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  1. I agree. Some posters said there was no chance.
  2. Warnock basically confirmed Siliki was Scott’s signing. If that’s the case I reckon he was involved in most the signings/ links abroad
  3. Does he have to quarantine?
  4. Siliki got 15 minutes here. Playing him wide left which is interesting. Got a good first touch and put a few great delivery’s into the box. In play and dead balls
  5. Lumley McNair. Hall. Fry djickstell. Howson. Bola Siliki Crooks. Tav Sporar/ uche or with Jones and Hernandez but more width. cpuld even play them 2 instead of djicksteel and bola
  6. I’d like to see us set up like Chelsea do tbf. Definitely stronger with 3 at the back and the 2 behind the striker can play through the middle or out wide giving us plenty of options. Tav. Crooks Sporar/ uche Or Hernandez Jones Sporar/ uche can easily go into 532 with that formation aswell and get both uche and Sporar on the pitch at the same time
  7. Let’s be honest it can’t be happening now. Nothing been said on it for hours.
  8. Wonder who the 2 other players were that made @Raf smogthknk we could be bringing 4 players in
  9. @Raf smogyou can’t just drop a bomb like that and disappear mate
  10. Utb. Any surprises or is it players that have already been mentioned
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