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  1. Also they're mates from accy stanley/ rangers. Just a joke
  2. I agree. Can't remember the last time we've loaned a youth striker out and they've got enough games to make it worth their while
  3. He's not done and I'm sure he'll go on to have a good career But we can't be affording project players this season unfortunately.
  4. From the tweet today calling Roberts our first signing, sounds like Conteh isn't in the first team frame
  5. We don't have to presume that at all. There wasn't a chance in hell either of those two were going to be playing for us next season. We probably saw an offer come in and bit their hand off
  6. Its some bloke that spews nonsense about Barnsley for some reason. Ignore
  7. The problem with Ben Foster isn't his diet, or his no training, or his vlogging. His problem is he's *** Wouldn't touch with a bargepole
  8. I'm genuinely amazed that Reading are dumb enough to sign him. I reckon we must be covering most of his wages to make it worth their while
  9. Ameobi will never make an app for us. He'll be a good quiz question in 20 years though
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