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  1. Adam reach having an absolute stormer for Wednesday here. His contract is up at the end of the season as it stands... Worth a look?
  2. How tf have we managed to use a paddy kenny photoshop to announce a signing 😂
  3. Our Neil looks buzzing. Must be another in the works 😜
  4. I give it half an hour until reports come out saying he’s failed his medical 🤦‍♂️😂
  5. If we sell them Britt for 2 million and bring in diedhiou for the 500k that’s being talked about, I think we’ve had their pants down
  6. If we’re after a centre back, hear some fella called Ryan shotton is available... Reckon he fancies it?
  7. Seems like either us or Everton have bitten the bullet at the death. Seriously hope it’s not us because it could get expensive if we’re paying more
  8. Seems a bit dodgy seeing as their owner was complaining that they are loosing over £3 million per month the other day...
  9. Assume they’re just waiting to see if any other club is willing to beat our offer then? They can’t wait much longer now though surely?
  10. I agree it’s not too much to ask. Just thought it was funny to put into perspective how *** we were last season again 😂
  11. That is near enough our whole tally last season from three players...
  12. I think Gibson heard Warnock’s message loud and clear with the speed that this one has been done
  13. Are Barnsley willing to sell their best player to a rival? Are they skint or something?
  14. Delighted to get Morsy in but at the same time I do feel for the Wigan fans. It’s never nice to see situations like this happen to a club
  15. Is Morsy to be completed tomorrow? I didn’t think it was that close. Apologies if I’ve missed anything
  16. Warnock has told all of our goalkeepers they can leave according to Graeme Bailey
  17. Saw Nixon saying earlier on twitter that Barnsley are open to selling a few. Someone also asked him if he knew who it may be and he said their ‘big names’ the 3 he specifically mentioned were brown, Woodrow and mowatt
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