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  1. https://redi1.soccerstreams.net/event/huddersfield-town-middlesbrough-live-stream/742217 Should get one of these to work
  2. Just thought I would throw this on the table. My mate is a Forrest fan and there's a rumor there that we may recall Spence. Apparently he is playing really well for them so he is quite concerned about it.
  3. Will be delighted if we get anything from this. But really doubt we will. I hate being a pessimist but finding it very difficult to have any positive vibes about this team atm. I do believe we have a fairly good squad and are capable of much more than we are producing. So it bloody annoys me to be feeling so meh. It seems an age since I actually looked forward to games with a sense of excitement. Anyway. Come on Boro. Surprise us please. Lets kick start the season.
  4. Good job AR. 1. Warnock out (if so, who would you replace him with)? It's not too late to make the change and if the right person was available then yes. Do it. Poach Marco Bielsa from Leeds. 2. Man marking is a dinosaur tactic that has no place in the modern game...discuss. Looking at the shambles we have put out recently when using this tactic I think the question answers itself. 3. Have you ever owned a Vauxhall, if so was it any good? My first car. Vauxhaul Viva SL. Loved it. Even when it fell to bits. (Strange story but after a night out in York I went back
  5. Good morning all. Just catching up on the 'game'? Actually expected to get something from this match and strengthen our position in the top 3rd. (yeah yeah. I know. Bit silly.) Anyway it seems that Boro have once again put me in my place and smashed any optimism. Thanks for helping me keep my feet on the ground lads. I will get back to the 'meh' board immediately.
  6. Oh it has sank in. Trust me on that. Our performances are sooo bad. But it can still get worse unless we are ready to splash the cash for a decent manager. We should be aiming play off. Under NW we will be mid to bottom half. But hell, thats what we are used to. Hence the apathy.
  7. You could have saved yourself a bit of typing by not typing at all. 😉
  8. Disagree. I think the past has proven we can get considerably worse.
  9. Brunners. I have seen a lot of your posts on here and mostly I find them well thought out and intelligent. Unfortunately this is in the not so intelligent and I want to win an argument at any cost categories. I did not say I was a fan of Pulis ball. I have not said I am a fan of NW. What I am saying is that IF we do not have a DECENT replacement for NW then we have to stick by him. I for one certainly do not want to go through the Woodgate saga again. And IMO today was not NW's tactics. We showed enough to win that game. Today was all about the players. They were shockingly bad when it c
  10. HAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.......ffs. What a board.
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