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  1. A Bristol Cty v Fulham. D Barnsley v Cardiff. H Birmingham v Reading. H Brentford v Sheff Wed. A Charlton v Middlesbro. ( Fletcher.) D Leeds v Huddersfield. H P.N.E v Q.P.R. H Stoke v Hull. D Swansea v W.B.A. H Wigan v Luton.
  2. H Blackburn v Swansea D Cardiff v Brentford. H Fulham v P.N.End. D Huddersfield v Charlton. D Luton v Stoke. A Millwall v Bristol Cty. H Q.P.R. v Birmingham. H Reading v Barnsley. H Sheff Wed: v Derby. H W.B.A. v Wigan.
  3. A Barnsley v Middlesbro:..(Fletcher) A Birmingham v Sheff Wed:. D Bristol Cty v W.B.A. H Charlton v Luton. H Leeds v Reading. H N/Forest v Q.P.R. H P.N.E. v Hull. D Stoke v Cardiff. HSwansea v Huddersfield. D Wigan v Millwall.
  4. A Birmingham v Brentford. H Cardiff v Wigan. A Charlton v Blackburn. H Derby v Huddersfield. H Fulham v Barnsley. D Leeds v Bristol Cty. H Middlesbro: v Luton. (Fletcher) H P.N.E. v Millwall. D Q.P.R. v Stoke. H Sheff Wed v Reading.
  5. D Wigan v P.N.E. A Barnsley v Sheff: Wed: A Blackburn v Fulham. A Brentford v Middlesbrough. (Assombalonga) H Huddersfield v Q.P.R. A Luton v Cardiff. A Reading v Hull. H Stoke v Charlton. D Swansea v Derby. D N/Forest v Leeds.
  6. H Hull v Brentford. H Birmingham v N/Forest. D Charlton v Barnsley. H Fulham v Huddersfield. H Leeds v Wigan. H Middlesbrough v Blackburn.(Nmecha.) D P.N.E. v Swansea. A Q.P.R. v Bristol Cty. H Sheff Wed: v Millwall. H W.B.A. v Luton.
  7. H Carlisle v Walsall H Crawley Twn v Grimsby A Exeter Cty v Colchester Utd. D Leyton O v Newport Cty. A Macclesfield v Forest Green Rvrs. D Mansfield Twn v Bradford Cty A Morcambe v Cambridge. H Salford Cty v Oldham. H Scunthorpe v Crewe Alex: D Stevenage v Plymouth. A Swindon Twn v Port Vale.
  8. H Watford v Tottenham. (Deeney.) A Q.P.R. v Leeds. H Birmingham v Cardiff. H Bristol Cty v Barnsley. A Derby v Hull. D Hudderfield v Brentford. H Millwall v Reading. H P.N.E. v Charlton. H Sheff Wed: v Blackburn. H Swansea v Wigan.
  9. A Barnsley v Huddersfield. H Blackburn v P.N.E. A Charlton v W.B.A. D Hull v Fulham. H Leeds v Sheff Wed: H Luton v Birmingham. H Middlesbro v Derby. (Tavernier) A Reading v N/Forest. D Stoke v Millwall. H Wigan v Bristol Cty.
  10. H Millwall v Luton. H Birmingham v Wigan. A Bristol Cty v Brentford. H Fulham v Reading. D Huddersfield v Stoke. H N/Forest v Blackburn. A P.N.E. v Middlesbrough. (Wing.) H Q.P.R. v Cardiff. D Sheff Wed. v Hull A W.B.A. v Leeds..
  11. A Barnsley v W.B.A. H Blackburn v Birmingham. A Brentford v Swansea. H Cardiff v Millwall. D Charlton v Bristol Cty. A Hull v N/Forest. A Luton v Fu;lham. H Middlesbrough v Huddersfield (Fletcher.) D Stoke v Sheff Wed. H Wigan v Derby.
  12. A Everton v Arsenal A Cardiff v P.N.E. A Fulham v Leeds. H Huddersfield v N/Forest A Hull v Birmingham. H Luton v Swansea. H Millwall v Barnsley. H Q.P.R. v Charlton. D Reading v Derby. H W.B.A v Brentford.
  13. D Barnsley v Q.P.R. A Brentford v Fulham. D Bristol Cty v Blackburn. H Derby v Millwall. H Leeds v Cardiff. D Nott For: v Sheff Wed: H P.N.E v Luton. H Stoke v Reading. A Swansea v Middlesbro: (Ayala) A Wigan v Huddersfield.
  14. Round 20 H Tottenham v Burnley. H Blackburn v Derby. H Cardiff v Barnsley. H Fulham v Bristol Cty. D Hull v Stoke. A Luton v Wigan. H Middlesbrough v Charlton (Fletcher) H Q.P.R. V P.N.E. A Reading v Birmingham. H Sheff Wed v Brentford .......................................................... Round 21 H Leeds v Hull. A N/Forest v Middlesbrough.(Assombalonga) A P.N.E. Fulham. H Stoke v Luton. A Barnsley v Reading. H Birmingham v Q.P.R. H Brentford v Cardiff. H Derby v Sheff Wed:. D Swansea v Blackburn. A Wigan v W.B.A.
  15. H Tottenham v Bournemouth. D Barnsley v Hull. H Birmingham v Millwall. H Brentford v Luton. H Bristol Cty v Huddersfield. H Derby v Q.P.R. A Leeds v Boro. (Ayala) H N/Forest v Cardiff. H Stoke v Blackburn. H Wigan v Reading.
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