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  1. A Cardiff v Middlesbrough A Birmingham v Swansea H Blackburn v Reading D Blackpool v Preston H Bournemouth v Huddersfield H Coventry v Derby H Luton v Hull A Millwall v Stoke A Peterborough v QPR H West Brom v Bristol City A Barnsley v Sheff Utd H Nottingham Forest v Fulham
  2. H Bristol City v Nottingham Forest D Derby v Luton A QPR v Blackburn H Sheff Utd v Millwall D Stoke v Bournemouth H Fulham v Cardiff D Huddersfield v Birmingham H Hull v Peterborough H Middlesbrough v Barnsley A Preston v Coventry A Swansea v West Brom H Reading v Blackpool
  3. H West Brom v Birmingham H Fulham v QPR D Blackburn v Coventry A Bristol City v Bournemouth H Huddersfield v Hull H Middlesbrough v Peterborough H Millwall v Luton H Nottingham Forest v Blackpool H Preston v Derby H Reading v Barnsley H Sheff Utd v Stoke D Swansea v Cardiff
  4. After saying he doesn’t know what more he can do, he could easily hold his hands up and walk. Strachan was a terrible manager for us but at least he had the decency to walk before things completely toxic.
  5. I think this is just what we’re going to have to accept this season. We probably won’t go up or down. We should’ve been two up before their goal with the chances we had but we weren’t. Those chances aside, I’m not sure anyone would’ve been able to pick the bottom of the league side from either of us. Radical acceptance of the circumstances we find ourselves in this season might be the best way forward. Next season will be different (it’s only October) …
  6. @AnglianRed @Denzel Zanzibar Cheers! Got it now!
  7. Anyone got a decent link to a stream please? I keep getting dead ends...
  8. Nah, but I did enjoying watching him play for us.
  9. A Stoke v West Brom D Coventry v Fulham H Barnsley v Millwall D Birmingham v Nottingham Forest A Blackpool v Blackburn H Bournemouth v Sheffield Utd H Cardiff v Reading A Derby v Swansea A Hull v Middlesbrough A Luton v Huddersfield A Peterborough v Bristol City
  10. HULL TIGERS v MIDDLESBORO LIONS, Saturday 28th September 2021 Kick Off: 15:00 Location: MKM STADIUM "Battle of the Big Cats on the Humber" Well, it would be wrong of me not to admit that I was pretty certain I wouldn’t be authoring this MDT, but I’m pleased I am! With all the pre match talk about Warnock’s decision to go with his ‘own players’ and the general feeling that we might be witnessing the final bow of Warnock’s mammoth career in management, it was almost inevitable that we might actually win so he could prove us all wrong and rub it in our faces. I’m sure at one p
  11. MFC v SU, Tuesday 28th September 2021 Kick Off: 19:45 Location: The Riverside Stadium (& live on SkySports Main Event) "Is this his last match?" Well, I'm sure everyone is excited to see what happens on Tuesday night. Will the blades of Sheffield strike the final blow in the managerial reign of Neil Warnock? Will the club that he loves and supported as a child be the club that brutally ends a career in football management that has spanned over four centuries? I think it's reasonable enough to summise that most Boro fans have had enough of Warnock. The most excitin
  12. H Cardiff v West Brom A Huddersfield v Blackburn D Hull v Blackpool H Middlesbrough v Sheffield Utd H Preston v Stoke H QPR v Birmingham H Barnsley v Nottingham Forest A Derby v Reading H Fulham v Swansea D Luton v Coventry H Millwall v Bristol City H Peterbrough v Bournemouth
  13. H Coventry v Peterbrough H West Brom v QPR A Reading v Middlesbrough H Birmingham v Preston H Blackburn v Cardiff D Blackpool v Barnsley H Bournemouth v Luton D Bristol City v Fulham H Nottingham Forest v Millwall H Sheffield Utd v Derby H Stoke v Hull D Swansea v Huddersfield
  14. H Hull v Sheffield Utd D Barnsley v Blackburn D Cardiff v Bournemouth A Derby v Stoke H Fulham v Reading D Huddersfield v Nottingham Forest A Luton v Swansea H Middlesbrough v Blackpool A Millwall v Coventry A Peterborough v Birmingham D Preston v West Brom H QPR v Bristol City
  15. H Blackburn v Hull D Blackpool v Huddersfield H Bournemouth v QPR H Sheffield Utd v Preston H Reading v Peterbrough H West Brom v Derby H Birmingham v Fulham A Bristol City v Luton H Coventry v Cardiff A Nottingham Forest v Middlesbrough D Stoke v Barnsley D Swansea v Millwall
  16. H Cardiff v Bristol City A Derby v Nottingham Forest H Barnsley v Birmingham H Fulham v Stoke H Huddersfield v Reading A Hull v Bournemouth D Luton v Sheffield Utd H Middlesbrough v Blackburn H Millwall v Blackpool D Preston v Swansea A QPR v Coventry A Peterborough v West Brom
  17. X Bristol City v Swansea D QPR v Barnsley A Blackburn v West Brom H Bournemouth v Blackpool H Cardiff v Millwall H Coventry v Reading A Derby v Middlesbrough D Fulham v Hull A Luton v Birmingham H Preston v Peterborough H Sheffield Utd v Huddersfield D Stoke v Nottingham Forest
  18. H Barnsley v Luton A Blackpool v Coventry H Huddersfield v Preston D Millwall v Fulham H Peterborough v Cardiff H Swansea v Stoke A Reading v Bristol City A Birmingham v Bournemouth H Hull v Derby H Middlesbrough v QPR D Nottingham Forest v Blackburn H West Brom v Sheffield Utd
  19. H Peterborough v Derby H Barnsley v Coventry D Birmingham v Stoke A Blackpool v Cardiff A Huddersfield v Fulham H Hull v QPR H Middlesbrough v Bristol City A Millwall v Blackburn D Nottingham Forest v Bournemouth H Reading v Preston H West Brom v Luton H Swansea v Sheffield Utd
  20. H Bournemouth v West Brom A Blackburn v Swansea H Bristol City v Blackpool D Cardiff v Barnsley A Derby v Huddersfield H Luton v Peterborough H Preston v Hull H QPR v Millwall H Stoke v Reading H Sheffield United v Birmingham A Fulham v Middlesbrough H Coventry v Nottingham Forest
  21. Just seen this. More than happy to volunteer again!
  22. Tuesday 6th July Italy 2 v 2 Spain FGS: Morata Card points: 6 Wednesday 7th July England 3 v 0 Denmark FGS: McGuire Card points: 5
  23. I only realised that when Spain kicked off and I checked who I was playing! I’m happy to concede defeat if we become inseparable. @Snowblind did predict first. Fingers crossed for a 3-0 England win tomorrow 🤞🤞🤞then I’ll proudly bask in the glory of my prediction victory and look forward to killing it in the semis.
  24. Friday 2nd July Switzerland 2 v 3 Spain Belgium 1 v 1 Italy Saturday 3rd July Czech Republic 1 v 2 Denmark Ukraine 0 v 3 England
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