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  1. I don't think that's a bite. More a push in the back but surely there would've been a reaction if Britt's teeth had got anywhere near him! Anyway, the game I thought was spot on apart from conceding the late goal. A complete contrast to the performance against Brum. It was like a different team, the whole mentality and attitude was spot on. We really frustrated them and despite what some people think, I actually find our style of play quite entertaining to watch. A lot of pressure without the ball and trying to retain it and move up the pitch with it.
  2. Signing this Jordan Archer fella leaves me scratching my head... would we not have been better just giving one of the keepers from a local team a contract until the end of the season? He looks utter garbage!
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/55522133 Did anyone see this goal? It’s one of the best goals I’ve ever seen! Totally unbelievable skill. I think the ref should’ve just blown for full time after that and the scorer should have a statue outside the stadium erected immediately.
  4. I don’t know much about Wycombe Wanderers other than Martin O’Neil managed there as an up and coming manager in the 90’s before he worked wonders with Leicester and made a real name for himself. He was the manger that beat us in the cup final replay at Hillsborough in 97. Also in the 90’s, Wycombe had a player called Steve Guppy (he was lightning fast on an old computer game I had) who followed O’Niell to Leicester, then to Celtic and even played for England once. After Wycombe beating Cardiff on Tuesday and our defeat to Sheffield Wednesday, I’d say this one is tougher to call than I’d hoped it would be. However, they’re still bottom of the league and I can’t imagine Warnock will accept anything less than a bounce back with a win. Bettinelli won’t be dropped but Tav might start which will probably give us a bigger attacking threat. I think we’ll win very convincingly.
  5. A disappointing way to end my MDT run. Felt like Bettinelli could’ve done better with their goals but so could McNair, especially for the second. But, it just didn’t happen for us tonight. Bring on the next game and the next 3 points. UTB
  6. I really can’t see us getting less than 3 points here now. They’re in absolute turmoil on and off the pitch and this might just be to tipping point that sends them into a complete nosedive. Incidentally, the first team coach Neil Thompson who has stepped up to replace Pulis for this game, was managed by Warnock at Scarborough from 86-88.
  7. The Owls v The Boro 29th December 2020 Kick Off: 19:00 Location: Hillsborough "The game which sees us face one extremely unpopular former manger, when we thought we might've been facing another" Tuesday night being Boro's next fixture means that we will not be having a Boxing Day game at all this year. Had we played on Monday, we could've pretended it was Boxing Day as the Bank Holiday aspect falls then. But no. It's not to be. No Boxing day fixture this year, which seems to follow a pattern of occurring every 5 years: 2020, 2015, 2010 (@DanFromDownSouth did some fixture list research) Our boys should approach this game well rested after a busy set of fixtures since late November, playing 9 games in 29 days. Warnock has given the team both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to rest, so as long as they don't fall into the trap that I inevitably would (end up getting over excited and drinking too much) they should each be fresh as a daisy and well up for it. Tony Pulis will welcome his former employers to his new wrecking project in Sheffield, with a squad that bares little resemblance to the one which he left in the less than capable hands of Jonathan Woodgate. Pulis prides himself on making his teams hard to beat and avoid relegation. What we didn't realise at the start of his tenure with us, was he also liked to avoid promotion, suck the life out of a club, destroy confidence and make people question if football was really that important anyway. His transfer policy of purchasing capable giants saw us pay £7m for goal machine defender Aden Flint. This transfer proved extremely successful, with Flint converting his goal every 5.8 games ratio to one in 39. Pulis was also a massive fan of the forwards his predecessor Garrrry the snake had left to him. Now a Barcelona player, Martin Braithwaite was pushed out and vilified for not being a massive Pulis fan and Jordan Hugill was loaned in from West Ham. Hugill also proved to be a massive hit, with rumours that we might have to sign him permanently not worrying anyone at all... Pulis had a squad (both seasons) that most of us felt could've got promoted with anyone else at the helm. We'll never know if that was the case as long as we all agree to completely ignore the disaster that was the Woodgate scandal. We'd had the warnings from West Brom fans about the carnage he'd caused there and they weren't exaggerating. That Playoff second leg against Aston Villa in his first year and the following season finishing outside the Playoffs but it still being a bigger achievement, left us scratching our heads in disbelief. The only positive from his time here was the brief flirtation with excitement we had when he unleashed Adama Traore. I get the feeling that Traore was literally the only player whose confidence grew under the stewardship of Pulis. At the start of this season, when I saw that Garry Monk was still manager at Sheffield Wednesday and that they were starting the season with a 6 point deduction, I thought that it couldn't have happened to a more deserving person and team. I've never got over my visit to Hillsborough for the replay of the 1997 League Cup final which irrationally made me dislike Sheffield Wednesday, despite still supporting England any of our defeats at