thought Spence should have had a crack
  7. My attempt. 🙂 Covid 2020 Sucks 10 months in the Sahara stuck Warnock cheers me up. C'mon Boro. Lets do this.
  8. I know most are watching on sky. But if anyone knows a link can you post? Thanks Ah. Forgot. UK 1 hr behined. Still. If anyone has one please post. Cheers
  9. Early days I know but I am not convinced we are capable of scoring. Whereas QPR do not seem to have the same issues. However. Boro do tend to suprise. I think it will be a tight game. We need a win under our belts to spur us on and hopefully we will get one here. Heart says 2-0 Boro. However. Head says 2 - 1 QPR. (As they are averaging 2 goals a game atm.) Would like to see Akpom get some game time but think it will depend on whether Fletch is fit. And how the game is going. We certainly could do with getting as many points as possible under our belts before injuries deplete the squad further. UTB.
  10. Hmmm. So why read it? There was always the option to skip it. And also an option not to comment.
  11. We should play our second team. Oh wait. We dont have one. 🙃. Well. At least let the youngsters have a crack.
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