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  1. Wow. Great point. totally unexpected. Nice one. Keep going. We are only 13 points from a play off spot with half the season left. Onward and upward. C'mon Boro.
  2. If this is live on TV I may be able to watch it on my flight home. At least the fact that I am traveling home will offset the disappointment of a damn good thrashing. 😀
  3. I echo most views on here. Expect to loose this one though would be happy enough with a draw. Just hope we put up a fight and the youngsters shine again. Forrest have the 2nd meanest defense in the league at home so I can't see us scoring. But here's hoping. Head - 2-0 to Forrest. Heart - 1 - 0 to Boro. Walker (if selected) to get off the mark as he is too young to know the city ground jinx effect.
  4. Well I'm pleased with the result. From all accounts we missed a fair few sitters again. So it's not just Britt. However, it sounds like we played a decent game. Charlton are a competent side. Granted they have issues with injuries at the moment. But then again so do we. So to come out on top is a big lift. I am well happy that the youngsters took their chance. This is exactly what we want. Hungry, work hard lads who are going to give their all for the duration of the game. Good result. certainly one we needed and the table looks more palatable now. Hopefully we can keep it going. Well done Boro. Keep battling and we will get out of this mess.
  5. I'll take a chit load of Valium if your offering. 😬😬
  6. 1) Scrape a win. 1-0. 2) Don't think we have much choice. 3) Didn't really have a choice. Rumor is we are washing the kit's on a rock in the Tees. So no chance we could have afforded Downing's salary. 4) And finally, wait for it............................. Do we have a choice? 🤣🤣
  7. Not so sure. Looking at the situation we are in it would appear that this club are very slow when it comes to learning lessons. 🤔
  8. Good read. A refreshing change to read something positive. Thanks.
  9. You could park that bus on the goal line and we still concede 4. 🙄 At least Woody gets to praise more fans from an Ex club.
  10. Got to feel for Woodgate. Probably knew he would be out of his depth when offered the job but doubt if he was told he would have to do it in concrete boots. I wonder if Gibson will give Woody some backing in January or if the genuine possibility of relegation will not phase him.
  11. Can't wait for the mess hall to open. This is such a depressing read. Even the food is going to look good.
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