Wembley... Following his sacking and the subsequent appointment of Pulis and here I am, disliking Sheffield Wednesday a bit more. VIEW FROM THE OTHER SIDE: The Owls come into this game one of the favourites to be relegated this season. They are in absolute turmoil off the pitch, with wages being withheld (chairman imposed cap at £7k per week) and the threat of a transfer embargo or even another points deduction for financial failings. A Boxing Day 1-1 draw from a winning position against another former boss, Boro legend Tony Mowbray, leaves the Owls 23rd in the table with almost half the season complete. You can access the best Sheffield Wednesday forum by clicking -> HERE. It's honesty the best forum I've seen that isn't OneBoro. The Owls fans seem quite disillusioned and reading through, it seems not to far away from where this forum has been in the last few years. Some of their preferred options to the appointment of Tony Pulis were Nigel Pearson, Jesus Christ, Tommy Cooper and plenty of references to building a club from the bottom up, growing a real identity and listing the clubs that seem to have done it successfully so why shouldn't we be able to, its all the chairman's fault! etc. etc... FOOT IN BOTH CAMPS: Most recently: Adam Reach and Jordan Rhodes from the playing side and two afore mentioned managers whose tenures I'd rather forget... In the olden days: Captain Marvellous Nigel Pearson, underrated midfield rock/guitar legend Robbie Mustoe and 70's goal scoring hero John Hickton (who was actually signed as a full back!) TALKING POINTS: Did you have a nice Christmas? Who was worse for Boro, Pulis or Monk? Who would you like to see in the starting 11? Which is the most majestic: The Lion or the Owl on the badge? How many will we win by?
  8. Ah pants. I’ll get the Sheff Wed MDT up on Boxing Day when we know the other results of the day. Unless people want it up sooner?
  9. Its up! Took a while as today the house has had leaks and all sorts! Plus it's my Christmas Day with my kids tomorrow so the excitement dial has been turned up to 11...
  10. The Boro v The Millers 26th December 2020 Kick Off: 15:00 Location: FORTRESS ERIMUS (aka The Riverside) "Neil Warnock to the rescue!" Will it or won't it? That is the question. Boro's Boxing Day Bonanza might be curtailed due to the Rotherham United team suffering from a bout of the old COVID-19. Their last match versus Derby County was cancelled 90 minutes before kick off, with Wayne Rooney's Rams not even allowed to exit the bus to stretch their legs before being turned away. I'd held off on posting anything for this match, thinking that it was a cert to be cancelled. As time has passed, it looks like it might actually still go ahead. So, this game, should it go ahead, sees the 36th league meeting of the two clubs. The first such occasion saw manager Bob Dennison freshly relegated Boro team to Rotherham for a 3-0 defeat early in the Second Division's 1954/55 season. Rotherham's visit to Awesome park for the return fixture saw the mighty Boro hammer the Miller's 5-1 in front of 12,320 more fans than there will be this time. Neil Warnock was no doubt our saviour last season. Without him we surely would've been relegated with a squad full of league one standard players, bought from league one teams with an amateur level manager who didn't appear to understand how the game of football worked. Warnock's appointment changed our destiny last season. He performed a miracle to keep us up and gave us a belief that actually, may be it wasn't due to the ability within the squad. This season we have seen vast improvements to the performances of players like Dijksteel, Bola, Fry, Johnson, Howson, Saville and Tavernier: All players who at some time or another last season, we all thought were not what we needed. The more optimistic amongst us did see the potential in some and refused to believe that others were really "that" bad. Fortunately so did Wizard Warnock, so with a few additions to last seasons team and a few of the old guard gone, we now find ourselves flirting with the play off places, poised for what could be an interesting make or break January transfer window (we can dream can't we, can't we?!?) Rewind to February 2016 and Rotherham were the team whose distress signal Neil Warnock answered to become their third manager of the season. Warnock turned the tides in the remaining 16 fixtures of the season, going 11 unbeaten to avoid relegation by 9 points, finishing 20th in the table. Warnock left the club in the May having being unable to agree terms to extend his stay. Warnock stated that he wanted one more bash at the Championship and Joined Cardiff in the October. The rest, as they say, is history! VIEW FROM THE OTHER SIDE: A quick spy on the "Miller's Banter" site sees some of their fans questioning the legitimacy of the positive results that called off the Derby game. Suggesting that the wording of the official FA statement calling off the game was somehow different to other cases and that the Miller's might end up being investigated. Though one fan wasn't convinced: "I'm not sure we could botch/fake a positive COVID test." A slightly paranoid bunch some of these Millers... On the rotherhamrnited-mad forum, the Miller's fans paint a similarly down beat picture. They're pretty certain that they'll end up with a points deduction and a fine for the weekends antics. FOOT IN BOTH CAMPS: Our lord and saviour: Neil Warnock... Who cares who else there is!?! NEIL FRIKKIN' WARNOCK TALKING POINTS: Did any of the Rotherham players or staff even have COVID-19 or were they just scared of Rooney's Rams? Will the game even go ahead or will the Millers pretend to get COVID-19 again? Shall we give Roberts a go in goal? (He doesn't look like getting a game out field and Betinelli looks a bit dodgy) Will we make it 5 wins in a row at home? What did you ask for, for Christmas?
