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  1. I was collecting for zoeys place outside the ground a couple of years ago, stood at the gates when Neil walked past. I asked for some change and he said he didnt have any. I said "oh go on" and he reluctantly gave me a crisp £20 I am a negotiating mastermind and I'm willing to help the club get some signings over the line
  2. I mean he barely played for Bayern really, and the French league outside PSG isn't that great. Plus he's seemingly perma crocked (never made more than 25 league apps in a season by the looks of it) Tav and Sanches are closer in quality than you think imo
  3. tbf Grant didn't not play in the prem coz he wasn't good enough, he was injured pretty much the entire season wasn't he?
  4. We've got good history buying strikers who've done well in the Eredivisie so I'm very confident that Larson will be a success
  5. Hal Robson Kanu makes Downing sound like Einstein
  6. Maybe they're struggling to attract a replacement and given Armstrong an in (like we seem to have possibly done with Cakpom) and he's taken his chance?
  7. Things change. Really don't see Armstrong or Archer happening
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