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  1. I’m in! Going to smash the league this year!
  2. A Birmingham v Blackburn H Bournemouth v Millwall H Derby v Cardiff D Huddersfield v Bristol City D Hull v Nottingham Forest H Luton v Reading A Peterborough v Blackpool A Preston v Middlesbrough H Sheffield United v Fulham A Stoke v Coventry H Swansea v QPR D West Brom v Barnsley
  3. Are we live on Sky tomorrow? I’m sure we were supposed to be but it’s not showing up when I’m looking..? ignore me… only got as far as 3am before I panicked. We are live on sky sports football at 2.30PM
  4. I’d say this is one of, if not the best format the PL has had. Big thanks to Youngy, very much appreciate all the effort you’ve made.
  5. H QPR v Sheffield United D Barnsley v Preston H Blackburn v Bournemouth H Blackpool v Derby H Bristol City v Hull H Cardiff v Birmingham H Coventry v Huddersfield H Middlesbrough v Stoke H Millwall v Peterborough D Nottingham Forest v Swansea D Reading v West Brom D Fulham v Luton
  6. D Huddersfield v Barnsley H Luton v Blackpool D Birmingham v Millwall H Bournemouth v Fulham H Derby v Bristol City H Hull v Reading D Peterborough v Nottingham Forest H Sheffield United v Cardiff H Stoke v QPR A Swansea v Middlesbrough H West Brom v Coventry D Preston v Blackburn
  7. H Middlesbrough v Huddersfield H Barnsley v Peterborough H Blackburn v Stoke H Blackpool v Birmingham A Cardiff v Luton D Coventry v Bournemouth H Millwall v Hull H QPR v Derby A Reading v Swansea D Bristol City v Sheffield United H Nottingham Forest v West Brom H Fulham v QPR* *should the second QPR be Preston?
  8. H Sheff Utd v Bournemouth H Blackburn v Blackpool H Bristol City v Peterborough H Middlesbrough v Hull A Millwall v Barnsley D Nottingham Forest v Birmingham H Preston v QPR H West Brom v Stoke H Reading v Cardiff D Swansea v Derby D Fulham v Coventry H Huddersfield v Luton
  9. Got a feeling we’ll see Balogun and Coburn starting up front. I’d love to see it happen!
  10. Got a good feeling we’ll win this one. Balogun with three, Sporar one, and Lumley will get an England call up for his recent uplift in form. Might be a bit overly confident…
  11. WIMPY MILLWALL LIONS v THE MIGHTY LION OF THE MIGHTY BORO Saturday 12th March 2022 Kick off: 15:00 Location: The Den Preface: Here’s a moment I had optimistically hoped wouldn’t arrive. The longer I stayed away from the role as MDT author, the better the Boro were doing. Alas, here we are, and here I am, bringing you the match day thread for our trip to The Den, the home of former £7m purchase goal scoring(?!) midfielder, George Saville (oft in the wind I here echoes that we also tried to sign Jed Wallace as part of the same deal…) The more observant of yo
  12. A Derby v Coventry H Sheff Utd v Barnsley H Bristol City v West Brom D Huddersfield v Bournemouth H Hull v Luton H Middlesbrough v Cardiff A Reading v Blackburn H Stoke v Millwall H Swansea v Birmingham D Fulham v Nottingham Forest H QPR v Peterborough
  13. H Barnsley v Bristol City A Birmingham v Middlesbrough A Blackburn v Derby H Bournemouth v Reading A West Brom v Fulham H Blackpool v Sheff Utd A Cardiff v Stoke H Coventry v Hull H Luton v Preston D Millwall v Huddersfield H Nottingham Forest v QPR H Peterborough v Swansea
  14. H West Brom v Huddersfield D Barnsley v Fulham H Birmingham v Hull H Blackburn v Bristol City D Blackpool v Swansea H Bournemouth v Derby H Cardiff v Preston H Coventry v Sheff Utd A Millwall v Middlesbrough H Nottingham Forest v Reading A Peterborough v Stoke D Luton v QPR
  15. D Huddersfield v Peterborough A Sheff Utd v Nottingham Forest D Fulham v Blackburn H Bristol City v Birmingham H Derby v Barnsley H Hull v West Brom H Middlesbrough v Luton D Preston v Bournemouth H QPR v Cardiff D Reading v Millwall H Stoke v Blackpool A Swansea v Coventry
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