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  1. I can see it now, Bournemouth go down and make a healthy profit on selling Tav. Shame, wish he'd go to a better club that isn't going to come straight down again
  2. Don't think we'll get Armstrong like, scored again for Ston and apparently looking sharp
  3. It's almost as if he's just had the best season of his career or something
  4. I mean just coz Huddersfield got robbed doesn't mean we should be happy with getting robbed too
  5. This guy is a complete mug btw. Check his tweet about Tav from the other week
  6. Strange we're still loaning him out. Good luck to the lad though
  7. Don't blame him. Apparently he's minted outside of football so probably just wants to stay at Barca for the clout
  8. Are you actually serious right now? Christ alive 😂
  9. He might be keeping his options open to see if he gets a better deal from another club
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