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  1. Was confident earlier. With Shotton now injured, I'm less so. One CB for remainder of season?
  2. Haha, I was being sarcastic but I now feel the same excitement rooted in fear.
  3. Weird to think that a win tonight and a few losses elsewhere could put us 5 points clear of relegation places tonight with just 2 games left. But... a few bad results including losing tonight means we could be in bottom three by Thursday. How exciting!
  4. Randolph; Dijk, Fry, Ayala, McNair, Johnson; Howson, Wing, Tav; Fletcher, Britt
  5. I agree with most of what you say here about Britt, but I actually thought he held the ball up quite well a few times. At least he didn't jump under the ball every time like Fletcher did
  6. Whatever the formation we use on Wednesday, I feel Fry needs to be dropped.
  7. Adama Traore not in the Wolves squad for their game today. Get on it Boro! ?
  8. Oh I'd forgotten all about this GIF. Thank you..
  9. I wouldn’t be happy with Clayton leaving.
  10. Do you mean bought and immediately went into the team? Cause I'd say before he left, Adama was first on the team-sheet for a while, but that was after being here a while.
  11. Ah yes, both frees. Actual cash, we dished out a good £10m for Braithwaite yeah
  12. Mejias this season, Mikel we got in January.
  13. I'll take SDS's word for it that he was there and there was a full house, but odd I couldn't see him either in a 5min video, and I seemed to see everyone else!
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