  11. @Downsouth will I put up the Rotherham thread when it’s done or wait to see if it’s cancelled? If it is cancelled do I do Sheff Wed or does the thread move on to the next person? Cheers
  12. Brum v The Boro 19th December 2020 Kick Off: 15.00 Location: St Andrew's Stadium "Oh, Aitor Karanka..." This Saturday afternoon, the mighty Middlesbrough take a trip 177 miles down the road to meet Aitor Karanka's Birmingham City. At the start of the season, some of us watched with jealousy as our hero of a former manager took the helm at Brum. I presumed he'd instantly mould a team to challenge for the promotion places and I'd be watching Birmingham keeping it tight at the back, winning by fine margins with the occasional out classing of opponents. I thought I would be jealous. I thought i might even have to get a Birmingham shirt. Don't get me wrong, I was happy enough with the appointment of Neil Warnock, I felt like he deserved it after the miracles performed last season, but I was hankering for more Aitor: The man who'd helped me rediscover my all out love for the Boro, after the dark days of Gordon Strachan and the false dawn that was the Mowbray era. I'd have had Aitor back here in a heartbeat, as I felt he had unfinished business and, I'll be honest, I proper loved him. But that was then. The reality is that he has built... well... not a lot really. Birmingham sit 17th in the league and seem to be really good at getting beat late on. They took our freebies: Friend and Clayton, and added them to former Boro boys Lucas Jutkiewicz and (loanee) Josh McEachran. They added a total of six players to the team including Jefferson Montero and the once promising Jay Leko. At the moment, that team doesn't look like the well oiled machine that we saw Karanka forged at the Riverside. We approach this game on the back of two contrasting victories. A convincing demolition of Millwall and a backs against the wall, dogged performance against Luton, where we managed to win with only ten men. I only managed to catch the last twenty minutes or so of last nights game due to parenting duties. I never really felt like Luton were going to score and had a confidence that we would hold on. Confidence is something that Neil Warnock has injected into this Middlesbrough team. We may not always be pretty, but contrasting this year to last, my confidence in the players has turned on its head. This season, every match I'm confident we can get something out of a game as opposed to confident we wouldn't last season. Neil Warnock isn't Aitor Karanka but there are similarities. Once Warnock's time here is over, who knows where we'll be. But one thing is for sure, I won't be wishing for his return as I had been Karanka's. That being said, Warnock has ended my obsession with Aitor Karanka and reminded me that it wasn't actually Aitor Karanka that I loved. It was the club and the feeling that Karanka inspired when he was here. Like nothing I'd felt since the early days of the Robson era. Warnock is feeding that feeling and it is slowly blossoming once again. VIEW FROM THE OTHER SIDE https://www.smallheathalliance.com/ appears to me to be the Brum fans forum of choice. A quick glance shows no mention of our upcoming fixture. They do however bemoan a squad over heavy on midfielders and under performing strikers... FOOT IN BOTH CAMPS Too many to mention! Notable mentions from my time alive: French Frank Queudrue- one of my favourite left backs to play for us ever and Stuart Parnaby, son of Dave. Feel free to share your favourites. TALKING POINTS Should we start with the same 10 that finished on Wednesday? (why change a winning team?) Is Beau Brummie the most ridiculous mascot in the championship? Does Aitor Karanka love Boro more than he loves Birmingham? Can anyone remember a player called Jon McCarthy who played for Birmingham back in the late 90's early 00's? (He came from Coulby Newham, like me)
