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  1. Middlesbrough Supporters South have got to the final of David Baister Cup and play Brighton on the 8th May somewhere in or around London/Kent. I`m sure they would love to lift the cup infront of a big Middlesbrough crowd so everyone get yaselves there. I`ll give more details of the venue and times when I know more or if Lisbonlegend sees this then I`m sure he will do likewise. This is mainly aimed at the southern based fans but of course everyone is asked to attend and I`m sure they would love to see a few from the North aswell.
  2. Your kids would love it over in the SEC and deffo in block 52....around row 26 and seats 50-55 would be perfect as you get to see the party pretty close but not to close, so you get an idea of what`s going on. Also if your kids would like a flag to wave ( all meet ground regulations ), I`m sure one of the RF lads will provide your kids with 1 each, they`ll probably offer you confetti and a few streamers to throw as the teams come out aswell but that`s entirely up to you if you weant to accept them. I can arrange this for you if you like and they could meet you at the ground on the day. I h
  3. haha...........it`s a result I`d take right now, any better would be awesome.
  4. Great result. Over the moon. Huge sigh of relief from every Boro fan that this season and it`s worries are finally over. Well done lads. COYR
  5. haha CF, I `m only a pound off what you put as the highest price of a ticket and that is match by match with a BP card......I`m not sure of SC prices in the SEC. My local club, Margate charge £10 for admission and IIRC there are no seats at all in the ground. That leads me to believe that running a club is an expensive occupation, players not included. Margate have no professionals that I can think off and most are part time/amateur. Perhaps it`s just English football that has the problem of overpricing.
  6. Darkgunslinger may I ask how old your children are? Perhaps a change of location is needed to bring back the buzz at games. I don`t hide the fact that I`m a member of Red faction and if you are trully feeling sick then may I recommend for the remainder of the home games this season you move you and your childrens tickets over to block 52. This can be done at the ticket office. The reason I say 52 is that it`s close enough for your children to be able to join in with the singing and general feel within the SEC but, far enough away that your not in a***st the doyles who just go to intimid
  7. Brainwashed?? You don`t believe £21 is a bargain to watch the team you love? I go to support Middlesbrough Football Club, CF.......not to watch football. I can do that for free at the local pitches.
  8. In your eyes maybe but not in mine. The display on the pitch does not concern me, that`s for Tony Mowbray or whoever is manager to worry about. Come match day all that matters to me is showing the club that I will support it no matter what. I can`t change what goes on on the pitch so why should I let it concern me. Right now to CF. Good reply mate and yeh I suppose I am entertained implicitly going by those definitions that you posted up but my reply to darkgunslinger was more in relation to the traditional meaning of entertainment and his post and my answer reflect that. In ans
  9. Going to watch football for entertainment???? How times have changed that football now is regarded as an entertainment industry. I go to watch Boro, not for entertainment but, for the sheer pride it gives me to watch the team that represents my birthplace, no matter what the result or what division we are in. If you want entertainment I`m sure the Red coats at Butlins are just down your street.
  10. boroboy6872


    Mouse get yourself on FMTTM forum and ask if anyone else is Scarboro based that you can share the travel with.
  11. They should scrap the booking fee for all purchases for the time being. Personally I think prices are on the button. £21 for a place in the SEC.....bargain. Also why don`t you southern based lads get together to share the cost.....it`s not hard really is it.
  12. Cheers BU. His son Luke set this up. Signed the guestbook.
  13. @ Wilf. Aye, I bit a tad to easily there like and tbh was hoping the thread would die of death. No offence taken and no offence meant, everyone has there own opinion and I shouldn`t have expceted everyone to be in support of it. @ Linthorpian2009. Same as my reply to Wilf. Sorry for biting so quickly and not respecting other peoples views on this. If I have been insulting I`m sorry for that aswell.
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