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  1. In theory they could play tomorrow but i doubt it
  2. They’ve rejected a third bid from Watford
  3. Just said they’ve got some news about Burnley coming up soon on SSN 👀
  4. Jordan jones a load of rubbish then edit: sorry didn’t see the post before when I posted this
  5. I suppose Mikel hadn’t been charged with 2 acts of assault and threatening to throw acid in his ex-girlfriend’s face
  6. What better time to bring out this beauty FullSizeRender.mov
  7. Where do we actually stand on gibbo, one minute he’s off to Watford the next minute we scrape out some cash to pay some of his wages but Watford can still pay the whole thing so they’re favourites but he wants to come back to boro??? It’s all a bit confusing
  8. Morrison has started following boro on Instagram now.
  9. 3 days until deadline day and this is what is being posted 😂
  10. This is all so typical of boro to have all of these promising targets and they all fall through at about 2pm on deadline day. We’ll probably end up with Andre Bikey on a 6 month deal at 10pm 😂
  11. In today’s latest episode of ‘where is Ben Gibson today?’
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