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  1. Why have they got him picking his nose in the promo pic?
  2. They better be. No point putting any trophy add ons in at Spuds
  3. Can we put a moratorium on talking about he who shall not be named until something actually happens please
  4. We'll be pushing for the champions league by then though so he probably wouldn't get in our team
  5. We were in for him last summer apparently but he barely set the national league alight last season He's only joined the B team mind
  6. Seeing as he plays for Bristol City, I would guess not
  7. Because Gayle is on a massive whack and has barely played whereas Mooy has been playing and is currently on £0
  8. If you think I'm going to get overly excited by a player I'd not heard of before today, you're god damn right. I would die for Thomas Henry
  9. Troy Parrot hardly tore up league 1 like, it's a no from me
  10. Cancel the striker search, Sonny Finch is taking us up
  11. That would absolutely not help us at all. Not happening
  12. Forest after Che Adams off Saints. Surely they wouldn't let Adams and Armstrong both go, at least til they've got some replacements
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