  13. The Boro v The Hatters 16th December 2020 Kick Off: 19.00 Location: Fortress Riverside "A repeat of the final game at Awesome Park" Wednesday evening sees Middlesbrough host hat obsessed Luton Town at the Cellnet Riverside Stadium. The teams meet on the back of 3-0 victories with Middlesbrough having dispatched the Lions of Millwall, racing to victory with a trio of goals scored in the fastest time since netting 3 in 16 minutes against Bolton Wanderers in 1965. The Boro went on to win 5-2 that day. Saturday's game saw us swiftly tame and then toy with the Lions throughout the game. Watmore's goals sandwiching Tavernier's wonder strike ensured that Middlesbrough maintained a home record bettered only by Watford so far this season. The Hatters defeated lily-white Preston North End courtesy of a James Collins hat-trick leaving them 11th place, one point and two places below Middlesbrough. That victory gave manager Nathan Jones his 100th win in 200 games as boss of the Hatters. Last time we hosted the Hatters, they beat us 1-0. But this was pre Covid-19 ruining the world and during Jonathan Woodgate doing his best impression of someone trying to ruin our football club. That day Woodgate commented that he was "...really disappointed about the players not finding more quality on the pitch." The OneBoro board erupted with comments referring to Woodgate's lack of a clue, team selections and poor performances all round. DZ provided the match day thread and littered the OP with billions of gifs, bemoaning the panicked state we found ourselves in. Fans of Luton Town FC don't seem to be blessed with the same quality of forum that we Smoggies do. http://lutonexcelsior.com was the best I could find. They too seem to have a striker that doesn't give enough bang for the buck. They even argued and insulted each other after James Collins' 3 goals in one game at the weekend took his tally to 9 for the season so far. That seems like a lot to me! I bet a fit Ashley Flectcher would have scored more by now though. And Watmore will probably be on more than 9 in a few games if he keeps up his Ginger Juninho game and banging them in. The previous time Luton were visitors to the Boro were happier, more optimistic days and I was there. Bryan Robson's Boro treated us to a 2-1 victory in April 1995 in what was the last league game at Ayresome Park before a move to our current home. That day, John Hendrie netted his 14th and 15th goals of the season and there was precisely 23,903 more fans in the stadium than there will be on Wednesday night, despite the fact we now have a massive stadium. I'm blaming Neil Warnock's terrible football style. FOOT IN BOTH CAMPS: Ben Roberts, best remembered for conceding the quickest goal in FA Cup final history (I was there too,) had two spells on loan at Luton in '99 and '00. Roberts retired from football at the tender age of 29 after persistent back problems. After football, he went to university and gained a sports science and coaching degree, winning the Adidas Pursuit of Excellence award for his dissertation entitled 'A Biomechanical Analysis of a Football Goalkeeper's Jumping Technique'. TALKING POINTS: Is there a dafter badge than Luton's? How quickly will we score three goals this time? If Ashley Fletcher played alongside The Ginger Juninho upfront every game, would we win the league easily? Shall we keep the same winning team or play Roberts?
  14. Middlesbrough V Millwall 12th December 2020 Kick off: 15:00 Location: The Cellnet "The great battle of the teams with a Lion on the badge" This Saturday sees the Neil Warnock's Warriors return home following a sorry defeat on the road at Deepdale. Preston made Warnock's Warriors look lame. Less said about that the better I think. Millwall visit the Cellnet on a 9 match winless run which includes three losses and an impressive November where they either drew 1-1 or 0-0. Fingers crossed we can make that a 10 game winless streak for them and rediscover some of the fight that had us winning games. Millwall fans seem like an angry bunch so I've not sought their opinion of the match. I'd guess they will be terrified about losing and wondering where a goal will come from. This is one of those games where the first goal will win it... Heard that a lot recently haven't we. FOOT IN BOTH CAMPS: Uwe Fuchs, Boro Legend and possibly the best name any Boro player ever has had, signed for Millwall after gaining cult status on Teesside. He didn't impress Bryan Robson enough to earn a permanent move here and ended up at the Den scoring five goals in his one season there. I'll never forget reading his name on Teletext when he signed... There are a few others worth a mention: Colin Cooper, George Friend, George Saville... and Justin Hoyte TALKING POINTS: Who has the superior Lion on their badge? Who will score first (and win)? Would we be top of the league if Ashley Fletcher was fit? (He gets better in my head the longer he is out injured...) What should the line up be?
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