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  1. This would get my vote! Like it a lot.
  2. H Bristol City v Cardiff H Nottingham Forest v Derby H Birmingham v Barnsley H Blackpool v Millwall D Bournemouth v Hull H Coventry v QPR D Reading v Huddersfield H Sheff Utd v Luton H Stoke v Fulham H Swansea v Preston H West Brom v Peterborough Blackburn v Middlesbrough A ________________________________________ 1. A Everton v Aston Villa 2. D Arsenal v Burnley 3. A Brentford v Wolves 4. D Leeds v Newcastle
  3. A Luton v Bournemouth X Barnsley v Blackpool A Cardiff v Blackburn H Derby v Sheff Utd D Fulham v Bristol City H Huddersfield v Swansea H Middlesbrough v Reading A Millwall v Nottingham Forest A Peterborough v Coventry D Preston v Birmingham D QPR v West Brom A Hull v Stoke __________________________________ A Man City v Chelsea X Burnley v Leicester H Newcastle v Watford D Norwich v Everton
  4. A Sheff Utd v Middlesbrough H Blackpool v Hull H Coventry v Luton H Bristol City v Millwall D Birmingham v QPR H Blackburn v Huddersfield D West Brom v Cardiff H Nottingham Forest v Barnsley A Reading v Derby D Stoke v Preston A Swansea v Fulham H Bournemouth v Peterborough 1. Arsenal v Man City D 2. Leicester v Norwich H 3. Watford v Tottenham D 4. Crystal Palace v West Ham H
  5. What about completing rounds where 50% of fixtures are played? When there’s less then, reschedule the round for whenever they happen. if that’s too much work, keep going with the rounds regardless of cancelled fixtures. Would do wonders for some of our “goals against” columns! Ultimately, I’ll 100% go with whatever @Youngy228 decides as I feel like he is god of the Predictions league until he decides not to be. For all the work it entails, I am truly grateful and will go with whatever works for him.
  6. A Barnsley v Stoke A Cardiff v Coventry H Fulham v Birmingham D Huddersfield v Blackpool A Hull v Blackburn D Luton v Bristol City H Middlesbrough v Nottingham Forest H Millwall v Swansea A Peterborough v Reading D Preston v Sheff Utd H Derby v West Brom A QPR v Bournemouth
  7. A Barnsley v West Brom H Cardiff v Derby H Middlesbrough v Bournemouth H Blackburn v Birmingham H Blackpool v Peterborough A Bristol City v Huddersfield H Coventry v Stoke D Millwall v Preston H Nottingham Forest v Hull H QPR v Swansea A Reading v Luton D Fulham v Sheff Utd
  8. D Huddersfield v Coventry H Birmingham v Cardiff H Bournemouth v Blackburn H Derby v Blackpool D Hull v Bristol CIty A Luton v Fulham A Peterborough v Millwall H Preston v Barnsley A Stoke v Middlesbrough H Swansea v Nottingham Forest H West Brom v Reading H Sheff Utd v QPR
  9. XX Fulham v Bournemouth H Coventry v West Brom A Barnsley v Huddersfield H Blackburn v Preston D Blackpool v Luton H Bristol City v Derby H Cardiff v Sheff Utd H Middlesbrough v Swansea D Millwall v Birmingham H Nottingham Forest v Peterborough H Reading v Hull D QPR v Stoke
  10. H West Brom v Nottingham Forest D Preston v Fulham H Birmingham v Blackpool H Bournemouth v Coventry A Huddersfield v Middlesbrough A Hull v Millwall H Luton v Cardiff D Peterborough v Barnsley D Stoke v Blackburn H Swansea v Reading H Sheff Utd v Bristol City D Derby v QPR
  11. A Blackpool v West Brom H Coventry v Birmingham H Middlesbrough v Preston H Nottingham Forest v Luton A Reading v Sheffield Utd H Barnsley v Swansea H Blackburn v Peterborough D Bristol City v Stoke H Cardiff v Hull H Fulham v Derby A Millwall v Bournemouth H QPR v Huddersfield
  12. H QPR v Luton H Sheff Utd v Coventry D Bristol City v Blackburn D Fulham v Barnsley A Huddersfield v West Brom D Hull v Birmingham H Middlesbrough v Stoke D Preston v Cardiff A Reading v Nottingham Forest H Stoke v Peterborough H Swansea v Blackpool A Derby v Bournemouth
  13. H Barnsley v Hull D Birmingham v Reading D Blackburn v Sheff Utd H Bournemouth v Swansea H Cardiff v Huddersfield H Coventry v Bristol City A Luton v Stoke D Millwall v Derby H Nottingham Forest v Preston A Peterborough v Fulham A West Brom v Middlesbrough A Blackpool v QPR
  14. D Birmingham v Bristol City H Coventry v Swansea A Luton v Middlesbrough H Millwall v Reading D Nottingham Forest v Sheff Utd A Peterborough v Huddersfield H Barnsley v Derby H Blackburn v Fulham D Blackpool v Stoke H Bournemouth v Preston D Cardiff v QPR H West Brom v Hull
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