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  1. Are Barnsley willing to sell their best player to a rival? Are they skint or something?
  2. Delighted to get Morsy in but at the same time I do feel for the Wigan fans. It’s never nice to see situations like this happen to a club
  3. Is Morsy to be completed tomorrow? I didn’t think it was that close. Apologies if I’ve missed anything
  4. Warnock has told all of our goalkeepers they can leave according to Graeme Bailey
  5. Saw Nixon saying earlier on twitter that Barnsley are open to selling a few. Someone also asked him if he knew who it may be and he said their ‘big names’ the 3 he specifically mentioned were brown, Woodrow and mowatt
  6. the squad numbers suggest he wants a goalkeeper attacking midfielder (no 10) and a centre back. Also worth noting mejias doesn’t have a squad number
  7. Blimey looking at all the Birmingham fans on twitter reacting to Clayton and Friend... They’re easily pleased aren’t they? 😂
  8. Is there any reason why they didn’t show or was it just a case of can’t be arsed?
  9. We’ve tried those before with Valencia and Man City. We managed to get Negrado and Roberts from it but we also ended up with their rubbish: Barragan and Nmecha
  10. Heard gibbo has got them on bunk beds at rockliffe with matching boro duvet covers and boro pyjamas along with a free Rory gnome each, directly from the club shop. If that doesn’t sell the club to them then nothing will!
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