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  1. Might want to just get game time for World cup 🤷‍♂️
  2. Speaking of, Aaron Mooy has left Shanghai. I'd have him here to compete with Howson
  3. He'd find a way to foul him, just like he did almost every opposition player last season
  4. Tav started all but 2 league games last season. What's so weird about a first team player playing every game?
  5. He's desperate to come back but not enough to reduce his wages....ok....
  6. We could start with Leo in goal and still only have the 23rd worst keeper in the league, so its an improvement on last season Happy with Steffen
  7. Then 40k will be no problem when we sign him in the prem next year 👍
  8. I was gonna suggest Steffen earlier today when I saw City were moving for their new number 2, but thought it was beyond the realms of possibility. Don't know much about him but he must be alright
  9. That's not how it works. Just coz our strikers were *** doesn't make Crooks a striker
  10. He was injured wasn't he? On his day he was easily good enough imo
  11. He's a lefty but from what I've seen of him I doubt he's an upgrade on what we have
  12. He's not a gk coach for us now, he's just a standard coach. Hope we never get rid, love the bloke
  13. Bit on transfer centre again linking Scott to a role at United
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