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  1. Hmmm. So why read it? There was always the option to skip it. And also an option not to comment.
  2. We should play our second team. Oh wait. We dont have one. 🙃. Well. At least let the youngsters have a crack.
  3. Agree. Had to be on target to go in. Ok. The keeper fluffed his lines. But still. And the assist I thought was excellent. One of the few good moves we put together all game. All in all. I believe we still have a hell of a lot to work on. Shrewsbury played well. They are not some mid table L1 team. They have been challenging for promotion for a couple of seasons. But I think we let them play by giving the ball away aimlessly on too many occasions. We have to stop the hoof ball or we will get punished. But we did score 4. So creating at least.
  4. Yes. The NW interview was decent. I guess it's something he has to do. But being as he was saying he inherited a lop sided squad just a few months ago and we have not added any players to counter that. I class it as blowing smoke. Anyway. Time will tell. UTB
  5. Guys. The club is a hobby to SG. Not the best run. But not the worst as we are still here. Expect nothing more than mid table and the frustration disappears. Meditate on that. 😌
  6. https://www.hartlepoolmail.co.uk/sport/football/middlesbrough-fc/middlesbrough-linked-ex-psg-and-leicester-city-powerhouse-ex-man-city-stopper-could-seal-second-tier-switch-championship-gossip-2950674 ???? Anyone?
  7. So gents. I have scrolled through a couple of pages. Seen a lot of speculation. Is there an update on the facts? Other than a CB I havent seen any new signings.
  8. Exactly. What would he possibly bring to the team anyway. 😁
  9. Call me old fashioned. Call me whatever you want actually. But Can we relegate this thread to the VERY LAST page? Or change the name at least? It m Makes me cringe to see the name of the skunks and makems at the top of a Boro forum... 🤮🤮🤮 Damn. I forgot that by adding to it I have just promoted it ti the top. 🥴
  10. I find this interesting. And I am wondering why it seems to have been somewhat overlooked? This coupled with the Midfield stats show Howson to be our worst Midfield player. Yet a lot of folk seem to rave on about him? I admit I have not had the opportunity to watch games this season so it is difficult to judge for myself. But looking at the stats I am wondering what the fixation with Howson is?
  11. Yeah, Tongue in cheek mate. Can't understand why. It's not like we are flush.
  12. Maybe get Woodgate? I believe he is looking for a new club?
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