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  1. Reckon one of the addons from spurs was to win a trophy? We can tick that one off 😂
  2. How many games are we going to be without Steffen for the World Cup?
  3. How the *** have we got Steffen. Feel like I'm dreaming
  4. Must be nice splashing a heap of cash on a guy who's not kicked a ball in 18 months. We should be setting our sights higher than Gayle
  5. They were there abouts. You're saying a 17 year old should have been in their team?
  6. Yeah, Spurs are a CL team. Not particularly surprising that a kid wasn't making their squad
  7. Plus there's academy kids that are definitely going to get cup games/ bench positions not on that list like Bilongo*, Gibson and Kav
  8. Well they probably hate Palace more for actually injuring him
  9. I'm still going to be booing him, he made enough howlers for a few seasons
  10. I'm sure the people at the echo have actually just rang the club and asked if they're happy with what they've got. The other numbers floating around seem to be plucked from thin air to be honest to make it seem like Spurs got exactly what they wanted
  11. He was one of the top scoring midfielders in the league and thats with missing a load thru suspension, give your head a wobble
  12. No you must remain absolutely silent until someone is announced. Then someone can post the tweet here here and we can all like it. That's it
  13. Thanks for the insightful comment. No one is forcing you to be here
  14. He was miserable here, think he'd rather retire than come back. Not happening
  15. I'd still wanna do my own if I was the buying club, even if he'd done one yesterday. Remember Subotic?
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