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  1. Don't know how anyone is taking positives from that game yesterday. Yes we worked hard but that should be every game. We diddnt create anything at all. The play in the final 3rd was embarrassing.
  2. I honestly reckon it will be him saying he's bringing in mclaren to help out
  3. Britt dosnt give a ***. Walks round with a daft smirk on his face. Can't wait too see the back off him. He should be getting similar critism to gestede. Waste of money and on a fortune. But everyone still sings his name and seems to get excited when he comes off the bench
  4. The only reason we have looked at getting another player in that position is because of roberts injury. So therefore we having been looking the full month
  5. Work with a lad who knows him. He keeps getting warned about his attitude and apparently walks around telling everyone about how much money he earns. If that's his attitude its only gonna end one way
  6. Haven't seen anywhere that Southampton are interested. They have just got that walker Peters aswell. Could this be a misunderstanding between the 2
  7. Yeh thought that but that game isn't till the end of march. Im probably just over thinking things with the lack of rumours recently 😂
  8. Leo was at the chelsea game yesterday. Wonder if he's went to look at a player or just there to watch the game. Fikayo Tomori aparently had a great game and got a goal from centre back. Only young aswell and hasn't been getting in the squad in the league recently. This is just total guesswork btw
  9. I can see it happening because he clearly dosnt want to be there. I understand teams keeping players that want out if there key players but Ben Gibson isn't getting a look in. Makes no sense to keep him. His value will Continue to decrease of he stays there and dosnt play games. Only thing that puzzles me is his wages. If he's on 40 grand a week are we gonna give him that aswell
  10. A lad I know has been up there today and put a picture online.
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