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  1. Yeah but did you know that M'bappe WANTS to go to Real Madrid?!
  2. How crap has sky sports deadline day been by the way? Had it on for an hour and they just kept repeating the M'bappe story over and over. Pretty much unwatchable
  3. And if he doesn't do well they're stuck paying his wages for another year. Nothing I've seen of him suggests he deserves an extension at City
  4. Couldn't care less what he thinks to be honest 🙂
  5. Is anyone keeping count of how many misspellings of Siliki we've had?
  6. They paid off his contract. Sell on clause is irrelevant
  7. Watford rate Deeney less than Ashley Fletcher. Pass
  8. He might see an opportunity to make a quick buck on him while bringing in a superior replacement?
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