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  1. Pelts got more minutes (out of position) for a promotion chasing team than Friend did for a *** team this season. Don't know if he's an upgrade
  2. Jonas Lossl worth looking at as number 2? Barely played for Brentford but was decend at Hudds in the prem
  3. I'd give em both a chance pre season like but I reckon Ameobi is done, and Cakpom's barely set the world alight on loan. I'd be mega dissapointed if we didn't replace both
  4. His goals to games isnt amazing but his hold up play is class
  5. Was gonna say, he might be an option as second striker
  6. Ok, would you be happy signing Hanley at 5m? On paper they are still comparable I've got nothing against signing him back but only at market rate. Even on the norwich forums they're saying the only way they get anywhere near back what they paid for him is if Boro are in for him, they know no one else would pay as much as us.
  7. Ok so I eyeballed the maths. In the 2 seasons he was at Burnley he played like 6. 66 apps in 4 years for two *** teams For example - Grant Hanley is comparable, 1 year older but played far more games recently, has 3 promotions to the Prem under his belt AND is the Norwich captain. Would I be mega excited at signing him for £5m? No People only want Gibson coz he's from here
  8. Not if he'd barely played 50 games in the last 4 years for Burnley and Norwich and was looking to be £5m+
  9. If United had Lumley playin for em they probably would've finished 16th 😂
  10. Those were some of the worst pens I've ever seen from Sheffield
  11. Same. I reckon if they go up they'd try and get Spence on the cheap because he wants to go there, whereas if they stay down he'll wanna go to the Prem
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