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  1. I'd go with: GK: Stoj RB: Spence LB: Coulson CB: Moukoudi CB: Fry CDM: Clayton CDM: Howson AM: Morrison AM: Roberts AM: Tavernier CF: Fletcher Reasons being, We need to attack. Morrison showed he has a great touch and could pick out a pass if he had some movement in front of him. I'd like to think that Roberts, Tav and Fletch could provide that movement. Spence and Coulson provide width. Clayton and Howson provided added metal at the back. 4231 or 424 formation. I could be wrong and people might argue that this selection would get battered, I'd be interested to see what people think.
  2. Watched online today and listened to tees commentary. First time I think I’ve totally agreed with what Maddo’s analysis. I genuinely though Warnock would save us as I don’t think our squad is as bad as the table suggests (I’m not saying the table is a lie!) But, maybe he won’t have the time he needs to properly assess the squad and use what we’ve actually got effectively. We looked shambolic again today. Why Roberts wasn’t played through the middle with Tav instead of Saville? What was Moukoudi supposed to be doing? Putting him at CB for Friend, Howson in CDM, Shotton at RB would’ve given us a more balanced line up and maybe a chance of competing. Just my thoughts...
  3. A Bristol Cty v Fulham. D Barnsley v Cardiff. H Birmingham v Reading. H Brentford v Sheff Wed. A Charlton v Middlesbro. ( Fletcher.) D Leeds v Huddersfield. H P.N.E v Q.P.R. H Stoke v Hull. D Swansea v W.B.A. H Wigan v Luton.
  4. H Blackburn v Swansea D Cardiff v Brentford. H Fulham v P.N.End. D Huddersfield v Charlton. D Luton v Stoke. A Millwall v Bristol Cty. H Q.P.R. v Birmingham. H Reading v Barnsley. H Sheff Wed: v Derby. H W.B.A. v Wigan.
  5. A Barnsley v Middlesbro:..(Fletcher) A Birmingham v Sheff Wed:. D Bristol Cty v W.B.A. H Charlton v Luton. H Leeds v Reading. H N/Forest v Q.P.R. H P.N.E. v Hull. D Stoke v Cardiff. HSwansea v Huddersfield. D Wigan v Millwall.
  6. A Birmingham v Brentford. H Cardiff v Wigan. A Charlton v Blackburn. H Derby v Huddersfield. H Fulham v Barnsley. D Leeds v Bristol Cty. H Middlesbro: v Luton. (Fletcher) H P.N.E. v Millwall. D Q.P.R. v Stoke. H Sheff Wed v Reading.
  7. D Wigan v P.N.E. A Barnsley v Sheff: Wed: A Blackburn v Fulham. A Brentford v Middlesbrough. (Assombalonga) H Huddersfield v Q.P.R. A Luton v Cardiff. A Reading v Hull. H Stoke v Charlton. D Swansea v Derby. D N/Forest v Leeds.
  8. H Hull v Brentford. H Birmingham v N/Forest. D Charlton v Barnsley. H Fulham v Huddersfield. H Leeds v Wigan. H Middlesbrough v Blackburn.(Nmecha.) D P.N.E. v Swansea. A Q.P.R. v Bristol Cty. H Sheff Wed: v Millwall. H W.B.A. v Luton.
  9. H Carlisle v Walsall H Crawley Twn v Grimsby A Exeter Cty v Colchester Utd. D Leyton O v Newport Cty. A Macclesfield v Forest Green Rvrs. D Mansfield Twn v Bradford Cty A Morcambe v Cambridge. H Salford Cty v Oldham. H Scunthorpe v Crewe Alex: D Stevenage v Plymouth. A Swindon Twn v Port Vale.
  10. H Watford v Tottenham. (Deeney.) A Q.P.R. v Leeds. H Birmingham v Cardiff. H Bristol Cty v Barnsley. A Derby v Hull. D Hudderfield v Brentford. H Millwall v Reading. H P.N.E. v Charlton. H Sheff Wed: v Blackburn. H Swansea v Wigan.
  11. A Barnsley v Huddersfield. H Blackburn v P.N.E. A Charlton v W.B.A. D Hull v Fulham. H Leeds v Sheff Wed: H Luton v Birmingham. H Middlesbro v Derby. (Tavernier) A Reading v N/Forest. D Stoke v Millwall. H Wigan v Bristol Cty.
  12. H Millwall v Luton. H Birmingham v Wigan. A Bristol Cty v Brentford. H Fulham v Reading. D Huddersfield v Stoke. H N/Forest v Blackburn. A P.N.E. v Middlesbrough. (Wing.) H Q.P.R. v Cardiff. D Sheff Wed. v Hull A W.B.A. v Leeds..
  13. A Barnsley v W.B.A. H Blackburn v Birmingham. A Brentford v Swansea. H Cardiff v Millwall. D Charlton v Bristol Cty. A Hull v N/Forest. A Luton v Fu;lham. H Middlesbrough v Huddersfield (Fletcher.) D Stoke v Sheff Wed. H Wigan v Derby.
  14. A Everton v Arsenal A Cardiff v P.N.E. A Fulham v Leeds. H Huddersfield v N/Forest A Hull v Birmingham. H Luton v Swansea. H Millwall v Barnsley. H Q.P.R. v Charlton. D Reading v Derby. H W.B.A v Brentford.
  15. D Barnsley v Q.P.R. A Brentford v Fulham. D Bristol Cty v Blackburn. H Derby v Millwall. H Leeds v Cardiff. D Nott For: v Sheff Wed: H P.N.E v Luton. H Stoke v Reading. A Swansea v Middlesbro: (Ayala) A Wigan v Huddersfield.
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