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  1. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/middlesbrough-watford-kamil-conteh-transfer-24006994 Dont know if this has been posted already. But has anyone seen this guy? Is it worth getting excited over?
  2. Not sure if Boro can handle the pressure of todays game as it is without question an absolute must win. But if we can pull it off what a massive last game of the season it will be. A rollercoaster ride to the last day and for sure a huge following to Preston. Anyway. Win or lose. I would still say a big thank you to CW and the team as a whole for what has been quite a thriller of a season. I had no expectations at the start of the campaign so to see us up there scrapping for as long as we have been. That, plus the bonus of an exceptional cup run took away the meh feeling that I ha
  3. I actually think Hudds will win the play offs. Huddersfield v Forest in the final.
  4. Havent seen Boro too much this season but after watching the first half here I actually am quite surprised that we are in with a shout of a play off spot!?? Whare is the team that beat Spurs???? 45mins to sort this out because up to now it has been shockingly bad.
  5. https://redi1.soccerstreams.net/event/middlesbrough-huddersfield-town-live-stream/828940 Hopefully one works
  6. So I guess we will see today if it's all about the strikers being as CW has changed it up.
  7. The Hull defeat finished our season. 2-0 Bournemouth. The push for the play offs this season has been a bonus anyway as at the start of the campaign I did not expect us to be anywhere near. So it has been a good ride. Hoping for more next season once CW has had the chance to rebuild. (Please make me eat my words Boro.) :)
  8. Game day. Hopefully. The start of the great North (East) Run in. UTB
  9. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/60902500 Not a lot of mentions in the comments section for the Boro. Quite like staying under the radar, though that could change quickly. It is going to be tight for sure with some tough fixtures but it is certainly our own hands. Hope nerves don't get the better of us.
  10. Gee. Yeah. Never thought of it like that. Wheres that flexible hand emoji..
  11. The whole team has been abysmal. Passing has been P*** poor. Control non existent. SU have played very well. Real pressing game and our guys just could not cope.
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