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  1. It’s a Wednesday game and today is only Tuesday!
  2. Will do as long as it’s alright with @Downsouth? I can have it done for tomorrow evening if I get the green light.
  3. I thought Johnson was the best of the subs that came on today.
  4. Sad as it sounds, I’m happy to do any of the threads that people can’t be arsed to do. I actually proper love doing them! Even now, this season! (I’m aware that breaks protocol, just saying.)
  5. @wilsoncgp great post that. I’ve just watched his press conference and feel like he’s playing Britt on purpose. If we had anything to play for he wouldn’t get a look in, but I think he’s playing him almost to ruin his prospects for next season. Britt just looks disinterested and garbage when he comes on. There’s not much chance he’s getting a similar wage to what he’s on now, and maybe not even at as good a club. It’s like he’s asking Britt to prove that he’s as good as he thinks he is, which he clearly doesn’t seem to be. I think he rates Spence but wants more from him and I think i
  6. Where have you seen the line up!? Who’s playing instead?
  7. MFC v QPR, Friday 17th April 2021 Kick Off: 12.30 Location: The Cellnet Riverside Stadium "Tenth versus Eleventh... Will we see a major swapping of places in the league?" This Saturday, an early kick off showcases a dramatic limp towards the end of the season for two teams that may have harboured promotion hopes at the start of the season. The kick off time was rescheduled following the sudden death of Prince Phillip the Duke of Edinburgh, so as not to clash with his funeral. There really isn't a great deal to play for, for either side in this one. We could swap places
  8. I’ll get one up ASAP! Will definitely be before 5pm if not sooner.
  9. Is there going to be a thread for tomorrow’s game?
  10. Well, wasn't exactly a game that'll be talked about much in the future as a season defining moment. Didn't think that Watford were particularly good given the players/squad they have. Cant be too disappointed that we fought back to get the draw, but I am disappointed that we needed too. Hopefully we can go unbeaten until the end of the season and start the next one stronger. Would like to see Kebano and Bolasie still here next season!
  11. Lion v Moose, Monday 5th April 2021 Kick Off: 12.30 Location: Stadia by the Tees "The next game of this season, Incase anyone is still interested..." Well, where to start... probably at 3pm on March 20th v Millwall would've been a good place! It seems that Warnock's boys limp effort to reach the playoffs has become every bit the improbable task some amongst us feared it would be. I was definitely of the opinion that this was the season that we would eventually come good on Gibson's 2017 promise to "smash the league." Or perhaps, more realistically, at least achieve promotio
  12. Certainly can! But I think the winning streak were about to embark upon means my services won’t be required until next season...🤞
  13. If Akpom plays the ball down the line like Spence was shouting for in the first place, none of that happens. Akpom could’ve ran in to the space down the right that Spence was wanting the ball played into originally. Poor decision making.
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