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  1. I literally was just on Steam now looking at how much FM21 was to do an edit and a season with this new Boro team. Too much for me however.. back to FM12
  2. Forgive me if I've missed it, but did we ever find out who the "shock signing" was? I seem to remember a few weeks back that we were going to sign something that would've been a major coup if we'd pulled it off. Then... nothing?
  3. He's also just signed on to be assistant at Corinthians about 2 months ago
  4. Was confident earlier. With Shotton now injured, I'm less so. One CB for remainder of season?
  5. Haha, I was being sarcastic but I now feel the same excitement rooted in fear.
  6. Weird to think that a win tonight and a few losses elsewhere could put us 5 points clear of relegation places tonight with just 2 games left. But... a few bad results including losing tonight means we could be in bottom three by Thursday. How exciting!
  7. Randolph; Dijk, Fry, Ayala, McNair, Johnson; Howson, Wing, Tav; Fletcher, Britt
  8. I agree with most of what you say here about Britt, but I actually thought he held the ball up quite well a few times. At least he didn't jump under the ball every time like Fletcher did
  9. Whatever the formation we use on Wednesday, I feel Fry needs to be dropped.
  10. Adama Traore not in the Wolves squad for their game today. Get on it Boro! ?
  11. Oh I'd forgotten all about this GIF. Thank you..
  12. I wouldn’t be happy with Clayton leaving.
  13. Do you mean bought and immediately went into the team? Cause I'd say before he left, Adama was first on the team-sheet for a while, but that was after being here a while.
  14. Ah yes, both frees. Actual cash, we dished out a good £10m for Braithwaite yeah
  15. Mejias this season, Mikel we got in January.
  16. I'll take SDS's word for it that he was there and there was a full house, but odd I couldn't see him either in a 5min video, and I seemed to see everyone else!
  17. I wouldn't sell him. But if we're that desperate for cash, then something around £6m
  18. I mean.. he does have those attributes in his locker cause we’ve seen them. Who cares if it’s a header from 3 yards, a goal is a goal. It means he’s getting in the right position. Javier Hernandez never scores outside the box. Is he a bad striker because he doesn’t “have it in his locker” to score from outside the area?
  19. Guy on Twitter saying he saw Britt at a spa and he said “he’s staying”. I know can’t really trust a random guy on Twitter. Just passing on info
  20. Yeah; first thought my Internet was going all Shotton on me
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