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  1. Obviously wasnt looking hard enough. Watched it again and hes clearly there haha
  2. I was looking for him but couldnt see him. Must of missed it
  3. Ill chip in like. Always wonder what you get out of sponsoring a player. Is there any benefits?
  4. Tbf i have been told by alot of people about walkers attitude. Some of which are lads he knocks about with. Goes about bragging about 'stinking of cash' apparently. Don't know the lad myself but also get the feeling that maddo feels the same the way he talks about him sometimes.
  5. He hasnt played a decent game this season. But then again heade a few good tackles late on when he was playing deeper. So maybe he would be better in a 4. Not seen much from him going forward
  6. Hes innefective were ever he plays. Hes got pace but thats as far as it goes. Id bring him off for bola amd go 433
  7. Ive just said the same. Hopefully britt gets his 1st goal today. I think he needs it
  8. https://www.boro.support/middlesbrough-supporters-forumminutes-42-with-neil-warnock/
  9. Not thread related but wonder who the u23 player is that warnock watched play against leeds and put got him training with the 1st team. Was on the transcript from the supporters club meeting if anyone had read it
  10. Yeh it would be nice to get another player in but i agree in a way. Would be good if we could get bolasie all but signed before the window and announce him 1st of jan like we did with roberts last season
  11. Its abit odd that pears hasn't been announced or have i missed something
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