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  1. No need to worry yet. Realistically we should all have expected it, bar a bit of early season optimism. This is a squad built for years around a defensive approach under Karanka and Pulis, with Monk wasting money somewhere in the middle. Everything was against Woodgate going into this season. No money and wanting to adopt a philosophy the direct opposite to what has been ingrained in these players for years. Give it until November/December time and if we're still languishing around the bottom somewhere then we should start to become worried.
  2. These sides have only thrived because of their recruitment after selling these players. We could argue that Boro did the same thing with selling their key assets in Bamford and Traore but you need to follow that up with good recruitment which we haven't. Norwich went with cheap buys and young talent who tore the championship apart last season. We've brought in a young exciting winger who has been subbed at HT in back to back games which isn't good for anybody. I accept that players need time to bed in but if you're not given 60 minutes from the start, it's not a good sign, especially when you consider the calibre of the opponent.
  3. Early season optimism has well and truly vanished for me and for the first time this season, I worry that we're going to be on the receiving end of a battering. 3-0 Bristol City
  4. Not suggesting that he should have said Boro, but a generic championship manager response would have been fitting there .. ‘it’s a tough league’ , ‘there’s potentially 10 teams who could win it’ something like that.
  5. If we were to be realistic, Boro aren’t winning the league this season. But what is everyone’s thoughts on Woodgate saying in his press conference that he thinks Fulham will win it? Again, he’s being realistic, but what does that do to a players confidence hearing your own manager stating that he doesn’t think they can go all the way? And that he doesn’t have belief in his own tactics that he can pull off a shock, something that does happen in this division?
  6. Anonymous against the good sides, along with the rest of the team under Pulis. He's spent the majority of his time at Boro under Pulis but now we have a manager who wants to play attacking football, this is when he should be judged.
  7. Just to clarify, I do like Shotton as a player and was a stand out player under Pulis at right back. I'm just not sure this style of play really suits him, especially as a left sided centre back. I'm just outside of Bristol Karanka had his moments, don't get me wrong. But how many times did we seem him just sat in the dug out sulking? And let's not bring up the Charlton incident ....
  8. Was dropping Dijksteel harsh? No, but I'd be tempted to bring him back in and move Howson to the Midfield in place of Clayton. Millwall will be become unstuck with quick possession based football and Howson will provide us with that, more-so than Clayton. Dependant on Fry, I'd even be tempted to move Shotton to right back with Fry and Ayala a centre back for additional height. Will Millwall’s direct style make us come unstuck? Potentially. We've struggled with defending set pieces and there's been nothing to suggest we'll be solid in the air. Score predictions? 2-1 Boro
  9. First post on here for me! For me, Shotton has been our worst performer this year so far. Doesn't look comfortable as a ball playing centre back, and throws himself into challenges he has no chance of winning and allowing strikers to skip past him. The quicker Fry comes back in the better, he'll add stability and confidence to our entire back line. The Wigan game specifically was poor, we all know that but it's a huge lift for the side. Win the game with a clean sheet whilst playing badly means you have a platform to build on and knowing you can grind out results in this league is important, especially when no side in this league will perform well for 46 games of a season. Seeing Woody/Keane/Leo acting the way they did on the touchline is a big boost for the club as well. Having 3 people who genuinely care about the club will only push us forward. When you see a manager reacting on the touchline, it lifts the crowd and as a result, the players as well. OK, he hasn't got off to the best of starts but we shouldn't underestimate the importance of having people like that in the dugout. We didn't have that with Karanka or Pulis.
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