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  1. I prefer to look at the teams around us and judge who i reckon will be around the play offs come end of play. We are 1 point off the playoffs as things stand and i feel like we have massively improved our squad this month.. I dont fear many of the teams below us but look at what teams above us could slip up. Bournmouth are on a really poor run of form and i feel like reading might drop down a few places. Just hope we get a good run together sooner than later to give us a good chance. UTB
  2. I think they must of been some truth in the 6 month efl ban he had
  3. Yeh they have just took a guess. Its probably gonna g through but its not like they have give any details like length of contract
  4. Hes also mentioned that bola can olay theres aswell like he did at brentford
  5. I think its a big improvement on the squad that have currently got to 7th place. Couple points off playoffs. We have played spence and johnson on the wings. mendez laing and bolasie is a huge upgrade in my eyes Fisher looked really solid in his 1st game and fletcher coming back also, utfb
  6. Thought you said the 2 top targets were bristol city striker and westbrom winger. Id say there were the 2 unrealistic targets we had. According to other reports it sounds like they were dead days ago
  7. Im just trying to stay optimistic tbf but find it mad that no one has had any info on other players signing this season but theres alsorts coming out now
  8. How reliable is your source tho mate. Cant remember anyone on here coming up with any of the players we have signed this season?
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