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  1. Must have took time to put that together. Very well expained. Great job. So we are not totally broke (yet) but certainly cannot afford anymore flop signings.
  2. Think I had hull surviving by 1 point. Probably because I put them down to draw with us. But I do feel a little more relaxed having seen the run in for most of the teams around us.
  3. I did the predictor and put us down for just 1 win. 2 defeats and the rest draws. Had us safe on 50 points finishing in 18th place. I went very conservative in regards to Boro. As I do think we have a chance to get more than 1 victory. But as has been mentioned. The teams around us have some really tough fixtures. So ultimatley I think that is what will save us. Charlton, Barnsley and Luton to go down.
  4. So the majority of the time its a no nonsense board then. 😁
  5. The mirror version of our forum (Though a bit more colourful) after the Barnsley game. 🤣 https://forum.charltonlife.com/discussion/88452/charlton-v-middlesbrough-sat-07-mar-3pm-ko-post-match-thread This cracked me up....🤣🤣🤣. Last comment page 4. Wheresmeticket? March 7 Greenie said: I think I might wet the bed tonight. *** on mine earlier to save time.
  6. I was close. Maybe I should do the pools.. Though I am not sure if they exist anymore. 🤔
  7. Happy Sunday. 😅 Not out of it yet by a long way. But it's a start. C'mon Boro.
  8. I cant remember exactly but i think that deduction actually nailed us for relegation. I know it was close. Anyway. Good 3 points today. Happy weekend at last.
  9. Thats a good thing he didnt have a lot to do. But was it down to charlton attack or our defence. Somehow i think the former. But all good in the end.
  10. Yeah. Only Boro get shafted it seems. A long time ago admittedly but there was no hesitation deducting points from us under Robson.
  11. Tho i would say Ayala would be the exception
  12. More than 3 'pints' i think. Long time since we celebrated. 😂😂
  13. Those point deductions. If happen are really going to liven things up. 😂
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