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  1. My dear chap. Please do understand. I just don't like Derby. Never have.
  2. Trying to drum up some enthusiasm.... mmmmmmm.... Nope. Nothing. Have to say I have far more interest in whats going to happen at the bottom of the table. Would love to see Rotherham leapfrog Derby.
  3. I would like to see Rotherham survive at the expense of 'Champions league' Derby. It's a nothing game for us. Play the youngsters.
  4. I think unlikely we will make the play offs this season. And even if we did I cant see us winning them, even though they are a bit of a lottery. But still a massive improvement on last season and certainly gives optimism for next.
  5. Starting to get that meh feeling. 😕 Sorry. But just dont see us getting anything here. 3-0 Cardiff.
  6. Just checked in. LMFAO. WTF is going on????? So Boro. Off to bed. Early start. Wish I hadnt looked. 😕
  7. Thought I had gone to the ComeOnBoro forum for a minute. But then I realized there are no F & C words. 😆
  8. Win this and we are just 1 point from safety!!! 🤞
  9. Actually you are probably right about QPR. I forgot Woodgate is now in charge at Bournmouth
  10. So pleased I am only showing the back of my head in my profile pic. Not a wig.
  11. I expect Bournmouth and Cardiff to win. That means we must also win or we will lose touch with the play off's. Unfortunatly I think we will struggle. I have us down for a 3-1 defeat. We have not been convincing enough lately. Anyway. Be nice to be proved wrong and we grab a 1-0 hit and run victory putting us just 4 points from safety.
  12. So how many teams in the bottom third have turned us over now? 5? 6?
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