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  1. If Gibson still wants to give him time he MUST get a more experienced head in to work with Woodgate. As Uwe and many others have pointed out. He is totally lost.
  2. I would be more concerned about going to Taiwan than the game.
  3. Oh yeah. We do have a win. Totally forgot about Preston. Damn that seems such a long time ago. Still sickening.
  4. Since the turn of the year Barnsley have had 3 wins and 1 draw. Boro have had 0 wins and 4 draws. I would say they are in better form than we are. Which in all honesty is sickening.
  5. Recent form dictates that Barnsley are going to win. However, we have proved in the past that we can actually play a decent game. (We just don't come close to doing it on a consistent basis). I think it depends on which team Woody puts out there. He needs to look at the team and formation that we played when we went on our December maga run and play as close to that as possible. Stop picking his favorites and look at what did actually work. If he can do this then I actually think we could get 3 points from this game. Edit. I was actually wondering if I could squeeze in another 'actually' somewhere.
  6. I think if it was easy to give up on Middlesbrough FC a lot of us would have done it a long time ago. 🤔
  7. And looking at the predicament of a lot of clubs in the Championship it's the right thing to do. But yeah. Not in the least bit sexy. Guess we will just have to bite the bullet for a while.
  8. I understand where your coming from but after watching RBL V Spurs last night I know what I would prefer to see on a weekly basis. That is how to play a high press game. I thought they were very exciting to watch and I thought Spurs were fortunate to only concede 1 goal. I am 100% convinced that if Boro could produce like that then the ground would be full every week regardless of if there was a change of identity or not. And that in itself would add to a much better game day atmosphere.
  9. I am not sure if it would be 'that' terrible. It has been a long time since Boro actually generated anything exciting as far as I am concerned. And I think we all agree that some drastic changes are required. But I guess it is just a pipe dream because I don't see anything but more of the same for some considerable time to come. However. The most interesting part of the article as far as I was concerned was the personnel that have been put in place and how they have found a winning formula without paying over the odds for players. It seems it can be done if you have people who can recognize real talent at an early age.
  10. I found this to be a very interesting read. Especially in regards to the discussions about SG being too 'hands on' at the club. It shows that the right people in the right positions can make a massive difference. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/51475532 I wonder how true the rumor was in regards to Red Bull. If it was to ever happen we could be despised as much as Man City. 🤣
  11. Fair point. I know Pulis wasnt around when the sale went through. Though I do think he had a lot to do with MB's attitude towards the club prior to the sale. But yes. In hindsight. I agree that we have been fairly astute when selling. Much more than we have when buying.
  12. I could be wrong but I doubt we put any kind of clause in there. I think Pulis made it clear a long time ago he wanted him gone under any circumstances and Braithwaite was of a similar frame of mind.
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