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  1. I think this is just what we’re going to have to accept this season. We probably won’t go up or down. We should’ve been two up before their goal with the chances we had but we weren’t. Those chances aside, I’m not sure anyone would’ve been able to pick the bottom of the league side from either of us. Radical acceptance of the circumstances we find ourselves in this season might be the best way forward. Next season will be different (it’s only October) …

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  2. 1703375506_Screenshot2021-09-29at16_13_25.thumb.png.8c977309e4cace6f6ebdef7751a1dc77.png

    HULL TIGERS v MIDDLESBORO LIONS, Saturday 28th September 2021

    Kick Off: 15:00

    Location: MKM STADIUM

    "Battle of the Big Cats on the Humber"

    Well, it would be wrong of me not to admit that I was pretty certain I wouldn’t be authoring this MDT, but I’m pleased I am! With all the pre match talk about Warnock’s decision to go with his ‘own players’ and the general feeling that we might be witnessing the final bow of Warnock’s mammoth career in management, it was almost inevitable that we might actually win so he could prove us all wrong and rub it in our faces. I’m sure at one point the SkySports commentary team said that Warnock had been managing football teams for longer than the collective age of every player on the pitch. I haven’t fact checked that though. So it could’ve been a sad ending for a man who, like him or not, has had a great career in the game we all love. And it would’ve been sad. So, it’s much better that a little wizardry from Watmore, and some magic from McNair put some sellotape over the holes. My favourite moment of the game was when the camera focussed on Warnock shouting at Lumley to make sure his goal kicks went out wide. I only wish he'd looked into the camera and winked afterwards.

    We saw a much more battling performance from our team against Sheffield United than we have in recent weeks. Warnock’s preferred pre game pep talk is one of the underdog proving everyone wrong against all odds. It seems odd to me that such a scenario needs to be engineered with the squad we have. But what do I know. Warnock was managing Burton Albion when I was born

    Our next opponents, Hull Tigers, are a different prospect. They started the season with a 4-1 mauling of Preston, and then stopped. Their next 9 games seeing 3 further points come from draws, with the other 6 games ending in defeat. Their fans are bemoaning the players lack of ability to pass the ball and have no clue where their next win will come from. Their manager doesn’t know what he’s doing and, why is he leaving the best players on the bench? Some even dared to hope that defeat against Blackpool would be the final nail in Grant McCann’s coffin!

    So, will this Battle of the Big Cats be a decisive game in the managerial careers of Boro Lions’ Warnock or Hull Tigers’ McCann? Probably not. But whichever team loses there will be a set of fans with hunting guns at the ready. A draw would be a better result for Hull but does neither manager any favours in reality. In reality, we know that we'll probably/definitely have Warnock here until the end of the season unless we find ourselves flirting dangerously close to relegation. It is correct that on this forum, there is a statistical bias that would make any reader think all Boro fans were Warnock averse, when the reality is quite different. If the team continue to perform as they did on Tuesday night, get the points in the bag, score goals and defend with everything, some of us might even accept our fate with a little more sweetness. 

    What's we got in common:

    Us fans: Both teams have a strong dislike for Leeds United.

    Nick Barmby: Played for Hull in league one a few years after leaving us to join a big club…

    Our Club Badge: Both got a big cat on.

    Dean Windass: He was class for both of us

    Rivers: Our town and their city were both founded on big rivers.

    Talking points:

    Shall we keep the same line up that beat Sheffield United?

    Who is your favourite player that played for both us and them?

    Can you think of anything that is more orange than Phil Brown was? 


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  3.  685840373_Screenshot2021-09-26at13_11_21.thumb.png.58e7e7116b2182a0a455e7b6cd88e0e4.png

    MFC v SU, Tuesday 28th September 2021

    Kick Off: 19:45

    Location: The Riverside Stadium (& live on SkySports Main Event)

    "Is this his last match?"

    Well, I'm sure everyone is excited to see what happens on Tuesday night. Will the blades of Sheffield strike the final blow in the managerial reign of Neil Warnock? Will the club that he loves and supported as a child be the club that brutally ends a career in football management that has spanned over four centuries? 

    I think it's reasonable enough to summise that most Boro fans have had enough of Warnock. The most exciting thing I saw at the last game was reading in the match day thread a few ITK hints that Warnock's time is nearly at an end. Interesting conversations with ex players, contacts within the club, surely Gibson can't be that daft etc. Dinosaurs no longer rule, except at MFC.

    This game being live on SkySports is another chance for us to shine in front of the footballing world, against a club whose flirtation with Premier League football was more recent than ours. Newly relegated teams expect to bounce straight back up and start the season winning, only to realise that it's not as easy at it sounds. Sheffield United didn't win a league game until they faced Wayne Rooney's Derby, six games deep in to the season. Derby County, a side that are becoming the definition of turmoil. A side that I can look at and be thankful that no matter how bad things seem here at the moment, we're not that bad. So beating them is easy peasy...

    I'm trying to be enthusiastic about this game but the most I can muster is that it might be the end of Warnock. I don't think we'll win. I don't think the problems in the squad are as bad as Warnock suggests. I don't think we've been done out of victories by poor refereeing decisions. We've been the victims of a lack of a plan on the pitch. I can only imagine that Warnock's instructions before and throughout the game are thus: "Man mark so you get pulled out of position and leave huge craters that you could drive busses through, then if you get the ball, hoof it to the corners... Don't kick it that hard... Oh its gone out again has it... Do the same again, but try kicking it different? Why isn't it working? The players aren't good enough... The ref is useless... (insert every excuse here)"

    Sheffield United don't appear to have dedicated MDT's like ours. They seem to have a discussion that happens during and after the game. You can have a look >here<. They seem to be excited about Morgan Gibbs White. Jokanović seems like a decent manager who could do well with their team. Imagine making a good appointment following relegation.

    So, talking points:

    How many goals will Billy Sharpe score against us?

    Is there any chance might win, then go on a massive winning streak and win the league?

    Is this Warnock's last game in management?

    What line up would you go with?


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